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  • Why do I keep developing crushes on fictional characters?

    The title says it all. But I think I should point out that I've ONLY had crushes on fictional characters, and I've never had a crush on a real person, and it's sort of embarrassing. I just don't know why, and it feels like every time I enter a new fandom I develop a crush on another character. What's wrong with me?

    1 AnswerPsychology2 months ago
  • Warrior Cats- Can a leader's kits be their deputy?

    I was wondering about this, because I'm creating a Warrior's clan called Tempoclan. The leader is Polystar, and she had 3 kits: Chronofall (F), Whispergate (F) (I am aware that "gate" isn't a valid suffix, but this clan in particular uses "gate" as a suffix), and Gastershade (M). Her mate is Firefrost. I was thinking, can a leader's kits be the deputy?

  • I can't stop eating ice?

    Why can't I stop eating ice? My parents are worried I'm going to break my teeth, and I have to get braces in a few months. I'm actually scared it's an addiction, because I eat it everyday. What's wrong with me? 

    3 AnswersDental2 months ago