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  • Unemployment for servers/waitresses in Ohio ?

    I've asked many of my co-workers this question and keep getting different answers. I've been collecting unemployment as a server while I've been working due to lack of hours. I've been making under the unemployment benefit amount every week, but this week I went over. I definitely will be eligible in the future, but I'm not sure how to proceed. Some of my coworkers are saying to just skip this week of claiming and continue the following week, but others are saying to still make the claim anyway in which I'll get denied and have to reapply the next week. I did get denied benefits one week a few weeks ago and had to reapply and it was a real headache. It took me a couple weeks to receive the my money after I reapplied. So basically I'm wondering if skipping this week of claiming if I will be able to seamlessly make a claim and collect my money the following week? Instead of getting denied and having to reapply and not receiving my money for couple weeks? Sorry that my question is very wordy lol 

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