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  • Extractor fan neon pull switch problem?

    I have an inline extractor fan wired into the lighting circuit with a ceiling mounted pull switch which works fine, However I decided to replace the switch with a neon pull switch, when this is operated the fan runs ok without neon illuminating or neon and no fan. The switch is outside of the bathroom it is a 16A DP ceiling switch what am I doing wrong. the wire to the switch is SL. thank you in advance UK only please.

    2 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)7 years ago
  • Extractor fan ducting?

    I am intending to run an extractor fan from the bathroom and an extractor fan from the kitchen into one pipe in the loft to one outside vent in the soffit. connecting the two pipes with either a T or Y junction. Would someone experienced please advise on the best method pointing out the problems that maybe encountered. UK. bungalow. Thank you.

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  • This is a question for Roger ?

    Do you think there are two profiles the same, using the nickname ROGER?.

    Unfortunately all your contributions appear on my answers page.

    I have contacted yahoo with the problem, could you do the same please.

    And may I add the bible study has been brilliant keep up the Good Work.

    The other Roger.

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  • Does anybody else get silent calls from this number. 075442303?

    We regularly receive calls from this number. there is lots of background chatter, It keeps the line open anything up to half an hour and we cannot phone out. we are registered with the telephone preference service. Help

    2 AnswersOther - Home & Garden7 years ago
  • can i replace just the exhaust part of vertical flu. approx 3 x 1mtr lengths?

    the outer casing seems to be ok. I have been informed the seals on the exhaust side could be suspect. the boiler smells when burning. however if I take intake tube off of flu, when firing it takes air direct from room the smell goes, The exhaust side of flu is sooty, hope someone can help thanks in advance

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago