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  • 18 little presents for a best friend?

    My best friends birthday is coming up soon. She is turning 18 and my idea was to get 18 small things and give one each day from 18 days before her birthday and give her her main present (which is a charm bracelet) on her actual day.

    What can I do for the 18 things?

    I want some of them to be actual little presents, perhaps some to be sort of paper form or made and then as I dont get a chance to see her at the weekend something I can send via the computer.

    I need 18 things so get your thoughts coming :)

    Her birthday is soon so I don't have long to prepare.

    She is into twilight atm, and like a regular girl likes anything pretty and cute.

    Thanks for your help XD

    1 AnswerFriends1 decade ago
  • What can you do with a computer?

    I am teaching a lady how to use a computer. I have taught her the basics of what a computer is. She can now use Microsoft Word including ClipArt. She understands the internet and can also email. So what shall I show her now?

    I am using a library computer to teach her and things are restricted. For example, I can not install programmes or look at the Control Panel.

    What shall I move on to show her? They are hourly sessions.

    4 AnswersTeaching1 decade ago
  • Do I just need a P.O. box address to send to the U.S.A?

    I have a P.O box address for the U.S.A is that all I need to send a small letter/package from the U.K to the U.S.A?

    Thanks for your help...

    3 AnswersLos Angeles1 decade ago
  • What guitar should I buy as a beginner?

    I've never played a guitar before but with the summer coming up I thought I'd treat myself and get one to learn over the summer.

    So I would really like to know, as a beginner, is an electric-acoustic or just a plain acoustic better?

    Which one (specific guitar) do you recommend for a beginner?

    And do you have any tips on learning to play?

    Thanks for all your help.

    Look forward to hearing your answers :)

    12 AnswersPerforming Arts1 decade ago
  • What songs are your top ten most played on itunes?

    Mine are:

    1) Whatever It Takes - Leona Lewis

    2) Believe Again - Delta Goodrem

    3) Hotel California - the Eagles

    4) Nolita Fairytale - Vanessa Carlton

    5) Careless Whisper - George Michael

    6) Girl On a Wire - Nerina Pallot

    7) Digital Love - Daft Punk

    8) Sand In My Shoes - Dido

    9) You Can Have It All - Kasier Chiefs

    10) Fable - Robert Miles

    I have strange music choices....

    6 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • So what are the advantages?

    I was watching something on T.V ( I think it was a repeat) where this journalist went undercover as a football hooligan.

    I think at one point he got seriously hurt and then he got arrested.

    So why do these journalists constantly go undercover to get stories?

    I just can't see the advantages of covert operations.

    2 AnswersMedia & Journalism1 decade ago
  • What products can you suggest? (prefered UK answers)?

    Please take your time to read the details to my question below.

    Sensible answers will be appreciated!

    Thank you!!

    'm sick of the skin on my face feeling as rough as it does. I have sensitive skin and what I have tried to use doesn't seem to be working.

    1) I want something that makes my skin feel soft and reduces pores. Also something that helps prevent spots. I don't wear make-up only some blusher at times. Every face wash or toner I have found advertises how it takes make-up off. But I don't want that. Can anyone recommend something that will make my skin soft and not dry and reduce spots?

    2) Can anyone recommend anything to get rid of the darkenss under my eyes?

    3) Can anyone suggest any tips of what I can do to keep my skin healthy?

    Any products you suggest can you please make sure I can buy them in the U.K. and not off of the internet.

    Thank you!

    6 AnswersOther - Skin & Body1 decade ago
  • I know a lot of you may say...?

    do your homework yourself but I'm strugling.

    I have to write an essay for why I would change a law.

    The subject is:


    Therefore, changing the law so we dont have to pay for Scotlands education when we have to pay for our own.

    But I need help!

    I'm not sure what to write.

    And how to structure/start it.

    Please help!!

    4 AnswersWords & Wordplay1 decade ago
  • Can I take Psychology at University...?

    and then decide whether to do Counselling Psychology or Forensic Psychology?

    5 AnswersHigher Education (University +)1 decade ago
  • What do you think about the Parole System in the UK?

    Is their really a British Justice System?

    How is it people get a life sentence yet they only stay behind bars for 15 years?

    Whats your view?

    6 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • U.K. ONLY....What law would you change?

    If you had the chance. What law would you change...and why?

    [only sensible answers please those are the ones that are appreciated]



    11 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police1 decade ago
  • How do I get rid of everything...?

    except my about me, my profile picture, my headline and my status on myspace?

    I want my comments, my details, my blog, my friends and my url deleted.

    The HTML I have doesnt work together.

    Anyone know how I can do this?

    6 AnswersMySpace1 decade ago
  • Lyrics please....?

    I've searched everywhere and I cant fine the lyrics for

    How did I become such a ***** by Nerina Pallot.

    I would really like them if posible.

    Even if you listen to it and write it out.

    I would do it myself but I always end up getting lyrics wrong...

    Any help would be grealty appreciated!!


    2 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago
  • Different Hair Styles...Please!?

    I'm sick of just either down with it curly or straight or half up half down or just up!

    I have just past shoulder length hair with my layers up to my ears.

    I've looked everywere on the internet for different styles.

    Can you please suggest some and also the instructions on how to do that hair style.

    All answers are appreciated.

    4 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • Hsitory 20th Century Examination?

    Is anyone sitting the History Paper 2 on Wednesday 11th June?

    If so, my Paper is about 20th century crime in the UK.

    Does anyone have any idea what will be on the Paper? Perhaps you've been given a Revision List of some sorts.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    1 AnswerHomework Help1 decade ago
  • The latest Doctor Who episode...?

    constantly goes on about it being difficult between Martha and the Doctor.

    I cant remember the last episodes of Series 3 - The last of the time lords. But what exactly happened? Why does it mention that he destroyed Martha's family.

    I cant remember will anyone explain please??

    All answers appreciated!


    4 AnswersDrama1 decade ago
  • What are the actual problems with...?

    tackling Global Warming??

    8 AnswersGlobal Warming1 decade ago
  • Lyrics and song anyone?

    Its in the Royle Family Series 2 Episode 6.

    Joe sings it just after Jim sings My Grandads Flanlette Nightshirt.

    I know some of the lyrics, but although I've searched. I can't find the next verus.

    The part I know is:

    I will take you home Cathline. To where you heart shall feel no pain. And when the fields are fresh and green. I'll take you to your home again.

    Thats all I know. Anyone any ideas??

    4 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago
  • Where in Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban PC Games is...?

    Fred and Georges Shop?

    I've looked on every floor and can't seem to find it...but need it to complete the game. Anyone know?

    1 AnswerPC1 decade ago
  • Does anyone know any CLEAN sheep jokes?

    Basically clean jokes about sheep....

    All helpful answers appreciated.

    24 AnswersJokes & Riddles1 decade ago