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Yes I am a conservative. Both a social and a fiscal conservative. I believe in a flat tax, I believe in the right to bear arms and the right to arm bears if you need to. I believe in Life, Liberty, Property, and the Pursuit of Happiness but not the garantee of it. I am not a great speller and I hate puntucation. I believe that one day all of us will have a loved one saved by an "over payed" doctor who is part of the "corrupt" health care system, and in that moment we all realize that doctor is worth every penny. (thanks for saving my fathers life doc.) I believe in freedom of religion. EVERY RELIGION, I do not care if you are Christian, Jewish, Wicca, Muslim, Hundu, Buddhist, Athiest, Jedi, or anything else. this is america and you are free to be that. I believe in the rights of Homosexuals to be married, and I do not support the death penalty. I am a die hard 49ers fan, I love golf and my wife, my country my family and my dogs.

  • Is it difficult being offended by everything?

    The cancel culture is in full swing even with the rona in full swing. I just feel like being offended by everything would just be a very angry, very difficult way to go through life. A recent example is the cancel folks coming after Ellen for, what was actually kind of a funny joke about quarantine being like prison. I mean.. if Ellen has a cancel target on her back, is there just no joy left? 

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  • Are my views really that extreme?

    My beliefs can be boiled down to live and let live. 

    I believe fully in the right bear arms. 

    I believe that the government is generally the absolute worst possible entity to accomplish anything. 

    i believe that gay people should be allowed to get married if they want to. 

    I believe that adults should be able to choose to change their gender if they want to. 

    I believe that adults should be able to take drugs if they want to. 

    i believe that abortion should be legal, but there has to be a limit. That limit is the 3rd trimester. 

    I believe that 2 parents is always a better option than 1. 

    I believe that includes two gay parents. 

    i believe that your money is yours, and anyone taking it from you is stealing. 

    I believe that no one has the right to anyone else's work, expertise or training. 

    to put it more humorously i believe that gay married couples have the right to protect their marijuana plants, and adopted children with an AR-15 if they want to. 

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  • Can we find common ground on anything?

    I will try. Who is the most attractive person on the other side of the aisle? 

    I would say a toss up between Laci Green and AOC. Thoughts?

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  • Exactly what laws would have prevented this shooting?

    1 he used a pistol and a shotgun. Not an "assault rifle"

    2. he was under 18 and not legally allowedf to have the shotgun.

    3. he was under 21 and therefore not legally allowed to own the handgun.

    So what laws would have prevented this shooting?

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  • Why is it so hard for people to pay their bills and take responsibility?

    I work in customer service in a billing department, and every single day i get calls from people unloading their sob stories onto me about how they can't pay their bills and how it is everyone's fault but their own. Seriously? We don't care this is not a charity we are a business. We provided you a service, you have to pay for it....

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  • why does she invite terrible people in and push anyone that cares away?

    literally everyone in her life that brings negativity pain and destruction she invites them in. keeps them around and latches on, but those that try to be there, and be open and bring joy. she pushes them away... i have no idea what to do.

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  • 82 virago 920 dies after 15 minutes of riding. Heeelp.?

    My custom virago 920 gas recently developed an odd and irritating fault. It starts up Just fine. Even idles fine. Once i start riding it Will sputter out and die after about15-20 minutes of riding. And i have to let it sit for 30-45 minutes before it Will start agaan. Before it dies it loses HP and stars running like it's on one cylinder. Or floodee. Or maybe getting no fuel. I cant tell because it's unlike anything I've experienced before. Jest as a test. Yesterday i fired it up and let it sit for 45running. And it had no issue. Jumped on. Off i went. And15 minutes later it died again...any ideas would be super helpfull.

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  • Why does no one seem to put a premium on commitment anymore?

    I read all over the marriage and divorce section here on yahoo, and all I see is, "well if things are hard, just leave him/her!" Seriously.. what happened? Who convinced people that marriage is supposed to be easy and trouble free?

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  • Do liberals understand history at all? They claim that defending ourselves from the Government?

    Is a poor reason to own guns.

    The rational being that since we will lose if we fight them, it is stupid to use that as a reason to own them. Do you understand that when we stood up to the great British empire that we were outgunned, out manned, we had no navy. In fact at valley forge many of the Patriot soldiers had no shoes, and even no pants. NO PANTS! We fought many battles with 1 gun for every 2 soldiers. If the guy with the gun dies, you pick it up and keep fighting.

    The Zulu nation fought valiantly with ROCKS AND FREAKING STICKS against the mighty English armies and narrowly missed victory. During the french revolution the people rose up against a better armed government and overthrew it. Out manned, out gunned and out numbered. The Bolsheviks did it as well.

