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  • Is it okay for room service to walk in as I’m asleep ?

    So I’m staying at this hotel (keeping it anonymous because I don’t wanna trash talk ab entire company over my one experience) and about 20 minutes ago I was sleeping and I got woken up to someone right next to me fumbling around. I thought it was odd because my dad had left and he was supposed to be gone for a couple of hours but I just blew it off as him and pretended to be asleep for a second to see if he’d leave and I could fall asleep again. Well maybe a minute or so later I look up and see the door is wide open and a room service lady is walking out. Then it hit me, the room service lady was in the room as I was asleep. And granted it is 11 in the morning but I have issues sleeping at night and I’m on vacation  and it’s a Saturday so f it I’m gonna sleep in. I’ve been thinking about this since, I just felt really weird about a stranger being where I sleep, I mean I was literally wearing just underwear, and I was sleeping. Imagine if it was the other way around, imagine if I was a teenage girl sleeping in my hotel room in literally just underwear and a creepy old man was just lurking in the room while I was asleep ? I don’t know maybe this is normal but this just seems sketchy to me. 

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  • When a fever goes away, is the illness gone ? ?

    So I’ve felt like crap the last few days and just today felt bad enough to call out of work. In my boredom I was looking into my symptoms and have come to the conclusion I either have coronavirus or hiv ( I’m kinda making a joke about it but like I am actually  terrified of both of them) I checked my temp and I had a fever of 101.8 degrees. I’ve been taking it easy, drinking water, and eventually took some Tylenol although I really really didn’t want to because I felt like I should let my body fight whatever it’s fighting. Anyways, my fever has passed and now I’m wondering, if the fever has gone away has the sickness or infection left too ? I mean my reasoning is if my body is done fighting then wouldn’t that mean it won and the infection is gone ?

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  • Why do I keep randomly dreaming of one of my exes ?

    So a while back, like almost 2 years ago me and my first ever girlfriend ended things after she cheated on me repeatedly with my best friend. I haven’t talked to her in over a year and haven’t had any feelings for her since a while after I found out she cheated. Like at this point I don’t even find her slightly attractive, like she could call me right now and beg me to have sex with her and I wouldn’t even consider it. But anyways, in the last 3 days I’ve had two dreams of her, completely out of the random and they were sort of opposite feelings. So 3 days ago I had a dream that her and I had just had sex and that she was naked and better looking than she had ever been before. Then last night I had a dream that I was still in high school (like I was when we were together) and that I had just gotten to class and as I walked in I had gotten the news that she had been in a car accident and she died. I then put my stuff down and just walked out of the school and immediately burst into tears and couldn’t stop crying for like the whole day. And then for whatever reason I went to her house and talked to her brother. Then I woke up, also this dream happened on Memorial Day if that means anything ? Why am I randomly having these dreams ?

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  • Should I go back to ask permission to hunt land again ?

    So about 3 months I was scouting out some potential hunting land up the road from my house. I had my eye on a few fields and went and talked to a few landowners in the area I was looking at. I stopped and got to talking with a very nice older lady who owned a good piece of land. Our conversation went really well, and we actually had sort of a mutual friend. I was interested in hunting coyotes and she informed me they had plenty and would not mind having a few removed from their farm. Towards the end of our conversation she told me she would have to talk to her husband about letting me hunt their land, and after giving her my card with all my info she promised me that her husband would be in contact with me very soon. I waited for his call and it never came. It’s been almost 3 months and I had been very busy with work and school so hunting neber really crossed my mind let alone this particular land owner. The fact that she told me he would call me and the fact that he never did makes me wonder if either they 1. Lost my card and had no way to contact me, or 2. Decided to not let me hunt their land and just never called me back. I really want to hunt this property and I plan on going out and talking to new landowners in the area this weekend and I’m wondering if it would be a bad idea for me to stop by and ask again ? I am just unsure because I feel like I will annoy them and that is the last thing I want. 

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    Would my girlfriend actually break up with me because she’s going away to college ?

