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I am 22 years of age and I'm in my second year of college towards my ultimate goal of a PhD in Zoology. Even if it might not be the correct answer or the one your looking for I always try to answer the questions to the best of my abilities and try to do so with the utmost respect towards to questioner. I also never, anywhere state that I am a vet or a vet technician. I simply worked as an assistance to a vet hospital for close to 3 years and am learning things every day.

  • School bus camera fine?

    I just wanted to know if there was any way to fight receiving a fine in the mail from passing a school bus.

    A school bus was stopped on the side of the road but no lights were flashing and he was in a pretty steep curve of the road so I was unable to see his stop sign until I was passing it, I'm guessing he was also turning on his lights at the same time as they were on after I looked in my rear view mirror. I was going the speed limit which was 25mph and there were no houses on the opposite side of the street, just a grave yard. I have NEVER passed a school bus like that and had he been a bit more ahead I could have seen his sign before getting even with him and would have stopped. The man stopped while I was headed inside and let me know they have cameras and that I will be receiving a $300 ticket in the mail. I told him I was sorry and that because of his placement I was unable to see his sign until it was too late. He asked me if I was going to be more careful next time which I replied yes to of course but just in case I DO end up receiving a fine I was wondering if I had a chance in fighting the fine as I think it's extremely unfair with the way it all happened. I don't break the law so this would be my first offense ever. I'm 22 and a college student, I don't just have $300 sitting around and I like I stated earlier I really don't think this would be very fair.

    So I guess my questions are:

    Do you think I could fight this in court? And how should I go about doing it if I do? Do I need a layer or should I just go by myself and be honest with the judge?

    The bus driver wasn't very nice about it but I had someone who is 14 as a passenger and she also thought it was really unfair and would probably be my witness if I asked. Would her word even stand up in court since she is underage?

    Also I went and apologized to the family that was picking up their kids and they told me not to worry about it but I still am until like 2 months pass.

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  • Not referencing a past employer?

    So a few weeks ago I was fired from my previous job and I am currently fighting with them over unemployment, it's a long story but the short version is; I was fired for not completing my job when there is proof that isn't true and my ex-supervisor said inappropriate things to me as she was firing me. At any rate I am now applying for jobs and all the ones that I have applied for so far I have just said I have no previous work history. My question is can the potential employers find out that this is not true? What is the likelihood that they would even look that far into it?

    I have a clean background having never in my life done drugs or consumed alcohol underage. I have no criminal behavior in my past and no traffic violations. Will they see previous employers in the background check? I do not feel comfortable listing the old job because 1. the supervisor has shown signs of doing things illegally and 2. I am currently still in a battle with them over unemployment, even though the final say will be sent to me in a few days.

    Did I do the right thing by not posting them?

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  • Declining job after having basically accepted it?

    Alright, to start I currently have a job that gives me very little to no hours monthly and I find that completely unacceptable since I've been asking for months now with no change but for the worse, I am sick of it. I applied to one place that paid very well and that I know for sure wants and needs people with lots of hours to offer me, they also apparently takes extremely long to process an application and contact you but I did not know this until after I had already applied to another job 2 weeks later. That was sometime last week and the next day the second job called me back for an interview. It is a vets office and I was applying to be a receptionist, I currently work at a vets as Kennel Staff, and was excited to try something different after 2 years of the same thing. The interview started out extremely disappointing when they told me they would much rather have me as kennel staff since I have the experience, I ended up thinking I would be okay with this just telling myself if they had the hours it would be fine with me. I told the lady about my position with my other job and how the extremely low pay checks just aren't something I can handle (my current job has a large number of kennel workers) and she acted sympathetic. As the interview progressed she came out to say that I most likely wouldn't see any hours until AFTER january! I acted as though this was okay and I am now signed up to do several days of training(which I am confused with since their kennel is set up exactly like the one I have been at for 2 years) even though I was extremely put off by this. I found out a day later that the first job is suppose to call me back sometime this week and they pay FAR more.

