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  • Recommendation for a harness for a Jack Russell?

    My brother just saved a small jack russell off the street, and says a standard harness rubs oddly because his upper legs are very short. "His knees are in his armpits" is the way he put it. Does anyone have a recommendation for a brand or style of harness that will help reduce the rubbing?

    12 AnswersDogs10 years ago
  • Does this tip splitting sound fair?

    I just went back to work at a restaurant which re-opened under new management. They hired me back, but instead of the minimum wage plus tips I've always made (less tipping out the shift bussers), this new owner puts every tip from every server on every shift in a pool and splits it equally between everyone who worked that day, with no percentage for hours worked, or job description. She calls this "teamwork".

    I've always tipped out 10 - 15% to bussers, but the cooks made way more money than servers, and we didn't tip them. I've split tips with other servers on the same shift with me. I have NEVER heard of this "all day, split all ways" arrangement.

    I need a job, but I think I'm getting screwed royally. Does anyone else have any experience with this kind of split, or is this as bizarre as I think it is?

    7 AnswersOther - Food & Drink1 decade ago