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  • What is the best way to treat and monitor a home for active termite colonies?

    I noticed some termites while checking an old tree stump that is about 20 feet from the front of my home. The tree was cut down a few inches below grade about 4 years ago and is mostly rotted now. I am a handy person and considering DIY to save money, but I am disabled and on a disability income (another reason to save money) and while able to get around, I don't have the strength to chop up or remove a stump any more. I had been considering applying a small amount of arsenic trioxide to the stump, using a respirator and full protective clothing, and then sealing the area. I know this product is still used throughout the U.S., but, I am somewhat concerned about how dangerous this product reads for humans and animals. There is no likelihood that children or anyone would be playing in this area, but I'm concerned as to whether I'll ever be able to use this area again once it's treated? I don't know how long this stuff stays active. Is this still the best and most thorough method for killing an entire termite or wood eating colony? I haven't spotted termites anywhere else but could use advice on treating and products to help determine where else they may be active as well as ongoing monitoring around the house. I hear that the Sentricon monitoring system is expensive and not all that great for what you get, that there are better products out there at Home Depot and the like. Is there something better for treating the stump and protecting my home? Thank you!

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