    My question is it acceptable to withdraw from the second job I applied for if I get a better offer at the first one and how would I go about doing that without causing anger? I do not feel like having yet another kennel job and having to wait several months just to get hours with christmas coming up just isn't okay. This monthly "training" is also a trial period but could I turn it down early if I get the better offer from the other one? Is this alright?

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  • World of Warcraft Account Closure?

    So I hate to ask this, I really do, but this sort of troubles me.

    Yesterday at around 9PM I received an email stating that my account had been closed.

    "Reason for Closure: Terms of Use Violation -- Exploitative Activity: Use of Third Party Automation Software"

    I read the terms it linked me to very carefully and can honestly say no such thing is(or wasn't) on my account. I have not even been paying or playing the account for several months now due to college.

    I have NEVER given my email, username, password, or any other such information about my account out to anyone or anything.

    I sent as respectful a dispute back as I could manage but I imagine I'll be waiting quite a while to ever even get a reply, besides the automated one, back. I really just want to know how this all works? Basically I want to know if I even have a chance of getting my account back or not? Does Blizzard seriously look into these things, and if so does anyone have a personal experience with this particular situation? What was the outcome and why?

    I would annoy me greatly to have worked so hard on my account, even putting extra money into it from their store, and then losing it all when I hadn't even touched the account in months.

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  • American or Pixie bobtail?

    After thinking for about 8 months now that my kitten was an American Bobtail I've now come across another bobtail breed I'd never even heard of, the Pixie Bobtail. Though this breed looks a lot like my cat (still technically a kitten) the long haired American Bobtails look just about the same. It's probably due to my inability to pick out the subtle differences. Here are a few pictures of my cat as a small kitten to closer to the size she is now:

    Please excuse the large amount of photos but I just think it would be easier if you were able to look at several different angles as well as her development and growth changes.

    Thank you to anyone who answers seriously, I appreciate it.

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  • I'm overly-opinionated and want to get over that?

    So for years I've always been the super overly-opinionated girl, you know the one; it's my way or the highway attitude when talking with others and has to say offensive things without thinking about them. I want to stop, for a year I've been trying on my own but when it comes to conversations it's like my brain just flies out the window. I want it to stop so badly so I can make last relationships or at least stop having people dislike me. Some tips on how to calm down and level out my thinking would be great. No I'm not ADD or any such type of person, I've already been tested multiple times and was even placed on meds for it once as a "just in case" that had really bad results on me. I'm dyslexic, got off depression medication (that I had been on for quite sometime) a little while ago, was just diagnosed with Hypothyroidism but other then that I'm pretty healthy. Not sure if a background on stuff like that will matter or not but it's there anyway. Please, PLEASE try to be kind, at least as much as your able while still being honest. I KNOW I'm overly-opinionated but I still get hurt just like everyone else.

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  • Hormonal imbalance problems?

    So I suffer from hormonal imbalance and I've found out that I have a lot of symptoms that are happening because of it. One of which is vaginal dryness, which I have very badly. I've had sex before with one of my ex's and that relationship ended when I started to dread sex because I would hurt and bleed every time. I thought that he was just bad at it and that it was all because I was just new to sex but looking at some of the symptoms of Progesterone imbalance I found out it was actually all my fault. I was also looking at things to solve it but none of them were things for a 19 year old girl. All this problems usually only happen to premenstrual women which I am not. I'm already on pregnancy pills that have zero progesterone in them but that's not doing anything but allowing me a few periods a year. I don't want a baby but I do want to enjoy having sexual experiences with the ones I love. I don't want to lose another boyfriend because I dread sex and start hating them for it. I've tried normal KY lube before but it didn't work at all, if fact it just numbed the general area a bit and cause the painful sex to last longer for my ex, which in turn made me more sore. I've also never had an orgasm and can't even give myself one. I really don't know what to do and I've found out most OB-Gens don't know anything about any of this just what type of pregnancy pill to get on and I'm already on it. If anyone has any solutions or have gone through this I'd really appreciate some kind of advice, and any "No sex until marriage" BS will simply be ignored. I have a career I'm aiming for and children ARE NOT a part of it so whether I have sex now or late doesn't matter.

