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  • Is "South Park" stupid?

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    That is not the Danish English accent. They sound like Frank Lopez from "Scarface" in their English accent.

    Inaccurate trite of **** show.

    But it's not as annoying (I just brush it off as stupid crap) because that's not so common when compared to the portrayals of Spaniards. They really make it seem that -ez-surnamed Spaniards are Latin English accented ghetto "bro"-saying people. They're not they too have Frank Lopez English accents.

    Still Danes, like Spaniards (including El Salvadorians, Puerto Ricnas), like Belgians, like Prussians, like Czechs, like Russians, like Jews, are white Nordic people with Frank Lopez English accents who say "scumbag" in every sentence.

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  • Are some of the liberals who claim to love black people guilty of racism themselves?

    I'm not talking the ones who are outright users of the N-word, but when I see them proporting to talk like black people, it does seem like it comes off as mockery

    I was watching this anti-Donald Trump video and this lady says "rude as ****" as if she's trying to emulate black people

    but it just seems like she's doing it mockingly. Like black culture is a joke.

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  • Super Mario 64 question?

    I've played the ROM versions and in the ROM version when Mario falls by accident his famous fall yell was cut off before the ending of his yell. I distinctly remember it being fully heard in the actual original 64 version of the game?

    Was it originally there? Or did the yell always get cut off.

    The full version is this

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    and I do recall hearing it in the original version

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  • Does Ice-T act more Afro-Latino or black?

    Everything about his persona and his music comes off more as the guapo ghetto charismatic Latin lover who gets the girls rather than the black OG trope.

    The brutality.

    I'm just curious. And he's Creole, which is definitely in the same kinda branch as Afro-Latino.

    Also his music is more similar to Cypress Hill. I think of bomba music (Orquesta Querubin or Puchi Colon) when I hear his music. I can't even say his music is black

    And that's not say he's ashamed of his black ancestry, but Afro-Latinos act different than blacks.

    Ice-T could definitely be Corsican or Italian.

    His accent sounds Afro-Latino

    The only thing he doesn't do is say "bro" but Afro-Latinos don't.

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  • Is Bernie a jackass?

    This moron literally said Scandinavia was one of the most accepting.

    No they're not. They're the epitome of white supremacy, along with Spain which is also Germanic.

    And they're all Allied, including Spain.

    They were never Nazi at all.

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  • Is "South Park" stupid?

    I just saw a video

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    That is so not the Danish English accent. They sound like Frank Lopez from "Scarface" in their English accent.

    Inaccurate trite of **** show.

    But it doesn't bother me nearly as much (I just brush it off as stupid crap) because that's not so common when compared to the portrayals of Spaniards. They really make it seem that -ez-surnamed Spaniards are Latin English accented ghetto "bro"-saying people. They're not they too have Frank Lopez English accents.

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  • Was the 1997 logo to Universal really pure Goldsmith?

    I read somewhere that it was supposed to be a logo intro for the sequel to "Jurassic Park" so I think John Williams arranged it, so I don't think it's purely Goldsmith. Besides his music comes off as too evil-sounding to be something like Universal. That logo was made for "Jurassic Park: The Lost World" (a John Williams-composed feature), so it's definitely John William's theme. Goldsmith's involvement is tiny compared to Williams'. Same with "Voyager" theme. That's Jay Chattaway way more than Goldsmith. Besides Goldsmith's actual music is too shitty and evil-sounding to be the theme of a great company like Universal.

    Carolco Pictures sucked as a result.

    Every movie from that company, Carolco, has that "Basic Instinct"-like thing to it.

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  • Is Louisiana truly a Southern state, culturally?

    I've been to Louisiana and I must say that at least these days the state is more like Little New Spain than it is like Alabama or Mississippi. 

    Plus it has that Yankee arrogance.

    When I think of Louisiana I think of Swedes, Danes, Jews, Russians, Spaniards saying "scumbag" in every sentence. Not country music or Anglo culture.

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  • New Yorkers: baseball or football?

    I prefer football. Baseball sucks.

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  • What's your opinion of Zuckerberg?

    That son of a ***** is my slave. I'm so sick of him running Instagram (via his Facebook). Every bad thing from Facebook ended up on Instagram ever since he took over (like "shadow bans"). Seriously, he better mow my lawn or I'm gonna throw my sneakers at him! I can beat him and make him subservient too. 

    Racist asshole.If I were in prison he'd be my slave and, as blacks would say, *****.

