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  • Which surname is best as a stagename?

    My actual first name is Holly which I'm keeping but I was wondering what is a good surname to use behind my music/ a stage name. I am a white English girl and don't know my ethnic background except for that.

    Holly Wisker, which I used loads for about 2 years but now its so associated towards a celebrity I used to like but now not like

    Holly Wisker (pronounced Weesker)

    Holly Wester

    Holly Candes

    Holly Wiz

    Holly Andes

    Holly Asker

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  • What hairstyle and colour would suit me best?

    I am 16 yo f, have most of the time deep/dark green eyes but sometimes light, thick long natural hair in colour lightest brown w blonde highlights, white but with a slight olive undertone and an oval (I think) shape face. I am also 5"2 to add and I look like a mix of Ariana Grande and Hailey Bieber but hit by a car.

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  • I had a dream about texting a celebrity, what does this mean?

    I had a dream the other night that I was texting popstar Shawn Mendes and we both done small paragraphs replying to eachother, we were talking about artistry and music which I'm really into and to be honest I'm getting more into him as I value and respect him as a person very much and his views about music and just life i think are great, and he's HOT. I also had a dream about meeting Selena Gomez and Camila Cabello at a recording studio a couple of months prior, does this mean i might get noticed in a way by those people or does it have a deeper meaning to it?

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  • Why am I gradually getting more into shawn mendes?

    I always thought he was good looking and a nice guy but recently I feel like I'm more attached to him ever since I heard about the Reddit posts about him at school. He according to those was a "weirdo" and I felt more at peace with myself then as i felt like I wasn't alone. I also loved Señorita when it came out as I shipped him with Camila for soooo long but seeing the music video made me really into the song. I never really was a fan of his music but now I'm starting to read up stuff I understand. I read wattpad fact posts and discovered he's kinda like me in the strangest ways and even looked up his MYERS personality type and since then called myself an introvert and was open about it. I do realise we kinda infactuate about people alike to us either personality or looks wise but man, it's uncontrollable. I'm a Belieber and it happened a similar way but with his music then looks etc. JB and Ariana are my #1 inspirations at the moment and yes I was an Arianator since 2017

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  • How to convince my parents to get plastic surgery when I'm older?

    I really want lip fillers when I'm like 18 because i feel insecure about my lips, also perhaps nose filler and eye widening surgery to better suit my personality. I am currently 16 and suffer from body dsymorphia so want to feel more comfortable. I also would like to tan my skin slightly because I'm white and sometimes look pale and dye my hair a vibrant chestnut pumpkin kinda brown coz mine right now are mousy brown.

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  • Are a Sagittarius guy and Capricorn girl/woman very compatible?

    I'm literally a teenager but don't let that distract you from this observation I made. I have been in relationships before but my connections/chemistry have been stronger with Sagittarius guys over any zodiac, even another Capricorn.

    My first boyfriend was a Sag born 6/12 we lasted 6 months even though we broke up twice in total with a small break with the first and obviously the second it was over. My second doesn't count but Aries 8/4 he was an idiot it lasted a week each time and was on/off. Third, was a Gemini 30/5 and I actually dated him twice in different years. First was not as connected as the second even though he didn't understand me full stop. Fourth was an Aquarius 5/2 and while you thought it worked, it ended terribly after 2 weeks. He didn't understand me too. Fifth another cappy 19/1 he was really cute looking and had big brown eyes :D anyway he took advantage of me and didn't realise what he had until I was gone. Current boyfriend is a sag 13/12 and we didn't disagree until 2 mnths, we are very attracted and are going slow with our relationship but steady wins :)

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  • Attachment image

    What's your favourite thing about Justin Bieber?

    Mine is probably his dorkiness and the fact he's got such a big heart 💜 But his voice is also to die for, love everything about him!

    Let's spread positivity in the comments about Justin!!

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    I'm sorry I got bored aha :)

    1. What is your favourite colour?

    2. How old are you?

    3. What country are you from? (Can add state of that country)

    4. What is your natural hair colour? And if it's dyed what colour do you have?

    5. Do you like Ariana Grande?

    6. What's your favourite tv show to binge?

    7. How tall are you?

    8. What is/was your label in school?

    9. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Or are you single?

    10. What fandom(s) are you in?

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  • How do I record a full album cheaply but professionally? Advice pls?

    I have written loads of songs and want to record an album to release and become famous with. I am in contact with a major label but there s one problem, I don t have enough money to go to most studios as my parents won t pay for it and we are a middle class family, living in rentals. I have hand picked about 30 songs out of the possible 12-15 that will make it. My friend apparently has a studio and she said I could use it for free however I need to believe her first and there s not many local trustworthy studios around.

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  • How to take advantage of your own original singing voice and keep it from deteriorating?

    Hi so I'm a 16 year old girl and have dreams of becoming a pop-r&b singer. My natural voice is soulful, smooth and airy with some nasality and is in the range of a lower soprano-higher mezzo. I have previously struggled with identity issues and therefore used to put on many voices so bare in mind staying to myself is very important. I was wondering what I could do to keep my voice to the same quality it can truly be. Do I need to sing/listen to artists with simular voices and what could I do to ensure is always healthy?

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  • Why has my eye colour changed? also appearance!?

