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  • Do people Still fat shame??

    Do people still ridicule and pick on fat people? Why is it so bad being fat??

    4 AnswersPolls & Surveys3 months ago
  • Is it weird I can watch movie and game violence within blinking eye but...?

    I can't stomach to see real life violence, blood or gore???? Why is this??

    1 AnswerPolls & Surveys3 months ago
  • Am I a bad person cause I'm not gay nor do I support LGBT at all?

    I have nothing against them I just think it's immoral and against god to be gay it's my opinion I don't hate gays but I rather not be around them nor want them around me does this make me bad person? Remember gay is a choice someone race isn't therefore no gays and blacks have different struggles so don't try align the two

  • Was the coronavirus invented by the KKK?

    Since it hated blacks and latinos as the media says I guess a grand wizard of the KKK engineered this KU-rona virus for genocidal purposes yes it's new name is the KU-rona virus cause it was created by the klansman

    Polls & Surveys4 months ago
  • Why white people always getting mauled by wild animals?

    Like shark week and out of the wild show all week they on there lol

    3 AnswersPolls & Surveys4 months ago
  • Why did America engineer Corona? Is it to crash the economy?

    For population control? The economy is crashing fast really fast the stock market is plummeting and it's been this way since we been in recession since Feb 2018 but media lies and said economy was doing good but it never was and  after this crash there is no coming back the dollar is inflating and the govt used Corona to control population and blind people from the truth.the new world order is here they have collapse the dollar to introduce a new one world currency that why this is happening now and the govt ain't looking for a cure any time soon for Corona fema just ordered 200,000 body bags they're predicting that death toll this April fema said watch the sheeps defend the govt and call conspiracy while their own govt slay them baaaaa baaaaaa 

    4 AnswersPolitics4 months ago
  • Why is it ok for a woman to hit a man?

    But wrong if a man hits her back???

    8 AnswersPolls & Surveys4 months ago
  • What quaritine and city curfew for Corona?

    I'm always out and about all nite and day it's a curfew for my state 8pm it's 1015pm and I'm outside with my friends of 20 having a house party enjoying and sharing drinks we so wasted

    2 AnswersPolls & Surveys5 months ago
  • Anti gun idiots since you hate guns so much what ..?

    Will you do if bugulars armed with guns break into your home with you and your family what would you do? You idiots hate guns so u don't have that protection and cops take minutes to come therefore you'd and your family will be done what would u do anti gun folks with only seconds to spare?

    7 AnswersPolitics5 months ago
  • The economy is crippling because of Corona?

    Or was the economy already dying before Corona? Why the media lies and distort stories? The economy is suffering and soon America will collapse

    8 AnswersPolitics5 months ago
  • Whites how do u feel about beIN minorities?

    First of all  whites been minorities globally but in America whites are minorities and latinos(who are mixed race) are the majority no wonder Trump and other racist whites are mad lol

    6 AnswersPolitics5 months ago
  • Why do the media try claim latinos as white?

      I noticed when a Latino goes missing under race they will call them white like wth even seen a Latino dark as a black person looks black under race he is white makes no sense latinos aren't white they're brown faaar from white are whites trying claim latinos cause their population is in decline?

    3 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups5 months ago
  • What is so bad about being a troll?

    I love being a troll it's a job.

    4 AnswersPolls & Surveys5 months ago
  • Is it illegal for a cop to frisk me during a traffic stop?

    Cop pulled me over and said it was cause I had no seatbelt yet he kept asking me about my pistol permit I asked him how he know I had one? He lied and said he seen my license when I was searching for my driver's license he asked me to retrieve yet I didn't have the pistol permit on me so he radioed in three more cops remind u I'm complying with everything he said I gave him my license and everything he demanded me exit car and his buddy cops can asking about my permit like how many guns I own,where are my guns at? What I need a permit for? Then they frisk me looking for my legal firearm but I didn't Bring any that day.he asked was there guns in cars and I told him no and said  if this is a seatbelt stop why am I bein persecuted about my guns? I literally done no crime just got gas and left and they pulled me over.. cop then starts telling me about how many cops are killed a year and so on I told him they shouldn't be treating me like a criminal cause I have a permit im a law abiding citizen after they questioned me for 25 min about my gun license and frisking me they decided to let me go with a seatbelt warning. Note the reason they said they pulled me over was for seatbelt yet they were harassing me about my guns and never asked about my seatbelt Is this illegal? What can I do about this?

    10 AnswersLaw & Ethics5 months ago
  • When cops offer thousand dollar rewards to find someone who pays?

    When cops offer 10 or 20,000 rewards for a missing persons where this money comes from? Taxpayers or law enforcement? Also what cops do with bail money? Why can't bail be cops salary instead of us taxpayers? What are they really doing with all that bail money they receive

    6 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police8 months ago
  • Am I racist for not being empathetic about whites?

    I'm black but when I hear stories about whites of ALL AGES being hurt, dying or anything it doesnt bother me at all I don't care for em at all.i sometimes crack a laugh or to but when my race ends in same situation I'm sadden,upset and less empathetic to others who aren't my own race is there something wrong with me or this normal?

    19 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups9 months ago
  • Why is the  media racially bias?

    A georgia white man was shot to death by two black guys for saying racial things and yet the media hasn't reported this there is no videos or media outlets announcing this situation just some secondary news outlets.its almost unheard to.public yet if it was other way around it be all over cnn,fox, every tv network would know and news outlet why is this?? Is it cause the media is trying to spark a race war by angering blacks since they are quick tempered?

    Polls & Surveys9 months ago
  • Why white men hate women so much?

    Back in 1900s they treated women like property and they still do.women had no rights back then also they are always killing their women and being known serial killers ted Bundy,btk,Joel ritkin,grk,Ed gaine etc and their target is always women.Why do white men hate women so much and always killing them?

    13 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups9 months ago
  • Why do white people kiss with their head sideways?

    Is it cause their noses are so big and it gets in way while kissing so they turn their head sideways?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating10 months ago