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ladies stop emailing me love letter (don't mind regular email).. i am not a guy i am a woman successful ..yes Education is the way to success i am not into a lesbian relationship either so don't ask me that !! Ladies get an is how to truely control and be successful. Men don't flatter yourself either, I have 2 busted hips and spine. I get my jollies getting to the bathroom on time. B.A. from U.ofB.C. hold 3 business licensses: own rental property (over 20 years) worked in management for 10 years at the newspaper (can't spell but did the job with spell checker) owned a trucking company. won the (captioning contest numerous times which included a cruise) written and published "Chatelaine", "Simon and Schuster", and "Hallmark" had a pet bird (cockatiel) for over 26 years (great relationship bird was smarter than most humans) but he died and looking to replace him. Vegan prefered.