    So my girlfriend of maybe 3 months broke up with me a week or so ago, she said she didn’t feel the same anymore and that she was going away in a few months so it wouldn’t really matter anyway ? The main thing that threw me off was that the weekend before she broke up with me. She wanted to hang out, and we did and it was great. The following Wednesday was my birthday and without me knowing she took the day off work so that she could spend time with my if I wanted. Like she did it without me knowing and didn’t tell me about it so that if I asked her to hang out she could say yes. Then the night before my birthday she stayed up well last her bedtime all so that she could be the first to wish me a happy birthday. Then on Wednesday night she told me she wanted to do something that weekend so we made plans to go bowling that Saturday. Everything up until Saturday was good, she was just as giggly and happy as she usually was. Then Saturday morning I texted her, we talked briefly and I found out she was spending the day at her friends house and that she already had plans for that evening, even though we literally already had plans. Later that day she told me she was upset, I asked what was wrong, and this is the response. My question is why would she be going above and beyond to show me how much she cares one day, then 2 days later breaking up with me.

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  • Can a video of me doing a wheelie on a motorcycle get me in trouble with the law ?

    (This is all hypothetical) Let’s say I was riding my motorcycle with my friends and one of them was filming me and I did a wheelie on a public road, assuming my face, plate, and any street signs were not shown, and this video were posted on social media. Could I get in trouble if the police saw my video ?

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  • Will my insurance be voided for an incorrect statement on my policy ?

    So I live in Iowa and recently have tried to insure my ATV. The problem I run into is that my insurance policy has a box that says “ is vehicle registered for use on public roads” and the box is checked “no”. I have yet to take to the roads, but in the event something happened would my insurance be voided if something happened on a public road ? The policy doesn’t specifically state that it can’t be on a public road, it just says that it isn’t registered for a public road, even after I specifically pointed out to my agent that it is.

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  • Is it possible to have things reversed in court ?

    Basically my question is, I was charged with a crime, my lawyer talked it down to something way less serious. Is it possible that the judge can go back and review evidence and take it back ? Like charge me with the original more serious crime

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics11 months ago
  • I was told I have warrants today, what do I do ?

    So I’m in college, and today I got pulled from the middle of class by the head of security and into the hallway to a group of 4 or 5 big official looking guys. One of the people was a uniformed police officer. He introduced himself and basically told me he knows I ran from him on my motorcycle and told me he will be issuing warrants for my arrest for eluding. I personally don’t believe I eluded him, but I don’t get to make that decision. So once my warrants are posted I’m going to turn myself in. Should I contact bail bonds before or after turning myself in ? Should I get a lawer before I go ? And how long will I be in jail before I can bond out ? The bail bondsman said I can be out in an hour because it’s not an assault,but there seems awfully fast. Also the state is Iowa.

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  • Is it weird to approach girls at college ?

    So I’m in college, I don’t live on campus, and I don’t have really any friends from college who I hang out with a lot. So basically I’m not really involved in any school activities other then going to class. I ride a motorcycle to and from class every day and I always see some pretty attractive girls walking on campus everyday. I’ve been wanting to start dating again and I have been thinking about maybe approaching a girl after class or something on my bike (rolling up in a car would be kinda creepy) and maybe using some corny pickup line to get her to laugh, and then trying to get her number. The one thing I’ve been concerned about is that I’ve always heard girls talking about how they can’t go out in public without guys checking them out or hitting on them and whatnot and I don’t want to add to that if that’s true. Wound approaching a girl and trying to get her number be weird or anything?

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  • How do I prove to someone I didn’t do something?

    So last night I opened my phone to about 7 texts in a row from my ex girlfriend. She was going off on me, telling me she “knew it was me” telling me I’m a psychopath, the whole 9. Meanwhile I have not a clue what’s going on as I didn’t do a damn thing to her. She’s accusing me of I guess ding dong ditching her house and something about messing with her truck. She kept going off on me saying she saw me do it, if it happens again she’s gonna call the cops and all this bs. I told her it wasn’t me and that didn’t work (surprise) and then I moved on to trying to prove it wasn’t me. She told me the person was driving a blue motorcycle, I do not own a blue motorcycle, nor do I ever ride one. She said the person was wearing my green hoodie, I haven’t worn that hoodie in months. I kept finding holes in her story that I felt proved it wasn’t me as I know she has no evidence it’s me because I actually didn’t do anything. However she keeps saying “I saw you do it” I don’t know how to argue with what someone claims they saw, even though I know they’re either lying or don’t actually know what they saw. How do I prove that I didn’t do this ? She has made me look bad to a lot of people already when I didn’t do anything wrong, and now this is making me look far worse to a lot of people.

