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  • What movie is this from? ?

    I remember watching a horror movie when I was younger and I swear this scene was in the hills have eyes but it’s not. A girl gets her butt cheeks ripped apart in the scene and I think it was in a trailer kinda like the hills have eyes 

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  • What is this song? ?

    It is in the genre deep house and the guy talks in the song and says something along the lines of “I can’t stop thinking about how fu**ed up everything is” then repeats “how fu**ed up everything is” a few times, then says “I just want to be close to you” and then the beat drops. It’s similar to the song “grow up” by Volac. I heard it on my pandora a month ago and have been looking for it ever since. It’s nowhere to be found and of course pandora won’t play it again. Please help!! 

    Lyrics11 months ago
  • What is this song? ?

    I have heard this song play on my pandora a few times and I can’t remember exactly what station it was. But it was either one of these stations: FISHER, 4 Real (Drezo remix), Dustycloud, or Shadow Child. The song is in the genre of those artists which are deep house. And the guy talks in the song and says something along the lines of “I can’t stop thinking about how ****** up everything is”and then he repeats “how ****** up everything is” a few times and then says “I just want to be close to you” and then the beat drops. I’ve been trying to google the lyrics but the song is nowhere to be found. Please help! 

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    So I've been constipated for about a couple months. But yesterday i took a decent poop in the morning and another pretty good one later in the day. Then I ate some bbq lays potato chips and got a stomach ache and had diarrhea but that's pretty normal for me a lot of things give me diarrhea. But then I started getting a crampy stomach ache in my upper middle and lower abdomen. It felt as if I was still really constipated cuz I would feel crampy in my lower abdomen when I was really constipated. I was feeling waves of nausea too. I left to go run errands and felt a little better from the nausea so I decided maybe I should eat something. I ate a turkey and cheddar sandwich and curly fries and still felt fine but my stomach still hurt so I took some gas relief pills thinking it was just gas and it started to feel better but about an hour later I started feeling nauseous and crampy again and decided to go to bed. I slept for about three hours then woke up and still have stomach cramps and very nauseous. What could this be? I haven't had any diarrhea or bowel movement since the potato chips either? Is this the stomach flu? Appendicitis? Also I'm 16 years old and NOT PREGNANT.

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  • Hannah Montana issues.?

    So I used to watch Hannah Montana when I was 7 or 8 and I watched it all the way up to when I was 12 or 13. I'm sixteen now and I was watching a youtube video and there was a clip in the video that had a Hannah Montana song in it so it made me want to watch it. I watched all four seasons on netflix and the really cheesy sad parts made me cry a lot. and when i finished the series, i couldnt stop crying. i was so sad it was over and i was just so sad that miley has changed so much and i didn't know what to watch next. So i re watched all four seasons twice and just restarted watching them and all the cheesy sad parts still make me cry, and I can't stop watching Hannah Montana.

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  • My anxiety is making me feel very nauseous?

    I've had anxiety my whole life. I mostly just got it when we went on big trips and I was really excited, but it was very minor.Last summer my ex boyfriend came into town and the whole time he was here I was so anxious. Every morning I woke up and thought I was gonna puke. One morning I actually did puke. He made me so anxious while he is was here. Even just texting him made me anxious. But after he left things got better. I wasn't really anxious after that. But this summer has been the worst. I randomly woke up at 4 AM at my friends house super shaky and nauseous and puked, after I got home I was fine though. I also wake up randomly in the morning feeling really nauseous from it sometimes and when I go back to sleep and wake up again it makes it worse. I've woken up really early in the morning and puked from it 4 times this summer. Two of them were camping. It usually goes away after I've been up for awhile but today I woke up at 6 AM and went to the bathroom because I felt nauseous and after I was in there for a while I felt better then once I went back to camp I felt like puking again. It was off and on and then I puked up water since I'd been drinking it all morning and I felt a little better so I took two smalls chunks of larazapran and fell asleep and when I woke up again I had to get out of the tent and puke. What's wrong with me?? I don't have any reason to be anxious.

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  • clitoris area hurting/uncomfortable?

    Lately my clitoris has been uncomfortable. It's worse when I wear jeans but today I wore leggings and it still feels awful. I sometimes get hairs stuck in it when i shave down there and it is super uncomfortable but usually when i pull them out it doesnt hurt at all anymore but this feeling just won't go away and today it started to itch a bit too. there are no hairs stuck in it and it is still super uncomfortable. what ccould this be?

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    Cheap clothing websites?

    looking for a clothing website that sells cheap clothes for teen girls! i am looking for cool graphic t shirts. i really like the ones on urban outfitters but they are waaay expensive. i am hoping to find some shirts like these for cheap!!

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    Pewdiepie played a horror game once that had a bunch of jumpscares and it was narrow halls that were brick. and he was searching for keys or something like that. a scary woman kept popping up and screaming. towards the end of the video and bunch of the women were in a circle. i think they were little girls but i cant remember.. its really bugging me and i cant find the video on his channel someone help plz

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  • I think my mouse is dying?

    so i got this mouse about 2 weeks ago. his name is Picasso he is an adult male mouse. and I got another mouse with him, Gulliver a smaller adult male mouse. They were not tamed so it was really hard to hold them and when i did, they ran all up and down my arms and wouldn't stay still. Gulliver is still like that, but lately Picasso has been really super calm and I can pick him up easily. but today, I went to pick him up and he felt very very weak and limp. He didn't move around much in my hand. Also, lately he has been sneezing a lot, and it looks like he has a hunched back. I'm very scared he is dying. someone help. I can't afford the vet right now.

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