    History is littered with examples of the people fighting oppression and winning even when they are outnumbered, and out gunned. So i am forced to ask, is it just a question of you not knowing your history, or do you just believe that it is better to serve at the right hand of the devil than it is to die at his feet? or do you honestly believe that our government is incapable of becoming so corrupt as to lead to a dictatorship with no defense against it? what is it. Seriously explain to me your gunless utopia, and follow it through, think out 100 years and where do you see it?

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  • Do people on here really believe that we have no background checks at all when buying a gun, or do they knowingly perpetuate misinformation?

    I mean seriously. We all understand that there are in fact background checks done whenever you buy a gun from a dealer, and in most states when you buy it at a gun show. People seem to think, or at least imply, that there are no background checks at all.

    Follow up question. Some of the biggest "sensible gun control" measures currently in place are The Brady bill, The gun control act of 1968, and the Lautenberg Amendment. Please , in detail, explain to me what additional "sensible gun control" measures you believe should be implemented and how we should implement them.

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  • If you believe that a private firearm transaction should require a background check?

    then do you also believe that a private automobile sale should require the seller to obtain proof of insurance and verification of a valid drivers license? I see this all the time. A car can be just as dangerous, and in some cases more dangerous than a gun. Would you support a law that requires all private vehicle sales to obtain and verify proof of valid insurance and obtain and verify proof of a valid license?

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  • How much would you consider to be their fair share?

    We have all heard that the wealthy should pay their fair share. So I am asking for a percentage. What percentage of income would being paid to taxes would you consider to be their fair share?

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  • How do I convert my Escape to include fog lights?

    I have a 2008 Escape, it's base model, with 4WD. So it has the spots for foglights on the front bumper but they are filled in with plastic. Has anyone ever converted ANY vehicle to add the fog lights into the bumper? How much wiring will I need to do, any recommendations on where to buy the parts. Anything helps. thanks.

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  • Do you actually know what an "assault rifle" is or do you just throw it around?

    I have read a lot of different posts, replies and every other manner of communication on Yahoo! Answers that make statements like "a ban on automatic rifles affects hunting rifles? lol How?" and this has me concerned, and wondering if people actually know what the current definition that the Obama administration has given to "assault Rifle" actually is? (Assault Rifle is not a gun term but a political one)

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  • how about a google console?

    lets be honest here. android is far better than I phone os. and everything googlw touches is better than microsoft. so how about a new player in the xbox playatation game.

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  • Has anyone stopped to think that mandatory health insurance actually violates the 1st amendment?

    Let me be very clear. It actually infringes upon the rights of Christian Scientist believers freedom of religion. It also infringes on the freedom of religion of the Amish. The Christian scientists do not believe in modern medicine and actually believe it to be idolatry. They believe only in the power of prayer. The 1st amendment guarantees them the right to worship as they see fit. The Amish forsake everything the modern world holds dear. That includes our fancy medical gadgetry. Its more the Modern part of Modern medicine they do not like. As is their right. However if this bill passes there will be a penalty imposed on anyone who does not carry health insurance. Why would someone who does not believe in medicine carry insurance? Why would someone who lives through barter need insurance? Many Amish pay for medicine and doctor visits by bartering goods for the doctors services.

    Also we are guaranteed the right to pursue happiness as we see fit as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of anyone else. There are plenty of people who feel no need to carry insurance. They prefer to pay as they go. And in many cases these are very healthy people who maybe need to go to a doctor once every couple years. So they hit the ER and make payment arrangements. This would be illegal under the proposed bill. So not only do we have an infringment on the freedom of religion, we have an infringement on the pursuit of happiness.

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  • Cash for Clunkers a success? I hardly think so.?

    Really? How many of you have ever worked in car sales? I did, and I still have friends who work in car sales. And they all say the same thing. There was a huge lull in the months leading to Cash for CLunkers.. Why? because people who would have bought a car in those months, waited till the cash came available. Also what you got into the show rooms were people who were planning on buying in the months to come, but decided to move up their decision to buy so they could grab the cash for clunkers money. One thing you learn in car sales is 75% of people who walk onto a car lot, plan on buying a car withing 6 months. Your job is to move the time table up. The government simply shifted the time table for people who would already have bought a car. The other people are people who were not planning on buying a car because they could not afford one. This Program made them decide to buy a car they still cannot afford but come closer to affording. Lastly, what the programm has done is taken thousands of used cars off the road. Because they are being destroyed. Creating a shortage of value priced used cars in the market. Which in turn will drive the cost of used cars up. It has already risen 5% since the start and many experts say the average price of a used car will climb 20-25% before the end of the year. How is any of this a success? This is what I mean when I say people need to take an Idea and follow it to its logical conclussion.

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  • Those of you who are against "Semi automatic rifles"?

    Can you actually tell me what the term 'Semi automatic" means? better yet can you define an "assault rifle" as define by the ATF?

    Please if you are so against these things, Tell me why and what they are exactly. And simply naming one or more of them does not count.

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