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  • What to do when a girl says she’s “kinda talking to someone”?

    So me and my ex broke up a few months ago, it wasn’t because we hated eachother or anything, it was a mutual thing because there were a few issues and we were going to work on them. Over the summer she went across the country to be a camp counselor at a church camp. So I figured the likelihood of her finding someone new was pretty slim as everyone there lives all the way across the country. A few weeks after our breakup she started hitting me up or intentionally trying to get my attention every couple of weeks. So Avery couple of weeks we would have a conversation catching up a little but nothing too long or in depth. I knew I wanted to ask her out then but the last time we talked was like 4 weeks before she got back and I figured 4 weeks ahead of time is definitely not a good idea. Fast forward to yesterday (about a week before she gets back) I asked her to hang out and suggested we go to an event that I know she really likes going to and I told her I had tickets that expired so it wasn’t like she could suggest another date. She replied and said that she won’t be back by then and apologized, and then said that she’s kinda talking to someone. In my opinion you either are or you aren’t talking to someone. My plan is to move on and find someone else but should I try anything else here ? Is there a hidden meaning behind “kinda talking to someone” ?

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  • Ex girlfriend will have conversation with me one day, but only gives one word answers a few days later ?

    Me and my ex have been talking more lately and she was the one who hit me up first after nc. Since then I waited a week or two, she again tried to get my attention on social media, so I hit her up and again we had a decent little conversation. The next day she tried to call me, but I didnt answer and we had a short text conversation and that was it. I waited a few days, hit her up and this time she was just giving one word answers, seeming pretty not interested. What does this mean ?

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  • Should I ask my ex girlfriend to hang out at an inconvenient time ?

    So I broke up with my girlfriend a few months ago, and recently she’s been showing a lot of interest in me and I’ve been wanting to get back together for a while as well. She’s been away for the last 2 months, about 500 miles away working at a summer camp. She comes back in a few weeks and I wanna ask her to do something as friends to kind of reconnect and catch up and slowly work out way back to a relationship. The problem is that when she will be back is only about a week before both of us go back to school, so I’m sure she’s gonna have a lot she needs and wants to do during this week as well as a lot of stress so I don’t wanna get in the way or add stress. On top of this I also don’t wanna ask her to hangout for a few weeks after we go back to school because I still feel like we’ll both be kinda adapting to the new school year and stuff. My question is do I wait a few weeks after she gets back to hopefully avoid adding stress, and possibly wait to long and have her lose interest and move on, or do I do it ASAP ?

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  • Can herpes appear as a single, painless, red bump ?

    So a few weeks back I noticed I had 2 pimples form a little above my penis, maybe 2in down from my waistband. They weren’t particularly painful or uncomfortable, the only discomfort came when popping them but that’s normal. Anyways, I popped both of them, they were both pink with white puss draining out. Fast forward to now, one of the pimples has gone away completely but the other left a pink bump maybe 3-4mm in diameter. It doesn’t hurt, or move, or appear to be filled with a liquid. In the past 2 months since I’ve been checked for std’s, I’ve had unprotected sex twice, but both people said they had been recently checked and were std free. I will be getting tested again here in about a week, I just wanted to know if these are tell tail sighns that I have herpes or not.

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  • How do I get my ex back if I broke up with her ?

