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  • Lightheaded after I get home from deadlifting?

    Today was the first day I have begun deadlifts. I watched a bunch of proper form videos, and payed attention to my form in the mirror while lifting. I am 147 lbs, and I had first practiced the lift with no weights, moving my hips back until my hands hit my knees and THEN bent my knees for the “put down”. I first did 95lbs, maybe 8 reps (wasn’t counting lol such a noob) did about 3 sets of that, decided it was a bit too light, and bumped the total up to 115lbs, and did about 3 sets of 5. Both of these sets I would take long breaks in between, and would focus on my breathing. (Was wearing a mask so I’m sure I probably wasn’t getting quite enough oxygen maybe?) That all took about a half an hour, and since I commit to exercising for an hour each time, I decided to do some sets of skull crushers, curls, Chainsaws, and then forearm exercise. When I got home I noticed I was still breathing pretty heavy and I started to feel a little bit light headed. I sat outside, ate a meal, protein shake, had a liquid IV supplement drink (full of potassium and B vitamins) and now when I walk around I still feel a bit light headed. I tend to exercise everyday and take no rest days, but I think today I maybe overdid it? My question really is, is there a danger to working out this much? I really believe in pushing myself, but with my ectomorph 145lbs build, did I perhaps push myself too hard with the deadlifts? My back be feeling it and when i walk around I am a little lightheaded. Thanks Doc!

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  • Is my laptop good enough for streaming?

    I am trying to get into the streaming game, but everytime I get everything set up with streamlabs obs, it tends to have a choppy framerate, much more so than when I'm just playing the game without it. This is the laptop I'm using -->

    I produce lots of music on it and it seems to run everything pretty well. 16gb of ram, i7 proccessor, 960m geforce gtx. Is this not good enough for streaming? I'd really like to get into it in these strange times.

  • Had a strange nights sleep. Too many different dreams!?

    The night started off pretty strange when I instantly fell asleep and dreamed that my cat (who passed away recently) walked into my room and just started hanging out with me as usual. Then i awoke, and realized how weird it was that the dream was IMMEDIATE. Not normal for me.

    But i shook it off went back to sleep, and it literally felt like a minute before i was OUT and dreaming about another place! To which i had then awoke and fell back asleep and dreamed immediately again. This legit happened about 20 times last night. And most of the dreams were not nice. They were arguably terrible and connected to some real struggles i am having in life, all of them pretty much centered around sexual stuff.

    I just got a new stressful job, and i’ve been pretty depressed (not the only one in these strange times obviously) i was just wondering if anyones ever heard of this? The dreams left me feeling exhausted this morning and now i have to go back to the stressful *** job. 

    Would appreciate any responses or similar stories! Cuz that was awful. Makes life feel a little too trippy.

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  • Best shampoo and conditioner for white guy with afro?

    My hair’s getting real long from the quarantine, and I still haven’t made the decision to get it cut. I think I’m just gonna keep it going though. Was just wondering what is the best products for this kind of hair, because some conditioners make it real flat for like a day, but if I use certain ones it kinda gets a powerful jewfro thing going, and I think I’m digging it. Any reccomendations? (Btw im jewish I can say jewfro lol)

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