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  • Christmas Music For Ballet Performance (please read description carefully)?

    I am a Ballet teacher looking for some slow agage style Christmas music. I want classical music, full orchestra or just Piano, little to no brass (trumpet is fine), no organ, prefer no spinet. Absolutely no singers!

    Please do not answer if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

    I need this music for a performance for 10 year olds so it HAS to be slow.

    Examples of music that I already have and would like to find more of a similar nature:

    Fantasia on Greensleeves by Vaughn Williams

    Carol of The Bells by George Winston

    Song For The King by Michael W. Smith

    What Child Is This by Michael W. Smith (2008 Piano & Orchestra version)

    Do Not List any Ballets! I already have them. lol

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  • Modern Ballet Music for The Classroom?


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  • Would I be considered self employed?

    I work for a dance studio and I get paid hourly but my employer doesn't deduct taxes from my paycheck. I've been under the impression that I have to pay my own taxes quarterly, but when researching this, all the definitions of self employment don't apply to me.,,id=...

    So would I still be considered self employed? And if so, how would I classify myself?

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  • Favorite Casserole Recipes?

    I need some casserole recipes.

    Recipe requirements:

    1.) Non-dairy - I can substitute milk and butter but nothing else so no cheese (unless used only as a topping), no sour cream, no canned cream of anything, etc.

    2.) I prefer no tomato, we are trying to lower our acidic foods intake.

    3.) no weird vegetables such as peas, broccoli (which tastes good only when smothered with cheese and therefore poses a problem) or asparagus.

    4.) no curry powder.

    does anyone have a suggestion?

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  • What's Wrong With My Peach Tree?

    I just planted it this spring, it's got these little brown things all over the smaller branches and there are holes in almost every leaf.


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