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    What SD card should I buy?

    So I am a small YouTuber and looking to invest in a new SD card since the one I already have I'd prefer to use for personal things. I've tried reading websites to determine which one is better but I still don't know. So if you know about SD cards please help me out so I can buy the correct/better one. Also the camera I use a Cannon EOS rebel t6.

    (the two sd cards)

    2 AnswersCameras1 month ago
  • What are some songs about NOT fighting?

    I need songs about not fighting like in any situation. It's for history and we have the find songs that relate to our topic and one of the topics is how the Dominion of Canada happened without any fighting/wars so I need songs that can portray that.

    4 AnswersLyrics6 months ago