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  • Oral interview board for local police department help?

    I aced the written test and was invited for the oral interview portion; having no law enforcement background what can I do to be noticed amongst the other applicants that are already on other police departments?

    Also any advice on what to expect during the questioning process? I expect the standard "why do you want to be a cop?" questions as well as some integrity and problem solving questions... anything else someone has seen that they weren't expecting?

    I'm planning on going in and just being myself and being confident in my answers; I'm just worried that not having a law enforcement background is a hinderance when it seemed that most of the other applicants are already officers in other departments.


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  • Why doesn't Jesus perform any real miracles?

    If we are to believe that Jesus is the son of God and that the only way to Heaven is through Jesus then why doesn't Jesus come back and perform a real miracle... like moving Mount Everest from Nepal to New York? That would make everyone believers for sure!

    Also don't bore me with the the "free will" argument. What about the free will of those who witnessed his "miracles" during his life and "resurrection"? I guess they weren't allowed to have free will.

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  • Why don't 90% of the question askers on here just do a google search and get their answer in .69 seconds?

    Opinion and advice questions are one thing, but why ask questions about history and such when a google or wiki search will give you the answer you want?

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