    When I was a young child I had the bluest eyes ever but when I reached about 11, my eyes started becoming green and were like a blueish-greyish green up until I think it was 13 or 14 where they were a definite green, but quite light. I started a new school at 14 and within the second year started lots of fasting and yo-yo dieting, this resulted in a lot of change in my body as I transformed into being quite thin as did my face shape and my facial features became small as my hair also went from dark blonde to light brown. It was originally blonde before that. The dramatic change happened when I didn't wear as much makeup at 15 after previously wearing TONS (my skin didn't break out as much) and also was an Ariana Grande fan, which I still am. I looked weak, ill and pale until this year actually, I decided it wasn't doing good for me and was feeling not great. I am now 16 years old and decided after having a mostly chicken diet, I would try eating red meat instead. So I did, and gained a fair deal of weight and felt better physically. I dated a douche, got dumped and then after this ironically became a Belieber as I realised yeah I like Justin Bieber ok then? At this stage everything started looking like his, my eye colour changed to like a hazel green-brown (im not sure which), my eyes got back to their natural bigness, my lips became fuller as instead of avoiding lipbalm, I put it on loads. And the natural olive skin I had that appeared more obvious.

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  • What does my dream mean?

    So in real life I m very interested in becoming a musician so this sorta makes sense but not, however I was outside a recording studio and Camila Cabello, former member of fifth Harmony that sings Havana, was there and she showed me into the studio and being honest we got along straight away, inside the studio was Selena Gomez and of course Camila. I immediately clicked with her also and the next day I had a feeling we were good friends now. we met straight in the room and obviously chatted for a while before I left and was out in town, probably shopping. I saw who I thought was Justin Bieber, didn t look much like him but anyway, I tried talking to him and he said he was only a lookalike but I had a feeling he fancied me. But then i thought he was cheating on Hailey but then it came to me Brad Souza (youtuber) but it didn t feel like it was Brad either. We got along quite well too and he had blonde bed hair and like his nose and lips.

    Overall, after the dream despite loving 5H for a phase I gained more respect and a spiritual connection to Camila who I used to like as a solo artist in 2017 but lost interest. And I literally texted about her on the day of the dream saying about her "annoying voice" I always liked Selena Gomez since I was young but also thought ooh she s a normal down to earth person and I won t be scared to talk to celebs now and for the Biebs, I m actually a Belieber so probably think of him a lot

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  • Why do I get headaches all the time?

    I'm a 16 year old girl and have been getting loads of headaches. I want to know why this could be, how to solve it and if it's connected to any disease etc.

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  • How to solve my mental health?

    I used to be bullied in my other school and that resulted in me losing my identity. I lost my personality, style everything. I then started a new school and tried experimenting to find myself again. I'm now 16 and know who I am however get flashbacks, feel depressed over my appearance, life. Don't feel like myself most of the time and get very anxious at school because of my past. How do I combat this and become happy?

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  • How come some sims on sims 4 have shorter life spans than others?

    On my game I have 2 elders who are a married couple, they are a few days apart but the man has the lazy trait, he only has a tiny part of his bar to fill but his wife who used to be an athlete, she's not active but I made her promote quite high doesn't even have half a bar. She was only pregnant once with her daughter who is now a young adult but obviously I aged her up loads early..! The elders I wait until there birthdays though.

  • How to deal with being disliked?

    Sometimes I'm ok with it but it can really get to me. Most of the girls in school I get a strong sense that they don't like me and sometimes giggle to their friends about me and say things about me or to me such as "see ya don't wanna be ya" which I understand that we should be ourselves and be swag basically the same but I don't fit into any category.. I've got friends who are not really involved with anyone, fangirls who like to do well for themselves but can be dorks (which is cool imo;D) and I feel like the one who is just there. Ariana Grande is my idol and people make really sickening jokes about Manchester and that, then whenever I talk about for example Justin Bieber who btw I'm loving his music right now people make a big deal. I love to be myself and stand out from the crowd with my own fashion sense, likes and I want to become a singer but I literally only tell close people this as everyone else would call me stupid or whatever.. But at the moment I'm going through a lot of depression and stress, which doesn't help as you can tell it from the way I carry myself and in my expressions that I'm not alright. I go to a school in England where most of them smoke, swear, drink alcohol and go to parties but I do none of that and yes I hate swearing, I can't remember the amount of times I've sworn but it's not many. Anyhow, in the past I've struggled with identity issues and pretended to be various identities coz I was confused after my bullying in my other school

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  • Do we sound like a good couple?? (Random ikkk)?

    I'm 16F and my crush is 16M but a couple months older than me. I have liked him for 2 years but now I get a vibe we both like eachother.

    So there's me, who's 5"2 tall and my features are, long light brown hair, hazel eyes and olive complexion. Im quite fun, I love music but I'm very emotional & sensitive. 💕

    He's 6"5/6 tall and he has naturally platinum hair, blue eyes and has like fairish skin. He's sweet, funny, cheeky and loves to keep fit & dye his hair loool

    Im English and he's Welsh btw. 💕💕 not that it makes difference but yyh

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  • How to kiss him without making it awkward?

    So there s me 16F and I really like him 16M. However he s really tall (6"5/6) and I m only 5"2. I obviously like him that much I want to kiss him so yeah how do I kiss him without it being awkward?

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