    So right before summer started I broke up with my girlfriend. I broke up with her because I wasn’t happy with our relationship not necessarily because she was being mean or something mainly because of my own insecurities and I saw myself being desperate and clingy and knew I needed to change something. Shortly after we broke up it was her birthday, and I figured since our breakup was pretty civil, there wasn’t much arguing, that I’d do something for her. So a few days before her birthday I mailed her a gift id gotten her before we broke up but never had the chance to give her. I mailed it to her and didn’t put a sender address and the next day she texted me about it and was very happy that I sent it and told me I really really didn’t have to do it a e how thankful she was. Anyways fast forwards about a month on a random Thursday night just before midnight she out of the blue texted me and we just had a conversation like nothing had happened. It’s been a few weeks and I plan on keeping in contact with her and I want to eventually get back together with her as I have spent my summer away from her and bettering myself, not only mentally to become more confident but physically I am in way better shape now than I was before. My question is how do I get her back ? Should I just continue talking to her and ask her out again ?

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  • What should I do if I think I’m going to get into a fight I may not win ?

    There’s this guy who’s actually used to be one of my best friends but due to him seeing my girlfriend behind my back and her eventually leaving me for him, I am no longer friends with him. Over the last few months he’s been talking **** on me spreading rumors and lies meanwhile I have not said anything about him regardless of whether it’s the truth including exposing him for the whole deal with my girlfriend. Basically the issue is that I need to tell him he needs to quit the talking **** and rumors and if he’s really got a problem with me to grow a pair and be a man and say it to my face. I’ve decided to tell him in person as I feel like text makes me seem like just as much as coward as he is.I feel like he will likely throw a punch or start a fight when I tell him this (note I will not instigate one of throw the first punch as to not be charged with assault) the problem arises that he is about the same size as me, same build slightly heavier but he has more experience street fighting and he’s wrestled for a year or two. My question is should I tell him in person and risk and *** beating or is there some other way to tell him and not seem any less real ?

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  • What to do about a friend that never wants to do anything fun?

    So I don’t have very many friends at the moment. I’m in between high school and college and just lost my high school friend group due to one of them being a backstabber. So one of my friends right now is a girl (I’m a strait male, since that matters) we had became friends last summer and developed a really strong friendship and later became more than just friends. Later one of my friends started seeing her behind my back and eventually she left me for him. That’s all said and done now and she left him and realizes and regrets everything, and we’re back to being friends now (just friends). The issue now is and was last summer is that she wants to hang out a lot but when we do hang out she never wants to do anything fun. All we ever do is drive around or sit in parking lots talking and listening to music, and every now and then go get something to eat or maybe take my truck to some local trails for a while. What should I do about this ? I’ve tried to bring it up to her that I sometimes find myself bored with doing the same thing over and over and she just says “there’s nothing else to do”. Granted we do live in Iowa so to a point that is true but there are certainly more things to do then just sit and talk. What should I do ? Pleas don’t say just leave her or find new friends because I have other fiends and I know leaving her Is an option I’ve just been raised to fix **** when it’s broke but abandon it

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  • Why do I still want the girl back who broke my heart ?

    So a little over a year ago I fell in love with this girl. We were not really in a relationship but were certainly way more then friends, kinda in between talking and a relationship I guess. She was the first girl who had ever really treated me with respect and not only that she was cute, and funny, and shared a lot of the same interests as me, we literally had so much in common and I with all my heart could say I loved this girl and she could say the same for me. Well a while into it she left me for my at the time best friend and I was destroyed by it. Not only by her leaving but by my best friend ******* me over like that. After a few months of me being depressed and a few suicide attempts I turned my life around and said **** them all and left them and everyone associated with it. Since then ive found new people and learned so much, I’ve become so much more of a man I feel like and I’ve fixed so many of the flaws that I feel like have ruined not only that relationship but all the ones I had prior. I’ve also put my life first, I’ve put my dreams and friends and callings in life ahead of any girl, I used to not be like this, the girl was the head of my life and everything else came second. Now over the time since this happened the girl broke up with my friend, and every now and then she comes to me apologizing about what she did and begging me to take her back. I am over her but for some reason want her back as well but at the same time know I don’t. What do I do ?

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  • She said were exclusive but then said were just talking ?

    So this girl ive been seeing for a while now and have been very intimate with told me the other day out of the blue that were talking not dating. I didn’t really know what she meant because I had never told anyone that we were anything. And on top of this earlier on she had told me we were exclusive which sorta led me to believe that mean exclusive dating or something, not exclusive talking ?

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