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  • Which movie considered a classic do you consider garbage?

    "Rocky" and its sequels. Apparently in the bizarro (and I don't mean "Seinfeld" universe of this movie, -ez-surnamed Spaniards are Hispanic with Latin English accents and ghetto "bro"-sayers (and "bro" is apparently Spaniard slang too)

     and Nuyoricans (Balboa) and Italians (Pennino) are white with Frank Lopez English accents and say "scumbag."

    The whole franchise sucked. Stallone more than Talia. Talia is cool, I loved her in "Godfather" but this movie was stupid.

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  • What do you think of my homage to the "Final Destination" franchise?

    And yes it's "Basic Instinct"/"Xena the Warrior Princess"-bashing so if you like those movies, and you get pissed at this question, I don't give two shits.

    Anyways, an evil boy who killed his own parents has a nightmare. I <3 <3 Ali Larter by the way. I know she's old enough to be my mother, I was born in the early 90s she was born in the mid-to-late 70s, but I can't help but crush on her. Talia Shire's fluff baby, as Selma Blair (another Hollywood hottie) is Talia's baby as well.

    Anyways, LMAO,

    Youtube thumbnail

    (I want this as the music, since it's a black instrument, the instrument of African Episcopal choir music), so it's "Final Destination" in the hood sort of, to speak.

    The boy goes into a dimension, scared like the little coward he is, he hears evil laughs aimed at him. One is a Latina named Armelledes Delgado (one of the character from my movie universe), whose baby is Christina Hansen Martinez, a white girl with a Frank Lopez English accent. Clear Rivers joins and says, "You screwed up. You're going to Hell" and laughs evilly like a femme fatale (a nod to many classic femme fatales). "You're not a mothafuckin child, you're a demon *****. You done f--ked up." As the trumpet intensifies. He gets thrown into a room with his hands stuck to the incinirator of the sink. Alex Browning says, "You're a ******* demon, not a child, asshole!" 

    As the comedic trumpet (in this case as you see when the Tacoma Narrows Bridge is about to collapse)

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  • Who's an actress you used to like but don't anymore?

    Abigail Breslin. The very fact that she likes a show which is basically pro-"Basic Instinct" makes her a despicable *****. A disgrace to her Irish. A non-white people with an English accent like that of Cameron's character in "Gangs of New York" (but that's another movie I don't like for a slightly similar reason). 

    Possibly pro-mental hospital.

    And her brother was an unpopular loser who likes "Friends." And I doubt her "bro"-saying is genuine. XD That's why her bro never was in anything big.

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  • Is it a sin to ask God "why are you allowing this to happen?"?

    I don't mean saying "Why did you do this to me God" or questioning him like that. I'm in somewhat of a fight with my faith because something happened. Is it a sin. I try to do all the right things and worship Him the best I can.

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  • Was "Final Destination" ever pulled off the air in syndication after 9/11?

    Or was the explosion so relevant to the story, that network execs didn't fear reprisal for showing.

    This also includes airings on Encore or Showtime as well?

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  • "Shaft" 2000 question?

    In the scene where Walter Wade returns and Shaft catches him, in the front of the car with Rashan, he has a hostage. Obviously a criminal but who was he?

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  • Attachment image

    Polls and surveys: anyone here have this type of luminaires as their lights in the yards of their home?

    I love these lights and I'm happy one full length highway (despite just being less than 10 miles) in New Jersey has a variant of these (NJ-495), from the Holland Tunnel interchange.

    Most of the answers will probably be from the South and Midwest as those are the places I see having these lights. But if you're from any apartment building with this type of lumainaire hanging from the building's back alleys, you can answer too. I haven't really seen this type of lighting, as a home lighting, anywhere else, but if there is and I've left you out, my apologies you can answer too.

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  • West Coast liberals or Northern liberals?

    For me, neither, and it's rather two-fold and some paradoxal.

    West Coast liberals believe in the weirdest things imaginable. Perversion of normal society. But they tend to be live and let live.

    Northern liberals (and particularly this takes it to a snobby and elitist level in the Northeast) tend to not be those types but they tend to be the most judgmental stuck up assholes you can think of. Union supporters are a good example of this. And many union members are assholes let's face it. Plus like someone said on City-Data, they like to indoctrinate kids in the East.

    Yes the West is more live and let live, but they're weirdos. Easterners are old-fashioned but they're very tyranical at times, at the very worst.

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