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You'll find me in the Pregnancy and parenting section. That is where I believe I will be most useful, and will need the most information :)

  • What website can i watch 16 and Pregnant in the UK?

    Is there a website that has 16 and pregnant available for the UK?

    MTV has it on their website but because im not from the USA i cant view it.

    i really wanna see it, cos all the pregnancy related shows on the bbc are over :( So i have nothing interesting to watch :(

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  • i had this lump at the side of my tooth on my gum?

    so, about a year or two ago, after getting fillings i developed a lump, wouldnt say massive but it wasnt small, on my gum just at the top where it met my tooth.

    every now and then when i chewed on that side of my mouth i got a rancid taste in my mouth, but i just put it down to beeing saliva caught in the hole where the needle had left a mark. When i ate something it became quite solid, but after not eating for a while it became a little softer, in that i could push the tip of it.

    So today i noticed it had gone, but on further inspection i noticed it has actually moved down to the very bottom of my gum right where it curves out into the bottom of my cheek(inside my mouth of course) and is very hard at the moment and has been since i discovered it earlier.

    about a week ago i was suffering really bad toothache, i thought it might have been because the hole that was filled up had continued to rot away and was now right down to the roots. However now im thinking, maybe this lump is an abcess..

    ive never been in any pain until that week and ive had this lump for around 2 years.

    Does it sound like an abcess or something else?

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  • Compare bumps and how many weeks are you/whats the best thing bout being preg?

    Hey Im 18 and Im 23 weeks pregnant with a little baby girl.

    Me at 22 weeks, havent changed much this week though.

    And i think that the best thing about being pregnant is all the people who genuinely look really happy and excited that your pregnant. Even strangers.

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  • Baby name help...i like these, what do you think?

    Hey i was just looking at names to pick

    i quite like these boy and girl ones but im unsure what to pick. A public opinion would be nice, before i make a horrible mistake :P

    Ideally id like a first and middle name. out of these names :) so if you could put together some names you think sound nice together :)










    Lily Rose









    fire away :)

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  • how many weeks do you have to be to have a baby shower?

    Like can you be any amount of weeks

    or is it like 30-35 weeks youd have it?

    I cant wait for mine!! Ill be having 2 :D :P

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  • Im looking for a pc/mac game, can you tell me if you recognise this description?

    Okay it was a game we had on the computers at school. Im not sure if it was on the mac or on the pcs but im sure it was on the mac.

    Anyway, It was a learning game, with a blue snake called Sammy. He had one of those hats that are red blue and yellow and have the helicopter thing on top.

    You could do stuff like make sheep sing and stuff, thats most of what i remember. Im sure the name of the game had the name Sammy or Sam in it.

    Anyone remember it? What was it called? Was it only for the Mac?

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  • Any mummys or mummy to be's got bebo?

    So i thought id make a new bebo since i forgot my old password, and i wanted my friends to see my pregnancy.

    Also would like to talk to other mummys and young mums on it

    Have bebo?

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  • Keep getting period like cramps at 18 weeks?

    Recently well for the past 2 weeks. around every 3-4 days i have cramping and its really quite uncomfy, it feels like im about to come on my time of the month, but all throughout my pregnancy i havent had it, so i dont think it could be.

    Its too late to have a miscarriage surely?

    has anyone else had this, what was it, or what could it be?

    Thanks guys xx

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  • does anyone else absolutely love any tv shows about pregnancy?

    Im completely obsessed with 'Underage and Pregnant' and 'My big decision'

    I just watched Pregnancy:My big decision and when i seen it was up on bbc iplayer i got so excited i clapped my hands lol

    Anyone else been interested in these programmes?

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  • I need tips on training my dog not to bark at children and other dogs?

    My jack russel 12 months, we got him 2 weeks ago from a rescue centre and he wont stop barking violently at children under 11 and any other dog. I want to train him to be a good dog for when I'm about due so I can send him to an owner that will have more time for him, but not send him back to me as hes behaving badly.

    Did your dog do this and how did you get him to stop?

