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  • What is her problem?!?

    I’m in my second year of college and this is kind of silly so don’t answer if you’re gonna be a smart *** about it. me and my roommate just live in an apartment and hang out together most of the time because there’s no classes in person anymore. We were going off to the store today and she was putting decorations on her car and this guy was walking out and she was on the back of the car and he literally was staring dead at me as he was walking out and I told her because it was so obvious and she was like “he was looking at my decorations!” And she wasn’t there to see if he was or wasn’t so that was kinda offensive. Then we were in a parking lot and I came around the front of the car and there were these people sitting in the car and staring as I came around he corner and it scared me and once again she said they were probably looking at her stupid decorations. And then when we got up to the front she was like “or maybe were just hot” but they weren’t looking at her at all. she jokes around abt stuff like that. I don’t get it she would call me pretty a lot at the beginning of the school year but then says those guys were looking at something else. Was she basically saying they couldn’t have been looking at me or something?

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  • How to stop feeling bad about this?!?

    So yesterday was my birthday and I had a strong realization. I turned 19 and I honestly feel like I’m getting so old even though I’m young at the same time. I have the best parents and best friend ever with a very affluent lifestyle but I feel a void still. I think I am a nice person but I still care what others think. Ik I’m pretty and I’ve been hit on before but even today I was at the mall and my sister and I were behind these girls and this man at a stand asked how they were doing and when my sister and I walked past he didn’t say anything. And every guy we passed turned their head to look at them. To be fair they looked older and had butts lol. And I’ve been hit on in public before but still it would be flattering to hear. I dated a guy last year for 2 months ( my first bf ) and he broke my heart I met him on a dating app. I have missed him a lot and last month he opened my text and didn’t even say happy birthday to me. So now I feel very angry with him. I’m not ready to date again yet because I feel like I need to heal and honestly I don’t have the best luck with dating. I don’t do it a lot or meet a lot of guys ( I’m very shy) but I want that to change. My parents met at 19 and I guess it’s a lot of pressure to meet my soulmate now that I’m 19 and I really want to get married and have a family one day. I’m a Christian so I trust God for it but I still worry a lot about my future. I just want things to work out for me. Any advice on how to just go with the flow?

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  • why was she staring?!?

    I was in the student center at my college and this guy came up to talk to me and my friend. I think he was being friendly but other people around probably didn't. He was talking and engaging with us and everything. A couple of tables away there was this girl who looked up from her phone and just stared at me blankly for a few seconds. I thought it was kind of rude and I kinda took it personal and assumed it had something to do with why he was talking to me. Another girl did the same thing but only glanced over for a few seconds. Why did they do this? A lot of people told me I was pretty and I know I am but this year my confidence has been kind of wishy washy so it makes me think things like that. What do you think?

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  • Why were they staring?!?

    I was at a restaurant today with my roommate. I was facing towards people and my roommate had her back turned against everyone. A lot of older white women were staring at me and there was even this group of white women (maybe late 20s) and the whole group was looking at me. I'm a black girl and people tell me im pretty lol but idk if that's it and there were other black people there too. There was also this cute baby who couldn't take her eyes off of me and kept staring at me the whole time lol. This really was weird, why did this happen?

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  • Should I back off from him?!?

    I've been talking to my ex from last year and he was the first guy I ever dated. There has been some flirting here and there but subtle and he teases me about other guys but I don't know how to interpret that. We are both in college and he is a slow texter but still engages with me and. uses emojis. I don't wanna force anything and I don't want to invest everything in him right now.

    I want to learn to be single and work on myself but honestly, he's a lot of fun and gives me a little excitement.  I just don't want my life to revolve around him. Anyways we have been talking since Late June on snapchat. It is now August and we have been #1 best friends on snapchat because we both have the yellow heart. I am just confused to how because his score goes up sometimes ( so does mine) and he takes so long to answer me sometimes. Sometimes a whole day or more which is fine because again, he is in college and I dont want to be emotionally invested right now and he probably barely uses the app. But why are we #1 besties on snapchat or why hasn't it changed since june?

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  • Is he hinting that he likes me?!?

    I texted my first bf just wanting to catch up. over the weeks I kept my guard up because of issues in the past. We had a little bit of a bump when I caught myself talking a lot and told him and he said he fw it and used a lot of emojis. Then afterward I told him I didn't know what to say and he was responding fast and was like Idk lol We can keep talking if you want, or if not then it was nice catching up whatever you want lol" then i told him I liked talking to him but didn't want to be annoying and he told me not to worry about that and was like "Dope" then he dragged the convo.

    That was a few weeks ago. He moved back into college last week and I moved back in sunday. He has taken some time to answer which i understand and I honestly don't mind it. I told him when I moved back in my roommate and her mom said they found me a bf and were trying to set me up with a guy on the elevator and said he was cute and tall and i told him how my roommate told the guy on the elevator "my roommate is a 10 out of 10 and my ex was like "LMAOO she's not lying tho , thats nice of her to set you up, but on the first day. then i was like "aww thats sweet" and he answered and said "Lmao he's perfect for you and the 7th floor, that's too much lmao." he used some emojis too. Yesterday I told him a guy came up to me and my friend and she said he was flirting with me and my guy friend was like "Aw he probably was, that's good he's nice though" and put a laughing emoji. Why would he compliment me?

