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AS OF JULY 2010, I'M TAKING A HIATUS FROM YA. PLAY NICE Canadian doctor who works part-time in Family Medicine and part-time in Emergency Medicine. Happily married with no children. I'm pretty well read in all the sciences, politics, as well as history. I am a full time skeptic, critical thinker and enthusiastic debunker of nonsense whether it be so called alternative medicine (sCAM), religion, the paranormal, or pseudoscience in general. I am passionate about promoting a rational view of the world, and challenging weak thinking wherever I find it. I find it a lot. Previous account SkepDoc 2.0 though I can't access it (it wasn't deleted..just my password stopped working) I've never hidden my questions or answers. I only block trolls or those who threaten or harass me, not just those who disagree with my point of view. I STILL don't suffer fools gladly, and the world is STILL over run with fools....many of them offering health advice on the

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