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  • How do Australians ask a question (so other Australians know it's a question) ?

    Everyone is aware of the AQI - Australian Questioning Intonation. What I mean by this is that they 'go up' at the end of their spoken sentences - as opposed to 'down' as British Speakers do - and sound to some ears as if they're always asking a question. If Australians do this anyway, how can other Australians tell if it IS a question, especially if it doesn't follow the usual What/Where/When/Why/Who/How structure (e.g. This is my drink?) ?

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  • How can I make my waltzer car spin faster?

    I quite enjoy the Waltzer at the fair, but it never seems to spin as fast as the other cars with more people in. Sometimes, it hardly spins at all. I'd be interested in learning the science behind it, so my friends and I can put it to (maybe-not-so) practical use. I'm guessing it probably hads something to do with weight disrubution, but after that I don't really know. Anybody like to educate me in the ways of the Waltzer?

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