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  • I don't know how he feels?!?

    Ive been talking to my first bf for about a month. I texted him and I just wanted to catch up. 

    over the weeks he was sending a lot of emojis and I kept my guard up because of issues in the past. We had a little bit of a bump when I caught myself talking a lot and told him and he said he fw it and used a lot of emojis. Then afterward I told him I didn't know what to say and he was responding really fast and was like "idk lol We can keep talking if you want, or if not then it was nice catching up whatever you want lol" then i told him I liked talking to him but didn't want to be annoying and he told me not to worry about that and was like "Dope" then he dragged the convo.

    That was a few weeks ago. He moved back into college yesterday and the day before that he took a full day to answer me so i waited 17 hours to finally text but when he did answer he told me he had moved most of his stuff in and was texting me faster and picked up where we left off. I thought it was weird how he told me where he was and he started answering faster after i didn't answer him for like 17 hours lol. I dont want to be "that" girl but his snapchat score has gone up like 10 points the past few weeks. we are #1 best friends on snap and ik its not really my place but that would mean hes sending and getting pics from other ppl. I dont like it tbh because he dosent ask for my pics or send them to me but ik hes not mine. How do i calm down and take it slow?

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  • Would a guy “friend” say something like this?

    Yesterday I had a rlly rude customer at work who said something extremely condescending to me which honestly hurt my feelings and left me speechless. I didn’t think of a good comeback until after I got in the car and my mom told me. 

    I’ve been talking to my ex bf and there’s honestly still some chemistry there and he was like “what??! That lady needs to get the stick out of her *** fr” then I told him I wanted to cry and stuff and I was gonna be successful one day and he was like “Aww 🥺 yes for sure you will! And don’t worry about her she’s a nobody” 

    Then he said if the lady had said something like that to him then he would have gotten fired.

    I feel like that’s something that most of my girl friends would say but still it sounded a little romantic because our history but idk there’s obviously other conversations we’ve had but still does it sound like he likes me a little?

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  • I don't know if this is a good idea?!?

    There is this guy who I think is cute and he started at work and i guess hes new because I havent seen him before last week. Last week when I saw him for the first time, I was wearing this really pretty dress and looked cute luckily lol. I work at a clothing store and was working in the bathing suit section. It was me and my other supervisor both working in the section when he just came out of nowhere. He stood by her whenever I did then I started walking around the section to fold and he was walking aorund too to price check stuff. I kept running into him and i noticed he kept looking at me which could be anything so I didn't take it seriously. I think hes kinda shy because he dosent talk a lot but later that day when we were closing, he came to the same section where I was at and I was folding clothes and he was like "hey there" then stayed nearby me and price checked some stuff

    Yesterday I worked again and i was in a different section and he came around the corner and we almost ran smack into each other and he was like "sorry" but it was so awkward lol then later he went behind me and picked stuff up off the floor that might have fell which i appreciated. 

    idk I wanna talk to him but im soo shy and I really dont know what to say. I am leaving my job in a week for college so I dont have much time. What should I do?

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  • I’m so scared?!?

    Idk if I should be asking this question on here but I honestly don’t know what to do and am crying as I type this. My mom has been sick all day and has had a migraine and she’s awake but I’m freaking out.

    She gets a lot of headaches but she said her vision was blurry and she wasn’t feeling well at all. It’s almost 12am and my dad had to take her to the hospital to “check her blood pressure” I’m so scared and I don’t wanna think this way but my grandma passed a few months ago and I’m trying to keep my head up about this but I’m so scared and I can’t sleep. I don’t know what to do.

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  • Am I allowed to do this at my job?!?

    So today my dad was talking to me about work. We were at target and most people had on a mask and a few people didn't. It made me and my parents a little concerned and irritated that they weren't wearing masks. My dad made a statement saying how if I was at my job, and a customer was not wearing a mask then I was allowed to not check them out. 

    I work at a clothing store and explained to my dad how I didnt want to lose my job and he said I should do it because they are putting my health in danger. We are required to wear masks at our job and we sanitize before and after customers. I havent returned to work yet and im going back on Sunday but I'm not sure if we are making every customer wear a mask or not. 

    My dad said even if they let people in the store without a mask. If I have to check them out, then I should ask them to put it on and if they don't have one then I should tell them I can get someone else to help them.

    I guess my dad just doesn't want me in danger. Do you think I'm allowed to do this?

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  • Why did she ask me this?!?

    I broke up with my ex gf while back. It was almost a year ago. She texted me off and on after the breakup and the main reason I broke up with her was that we go to two separate colleges. Of course I missed her after. I did really like her. 

    I wanted something casual after we broke up which was crappy on my part but I also just still wanted her in my life somehow and we had more sexual tension than anything. Like i said she would text a lot and I would entertain it.

    We were gonna chill back in december and didnt because we got into a fight

    She apologized to me then stopped talking to me. Its been 8 months now and we havent talked. Right after we stopped talking I still checked up on her snapchat but then stopped for a minute. Ive been curious about her and its summer so I started checking up on them again. Today she posted something and then texted me right after and asked why i was always the first one to view her stories then put the laughing emoji. This kinda surprised me because its been 8 months since shes talked to me. Like I said ive been kinda missing her, but I want to know why she texted me that first?

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