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  • is it normal for a diabetic dog to be so thirsty all the time?

    My 10yr old lab/mix dog was diagnosed with diabetes and hypothyroidism two yrs ago. She is on insulin twice a day and thyroid meds twice a day, religiously. She goes for a glucose curve every six months. Her last one was about a month ago and her numbers were right where they needed to be. Despite her symptoms being controlled, she seems to be "obsessed" (for lack of a better term) with drinking water. If I pour a 16oz bottle of water for her, she will drink until her bowl is empty. She will do this all day long. as long as there is water in her bowl, it seems she has to drink it. I know extreme thirst is a symptom of diabetes but if the disease is under control, should she still be so thirsty? I just want to know if this is normal or should I contact her vet? Just curious if any other diabetic dog owners have gone through this with their fur babies? Thanks

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  • change in dogs scheduled insulin injection?

    I have a 7yr old lab/shepherd mix who was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago. She is on 11units of insulin twice a day. We have been very diligent with her injections. Tonight (for the first time) I have to be away at the time she usually gets her second daily injection and I don't have anyone who can come and give it to her. My question is, Can I give her insulin a little early or can I skip it and give it to her in the morning? I know this sounds like I'm a terrible doggy mama, but I just don't know how to handle this situation, so no negative comments please. I need a positive and helpful answer. thanks.

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  • would you wear nude shoes with this dress?

    I am going to an evening wedding and have a short black lace overlay dress. Underlay is off white. should I wear nude pumps with this dress or black? I should mention, I'm barely 5ft tall. Heard nude color shoes elongate legs.

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories8 years ago
  • still haven't received federal tax refund?

    i submitted my fed tax return on Feb. 1st. I found out after submitting my return tax the revenue dept wasn't accepting certain returns until after Feb. 15th (like the education credits) I received a confirmation email saying that it was accepted on the 14th, but it is still saying my return is processing. It has been 23 days. I know several other people who sent in their returns after mine and claimed the same credits I claimed and they have already received their returns. Has anyone else had this problem? Should I contact the IRS to check on this? Thanks

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  • if i amend my tax return to include college expenses for 2013 will this trigger an audit?

    This is my son's first year in college, I was not aware that we could claim his book expenses for the fall and spring semester (2012-2013 school year) until after we filed. If I amend it to include these expenses, will it cause any problems with my return? We didn't itemize, We filed using 1040A, only claiming the education credits. I don't to mess up our return or trigger an audit.

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  • does hypoglycemia cause tinnitus?

    my doctor told me i could have hypoglycemia and that is what is causing my severe tinnitus. Has anyone ever heard of this?

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  • question about potty training?

    I have a two yr old who is potty trained. He has no problem urinating in the toilet but he will hold his poo forever. He asks to go the toilet but when we get there he refuses to use it. Does anyone have any solutions on how to get him to go. He is not constipated, he goes easily but he will hold it for two or three days before letting it out. is this normal? Is this just a power struggle? this is very frustrating. Any suggestions will be helpful.

    5 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • Diabetic diet consist of?

    I had gestational diabetes but it went away after my son was born. That was fifteen years ago. Now I am 36, about 20 lbs overweight, and think I may be pre- diabetic now. I would like to try to control my diet and lose weight so I don't become diabetic. I know the guide lines for a healthy diabetic diet might have could anyone tell me how I should be eating ( calories, amt. of protein, carbs). thanks

    37 AnswersDiabetes1 decade ago
  • How to care for foxgloves?

    I just planted foxgloves in my flower bed. The instructions with the plant said to remove dead flowers. Now the dumb question, where do I cut them? Do I cut the whole stem or do I just pull off the dead flowers? this is the first time using these plants. Could fellow gardeners help out a novice. also, I have a rose bush I would like to move, It has been in the same spot for at least five yrs. What is the best way to do it and when. Thanks

    3 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • how long does it take to feel "normal"?

    I am 36 and I had to have a total hysterectomy almost six months ago. How long before I start feeling "normal". I know it takes a while, but what are some things that have worked for other women like me. Menopause is not fun!!! I am on hormone replacement therapies too. sometimes I actually miss the old days of pms and all that went with it. (sometimes) Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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  • red blinking light in sky over louisiana?

    Here's the thing,We live in south-eastern louisiana. Thurs night at around nine p.m. my son and I noticed a red, white ,and blue blinking light in the sky. It was too high to be a cell phone tower and it was moving too sporadically to be a helicopter. I swear we weren't drinking but while we were watching it, it would disappear then return. it would move about in random movement (not straight up and down) sort of like it was flitting back and forth. Did anyone else see this? My husband seems to think this might have been a Satellite or something.

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