    Thank you.

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  • Getting kicked out for the first time?

    So lately the fights with my mother have escalated and she wants me to move out. I've found nice looking apartments for $300+ but I know nothing about the kind of money it'll take to move out or anything. I will be 19 january 1st and I am currently registered at a community college. I don't think I'll ever be able to make it on my own so what is something I could do? I thought about applying for HUD but the websites say it could take up to 12 months to get a reply, 6 months at the soonest. Please, any help you be greatly appreciate it as I have no family now and no friends that have moved out.

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  • Kitten has fleas, see them other places?

    My new kitten has fleas which I treated yesterday with Advantage plus for kittens now I'm seeing the little creeps almost anywhere my kitten goes, mostly on my bed. Are they jumping off because they are dying or does this mean the treatment isn't working?

    I'm bringing the kitten to the vet this weekend for an over-all check-up but would like some information now?

    Thank you to anyone who helps! It's really appreciated.

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  • New Kitten Sick (food change/new home)?


    I just adopted a little manx, not sure of age, and yesterday when we brought him home he was fine. This morning he was also full of energy and playing to his hearts content. Later on however, he started to vomit and then had diarrhea. It's been 6 hours and he has only vomited twice and had diarrhea twice as well. When I received the kitten I was told she had given him wet food cause she had run out of the kitten food and that he might have diarrhea. I am keeping him in one room and have been spending calming quiet time with him, he is not dehydrated and still seems to be full of energy. Should I wait it out and see if he gets better or does this sound like somethings strange?

    I work at a vet and over the year i've been there they usually only give medication for upset stomachs and/or fluids to sick cats and dogs unless it's really bad and tell the owners to wait it out.

    Some help would be great.

    I have studied the breed and he seems to be in great shape.

    Bright clear eyes, clear nose, and attentive to what's going on (he is currently attacking my computer)

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  • Re-bandaged Tattoo, what is wrong with this?

    So I got my very first tattoo and was told when I asked that it was okay to get new gauss and "bandage" my tattoo again if it was still bleeding after the 3-4 hours I'd kept the first "bandage" on. I did and it still was "slightly but enough to not want it just open and free to the air and dogs that were around. so I got new stuff and taped it on like the last after I had cleaned my tattoo with antibacterial soap. Now I'm seeing online that you're not suppose to do this? Do they mean using the same bandage or got from the shop or just not bandaging it again period? It was a really highly recommended and clean shop that I've gone to before for piercing's so was the tattoo artist wrong? Please help, thank you!

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  • Dwarf Cherry-headed Red-footed Tortoise?

    So this morning my mother went out back to see what my dogs were causing a ruckus about and came across a dirty, wet tortoise. She brought it inside and placed it in a cage we had around in the garage. I've been to multiple websites to find out more information about them but nothing really gives me a good idea of what to feed them.

    One website said no lettuce and others doing tell what I can and can't feed them besides "leafy greens".

    Any info would be a big help, thanks.

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  • Questions for a Saturn SC2 Coupe?

    So I'm 18 and like most dumb teens I made a very bad decision and totaled my own car.

    It's been about a month or so I believe now and we finally just found a replacement in the form of a 1999 3-door Saturn SC2 coupe. It's a lovely car and I'm already in love with it, however, I have some questions; like if this car will be considered a sports car or not? In the name it says "sports coupe" however in the descriptions about it they never actually state that it is one. The websites I've been on have all stated that it was build to look like one but to work and actually be like a saturn sedan.

