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  • suprapubic catheter and pregnant?

    hi i am now almost 11 weeks pregnant and i have a suprapubic catheter due to fowlers syndrome. i was wondering if having the catheter would give me any complications during labour. i understand some people have indwelling catheters when giving birth but i was wondering if it was different with the suprapubic. y urologist doctor has been completely useless and doesn't ever answer any of my questions. i am getting really worried about it. i haven't yet seen a midwife but my gp is setting that appointment up soon.

    thank you to anyone that can help

  • dipstick analysis, what does it mean?

    for the whole of yesterday and this morning i have had brown pee, so i decided to do a dipstick.

    the dipstick showed:

    bilirubin= ++(moderate)

    ketone= large

    specific gravity= 1.030

    PH= 5.0

    protein= +++ (3.0)

    urobilinogen= 64

    nitrites= positive

    leukocytes= large

    because i have a kidney disease i am used to having protein in my pee, and i also know that nitrites and leukocytes means that i have an infection but the others i have never had in my pee before. what does this mean? what should i do?

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    I got really depressed and poured a whole bottle of codeine into my smoothie and drank it, although I'm feeling a bit drowsy i have no other symptoms. what should i do?

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  • what will happen to my friend?

    my friend recently has been restricting her food intake and when she eats she purges. i have also found out than instead of eating she has been abusing laxatives. what will this do to her? i am right in thinking this is dangerous? how do i get her to receive help?

    thank you

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  • -117 calories a week: good or bad?

    I had to do a food and exercise diary recently and work out the calories i gain and loose. i follow a strict exercise regime which shows me the amount of calories i loose. any way long story short it works out that by the end of the week i get to -117 calls. i have no idea whether that is bad or good but its making me anxious. i really don't want to hand this in if it is a bad thing.

    I am 5ft 5 and i weight 146 pounds if that makes any difference.

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  • i need to frequently urinate even when i don't drink?

    for the past two months or so i have had to go the toilet like every 15- 20 minutes with out fail. my sleep has been severely disrupted and i am finding it hard to cope with it. i get really bad to what i can only describe as bladder spasms. i have also been misdiagnosed with UTI's over 5 times over the past two months, and have a supra-pubic catheter. it seems to get worse like a week before my period and when i am under a lot of stress. my GP is stumped and not proving to be much help. can any one help me get an idea of what is happening? please.

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  • is this potentially lethal?

    if someone took 125 'triple zinc' tablets, 40 'zinc' tablets, 48 paracetamol tablets, 16 ibuprofin tablets and 16 aspirin tablets could it be lethal. i found these tablets collected under my friends bed and I'm scared he will try to overdose on them as he has a history of doing so.

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  • pregnant and suicidal?

    i just found out i am pregnant and had a suicide plan before i found out. i thought the news would would help suppress these feelings but they seem to be getting worse to the point where i don't know if i can stop myself. what do i do?

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  • I had the emergency contraception 49 hours after intercourse, could I be pregnant?

    I have started to go to the toilet more frequently, feeling nausea when i get hungry and getting hungry more often.