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  • Odd Memory Problem?

    I bought a new computer recently and it is supposed to have 1GB of RAM. When I view Properties in My Computer, the RAM is stated as being 768MB. Inside the machine are two sticks of 512MB PC2-4300 CL4 memory, which should in theory total 1024MB. I tried each stick individually without the other, and in Properties they were both listed as being 448MB of RAM. Even though they should be 512MB each, the total of two 448MBs is 896MB, yet together they're totalling 768MB. I'm a bit stumped by this.

    My machine is an Acer Aspire T180. There are four slots for memory; two are brown and two are orange. The sticks are beside each other in the two brown slots. Does anybody have any ideas what's wrong?

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  • Why do most players wear the captain's armband on the left arm?

    I'm just wondering if there is some significance to it. Some players wear it on the right arm, but the vast majority seem to wear it on their left. Is there any reason for it to be worn on the left arm, an army captain-related thing for example?

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