    Has anyone owned one of these before? Do you know what insurance has to say about them? The dealer we bought it from says it's not considered a sports car but he was a honda dealer and you know how most dealers work, They'll tell you anything to make a sale.

    Any information and personal stories you have about these little babies would be really helpful, Thanks!

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  • Good websites for used cars?

    Story short is I totaled my car and need a new one. What are some good websites to look at used cars around your area?

    Thanks in advanced!

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  • Why do you think Abortions are so expensive?

    I can fully understand that I'm going to get some people that with reply how abortion is wrong and what-not. Don't Care, and I'm not listening, I have my own views that you don't know about so don't just jump to conclusions.

    Now that THAT is said, I'd like to hear why some of you think the cost of an abortion is so high, why there is no aid for poor females who want one by the government, and why the cost goes up with the more time you wait to have one.

    I'd also like to know if the cost of a surgical abortion costs more then a non-surgical method(couldn't find it specified in my research) and about what the difference in costs actually is.

    One last question is if the morning after pill considered a type of non-surgical abortion or not.

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  • Different Dogs at work?

    I work for a vets that allows you to wash your own dog if you want and I have one very friendly dog that has some trouble with his skin so I'm taking him into work to take a bath and make every ones day brighter. He loves people but is dog aggressive which is no problem because I would simply never put him around another dog at work anyway. My problem is that my mother wants me to bring our other dog who doesn't care about other animals but is human aggressive when she meets someone new. I know my second dog would be frantic without her brother but I'm just not sure if I should. We have signs I could put up that tells people she can bite and to use caution but I really don't want to pay for some stupid persons mistake. The techs and vets are smart about aggressive dogs but my fellow kennel workers are not always that bright. Should I bring just one dog or them both?

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  • Animal Crossing Friend Codes?

    Just throwing mine out there now :)

    Friend Code: 4597-3907-6212

    My Name: Lilith

    Town: Cowtopia

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  • Is this acceptable to use for gaming?

    I'd like to play WoW on it but before I buy WoW I'd like to know if it would totally bite on this computer. Please keep in mind that this was a computer bought for schooling mostly, I just want to know if it would work before I wasted money.

    Toshiba A205-S5000

    CPU : Intel Celeron Processor 540 (1.86 GHz)

    LCD : 15.4" Diagonal Widescreen TrueBrite Display


    HDD : 120 GB

    ODD : SuperMulti DVD+/-RW

    MODEM : 56K

    LAN : 10/100 Base T

    WIRELESS LAN : 802.11 b/g WLAN

    SOFTLOAD : Windows Vista Home Premium

    I have played guild wars on it and though it is nothing compared to WoW I never had issues with lagging or anything. I don't really understand anything as far as the specs go and I'm really pretty behind as far as knowing all these things.

    Please don't be too harsh :(

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  • How Many are there and what are their names?

    Alright, though I've played WoW on my best friends computers many times I do not own a version of my own. Therefore I don't know what all I'll need to be "up-to-date" when i start playing on my own. I do realize you don't need more expansion packs until your higher leveled but I just want to know what they are so I'll have them down when I do get there.

    How many expansion packs are there and what levels do I need to be for each of them to really matter?

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  • Bored and want something free to play?

    I'm bored at home and I've got nothing I'm really interested in anymore to play.

    I've tried ASDA, GuildWars, IMVU (figured out it was a chat long ago XD ), Gaiaonline Zomg, and Runescape.

    GuildWars had nice graphics which is a really big taker for me but I hated that you couldn't customize anything but the colors of the costume and hairs when you first started. ASDA was fun to play as long as my boyfriend was online but without him on it's just slow and not too entertaining. IMVU is as I said a chat and so that's nothing really interesting there and runescape as low graphics and is that really makes me not like it.

    I realize I would be better off just paying for WoW or some such game, however, as I am currently only 17 years of age and do not own a credit card yet I'm afraid that one isn't an option.

    Thanks in advance for all the help!

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