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  • Is it my period?(7 was pp)?

    I am currently 7 weeks postpartum,  I finally had stopped spottimg/bleeding at about 4 weeks at around 6 weeks i started bleeding not a lot just like one day id bleed next I wouldn't then the next I'd bleed again I'm a little confused if this might be my period again or still just postpartum stuff happening. I am not breastfeeding either unfortunately. 

    Pregnancy2 months ago
  • What is wrong with my cow?

    So we had our cow since she was born we grew her up everything last month she had her first baby but the little bull was born dead, we were very disappointed..since then she has not been eating good or anything she just stands their and moo s all day long and we have tried special foods and everything , she is loosing weight and we are very worried

    7 AnswersAgriculture1 year ago
  • (guys) do u guys like that or this!!?

    Guys do u guys like a girl to have huge boobs and a tiny butt or do u like her to have a nice butt and figure with average boobs for the girls age??

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating6 years ago
  • Did he like me!??

    Ok so last year this guy cAme to youth but he wasent from around here and we talked and stuff but then he left and I tought I'd never see or talk to him again then somehow he got my number and started txting me and saying that how he regretted leaving and how he wishes he could hang out with me and stuff then later on he'd say how beautiful and gorgeous I am and when he'd see me he'd hug me veryy tight oh and he lived three hours away from me and so then he said he liked me and stuff and would tell me goodmorning and stuff like that butt he said he'd only want to ask me out in person and idky so then he started acting weird like he wouldnt say anything anymore or talk as much but one day he didn't txt me at all and I taught he was just probably busy but then the next day he didn't so I asked my friend if to txt him or not and she said yeah just say hey so I did but he didn't reply and I no he saw it and from that day on he hasn't txted me not once but Hes seen my txts and btw he's 17 and I'm 16 and I miss him and I acually really like him but did he even like me!!!!?????

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating6 years ago
  • Need a few new hairstyles!?

    I have brown hair an inch lower then my boobs I usually wear ponytails,bun,curled down, straight down, and that's it idk if I can think of anymore hairstyles is there even any more out there I really need something new so answer if u do no any new ones

    2 AnswersHair6 years ago