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  • How to store and carry big laptop adapter?

    So, I have an Acer laptop and I ordered a pouch to carry it in to avoid damage. And the thing is that in order to carry it, I would prefer to unplug the cable from the adapter and on pictures of cases for this purpose, they are also unplugged like that. But I was told that if I keep unplugging the cable from the adapter, the port will get weaker. Is this true? How can I prevent this or what is a better way to carry it around compactly? Because if I were to keep it plugged, it reaches around 27 cm, but when it's not plugged, it's around 20.

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    Can't access certain sites due to malware?

    I got malware earlier today and I had gotten rid of it with Malwarebytes, but apparently it left some residue and modified my DNS server things (I suppose), so sites like or or even cannot be accessed through my main browser. I just checked through Microsoft Edge for instance an I can access them from there, but not from Opera. As I am very uninformed about these kinds of things, except changing my router's DNS server address, what can I do to fix this issue?

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    How to shuffle manually inserted words in C++ and randomise their order?

    So, I'm making a thing of the sort of a story generator, where you insert manually in the program window 10 adjectives, 5 nouns and so on, so that in the end the inserted by you words would fill in the empty spaces in a story in a random order. I took screenshots of my program so far and will add the first part to this question. It continues down the same way as above, but with the rest of the words. I included srand (time(0)) as well after the insertion of the words.

    I want the 10 adjectives to shuffle randomly into the slots of the new adjectives (adj1 to a random slot in the ADJ(number), then for it to become taken and then adj 2 to a free space in the rest of them and so forth until they fill up) and the same for the rest of the words. How do I do that?

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  • Why doesn't my computer manage to install drivers for my tablet and cellphone?

    The OS is Windows 7 Professional (and I guess that is of importance to this matter). Basically, when I connect my tablet to the computer through a USB cable, the computer tries to install drivers for it to manage to connect. However, those drivers never get installed and it gives me an error. I've tried it with my cellphone and with a different USB cable. I have installed the updates for Windows 7 (except the extra language packs) and it still doesn't work. What can I do about that?

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  • Where can I download raw episodes of Hetalia?

    Does anybody know where I can download raw episodes of Hetalia? As in without absolutely any subtitles and the such. I want to do translations of them in my country's language (specifically for a friend, who does not speak nor understand English) and upload them to a video sharing site similar to YouTube with the subtitles. I must also mention that there is no way in which I could earn any profit from this. I've managed to find raws of The World Twinkle episodes (except the extras) and I've searched for at least two hours for the other five seasons. However, I couldn't find them in raw version. Can anybody help me with this?

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  • Why can my Smart TV connect to the Wi-Fi and while it's on, my phone and laptop can't?

    So, my family bought a 55'' Smart TV with Samsung as it's label. I can't remember the particular model, though. But the thing is that ever since we got this TV, one of the mobile phones plus the laptop can't connect to our router, which is a TP-LINK model TL-WR740N if you need additional information on that. Whenever the TV is turned on, the laptop and that particular mobile phone can't connect to the router. They both show they have Wi-Fi, but none of them can load a video or a website or anything connected to the web. But both of them can while the TV is turned off. I know you'd suggest to keep th e TV off, but that's not a really a good answer in my opinion. Has anyone experienced it? Have You fixed the problem? If so, how? And what's the cause of it?

    I'm looking forward to Your answers!

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