    Ive been told that everytime they do wrong you grab their collar and say NO firmly without shouting. but thats not working since he doesnt pay attention if theres a reason to bark.

    Also what does it mean when he sits and then uses his front legs to drag his butt around the carpet?

    Its not worms or something is it?

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  • Went for a scan today to tell me what the sex was, and...?

    Its a baby girl!!!!!

    im so excited

    shes exactly what i was hoping for!!

    The doctor said that it was still quite early but she was certain it was a girl :)

    So to make it a question

    What are you having and were you pleased with the result?(as in did you want a boy and are having a girl or whatever?)

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  • Pregnant ladies, what makes you cry?

    Its always the silliest things

    i cried yesterday cos my mum said i should have worn a black top instead of a white one.

    Whats the silliest ting you cried at?

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  • Did this every happen to your belly button during pregnancy?

    Well not really my belly button

    but im 17 weeks and my stomach is perfectly round

    but my belly button isnt in the centre anymore its really far to the left

    is it just the way the baby is sitting?

    it looks really funny, i'll try get a picture of it soon.

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  • Do you think it is okay for celebrities to do pregnancy shoots but make them look real tacky?

    Was just watching a slideshow with pictures of prgnant celebs. But instead of a classy and emotional photoshoot it looks tacky and a little slutty.

    What do you think? (i still think all pregnancies are beautiful but when they are wearing stockings and heels its gone too far)

    Pregnancy is meant to be beautiful not sexy.

    9 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • Its so boring trying to find stuff to do when your pregnant, So i downloaded sims 2 open for business?

    I already have sims 2 double deluxe (nightlife and celebration stuff)

    and i used mininova to download open for business

    Ii used alcohol 120% to install it, but once it was installed, instead of opening up with sims 2 double deluxe, it has its own icon and when i click it to run it, it says 'wrong version of sims 2 please insert sims 2 doubkle deluxe'

    Am i just as well giving up, or is there a way to put open for business into the sims 2 like you do when you install from a cd?

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  • Is it okay to mix ham stock with dog food?

    Okay i was just asking, because me and my friend were talking about our old dogs eating habits and she said the only way her dog would eat solid food was if she put a little ham stock cube into some water and then after that dissolved she mixed it in with his dog food.

    She says it was because he was used to eating tinned food, but it was giving him diahorrea so she started to mix dry with wet, then switched to completely dry over a course of time. But he refused to eat it so she mixed it with ham stock so it would smell like meat and he'd eat it and he did.

    I wanted to know if that was healthy? And is it okay do mix dogfood with a little ham stock?

    6 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Pregnant, or ttc ladiess, Would you do this when you get a baby bump?

    Well, i have a lot of friends that do photography, and are quite good, and i was thinking that when my bump gets a little bigger, or maybe just before my due date, me and my fiancee would go and do a pregnancy shoot, you know, so i can always remeber my bump and can put them in a special baby boy for my child to see when theyre older.

    If you dont know what im talking about then here are some pics:

    Before I found this picture, i came up with the idea to do this, but with undies on :)

    So, would you do it, or have you done it? I live in glasgow so if you can recommend me people then that would be great too :)

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  • I just want to have it already?!?

    Im very impatient so this isnt ideal waiting for another 24 weeks!

    How do you all cope with the cramps and back pain and everything else? And how can you cope with being overdue! haha

    10 AnswersOther - Pregnancy & Parenting1 decade ago
  • In a few months I'll be moving. Read inside?

    Is 12 hours too long to sit on a bus while you are pregnant?

    would i be safer getting a plane or train?

    Also, my fiancees best friends gf is possibly pregnant, Im so excited that I might get to share the experience with her!!! :D

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  • First ever question. Do you think I'm showing way too much for 16wks?

    I'm 16 weeks pregnant and she is 19 and I can tell you that she is no where near as big as I am!!

    Hers is just a little bump

    Mines seems like a relatively big bump for 4 months haha!

    Though I could be bloated too, as my stomach isnt completely solid.

    Did any of you ever show that much at 16 wks or earlier?!?!

    4 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago