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  • What is this manga called where the protagonist's sister turns into a rabbit-type monster?

    I was reading this amazing very bloody manga but now I totally forgot the name. Well basically it's this boy that seems to have barely any kind of emotions and always wants to follow the 'rules' that his parents always gave to him. The sister is home with her friends to celebrate his birthday but something happens that causes the sister to have a rabbit head and kill her friends, when the brother comes home, he is knocked out, only to wake up without his arm or leg which the sister used his fingers for candles on the birthday cake. Later a group of I guess that kills these type of monsters, blasted into his house to do the job.

    Hopefully someone knows it cause I've spent hours of just trying to find it again .

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  • How would a grown cat feel being adopted into a new family?

    So a guy from my school told me about him giving away 2 cats (they're brothers so can't separate them) but they're 2 1/2 years old. Obviously they grew up with their own family, being around them. But now they're being given away, I might take them but my question is how would they act being adopted by new people they never saw before, a new home and also won't see their previous family again? I understand if they were kittens but they're already grown cats (kinda).

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  • Why do I feel so horny?

    I'm 18, For a long while I was uninterested in things like sex, it didn't seem important to me.

    Even when I had a girlfriend and we had some sexual activity once in a while but only playing with each others bodies with clothes kinda on, pretty much it

    I didn't really think much of having sex with her cause I thought it was something that we should be together longer and so did she (we broke up though like june)

    So sex wasn't such a big deal to me

    Recently in these couple weeks, I've been feeling really horny..thinking of having sex, that even when I'm doing something unrelated to sex, I get horny randomly where it's bothersome but I can't help it

    Even though at the same time I get horny, I'm uninterested in sex and don't really want to think about it

    I have no idea if hormones are just acting crazy for no reason recently or what cause it's actually bothering me

    Yeah, this might be a stupid question but I'm just wondering really as to why, if there really is an answer

  • Why are my cat's are suddenly hissing at each other now?

    I have two female cats that are two years old, they have always gotten along with each other with rough housing and play fighting like normally

    I decided recently to take them outside more into the backyard where they explore and even beyond the backyard, few male cats come if that helps

    But I also started to see that two times I picked up my cat while outside she would growl and hiss at me, she never did that

    One time even hissed at her sister who was doing nothing (All this happened in the past month and a half)

    Today I thought they were play fighting like usual and such but then I saw that both of them had started to hiss at each other

    They are spayed if you are going to wonder that, I just want to see if there is an explanation for their behavior all of a sudden

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  • Can anyone give me ideas what the food might be?

    So I'm actually trying to guess what exactly my girlfriends favorite food is cause once I'm curious I can't stop thinking about it.

    I wanted to know if anyone could give ideas to help on what the food might be.

    What she has told me is:

    -its not a drink

    -you don't have to cook it

    -its not sweets/candy

    and most importantly:

    -It is not really considered food but it is edible

    So that's all she has told me, if anyone has a few ideas..that'd help out some, thanks.

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  • Why are girls wearing leggings as pants?

    Ok so like half the girls in this high school wear leggings as if they were pants, which I could never understand really. Whenever I have looked at leggings it would be with like a skirt or i guess a dress as well that covers up from like mid thigh and up so yeah.

    But its really annoying to see them be such a trend especially when there are girls literally that you can see the outline of their butt so freaking clear.

    They are not really see through although there have been a few to have been like that sadly >_>

    Like am i not understanding something with leggings? Is this made into like pants now because some are not see through or something?

    Its just plain annoying to see and revolting, even though my friend would say oh it looks all hot and sexy on a girl..mainly cause his crush wears them too. My crush does too..she doesn't have much so leggings barely outline anything of her lower body. which i am glad about .

    But really just trying to find an explanation to this

    Don't say we can wear what we want ..cause that is a stupid answer >__>

    (*sorry for the off topic there*)

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  • Could I visit a serial killer in prison without actually knowing them personally?

    I was wondering really if you can just go to a prison and ask for someone who is in it, I have a personal fascination with psychopaths and all. Just to ask questions pretty much but would the prison allow me to do so? And would there be a guard to like keep watch on me or something?

    Just wondering if you pretty much have to know the person to see them really, for future reference really I wanna know this.

    Also don't mention about this person took another humans life, why would you want to visit such a horrible monster and blah. I have different views with all this so yeah.

    Thank you. Have a nice day.

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police7 years ago
  • What are some psychopaths or sociopaths that were able to trick others?

    So I am doing this paper for my class and I am doing it on well just as the questions says, in one of the things I am talking about in it is about the presentation of self. How you present yourself to other and the way others will respond to you.

    Like with serial killers being able to act all charming, calm, respectable and polite that they are able to trick, manipulate people around them..even the police so they don't get caught and are seen as normal everyday people. So I want anyone who knows any names of people who were known to do this and get away with it.

    Thank you.

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  • What is a Rule for living?

    So for this speech class I had to come up with three rules for living, like basically a rule you follow through your life and all. He is just gonna choose one of which i have to write about but yeah i need one at least cause I'm stuck on thinking of a rule.

    My personal rule for living would be just not caring because there's a lot of insignificant things that people tend to care about which don't matter to begin with like people or other things.

    Another rule i thought of was just be happy and enjoy things in life to get passed through the hard times, which is cheesy as hell but best i could come up with.

    So I need help on another Rule.

    5 AnswersPsychology7 years ago
  • Do you consider yourself as having no race?

    Meaning really, you don't consider yourself anything or pretty much not caring much about really the race of yourself or anyone..but just even if you come from hispanics or asians..or anything. You don't call yourself anything just nothing but yourself that's it.

    Just a thought I have.

    As I don't consider myself anything or like to.

    7 AnswersSociology7 years ago
  • Why do my cats act strange when going outside?

    So i have two female cats that are like almost a year and a half old and have been living indoors for most of the time. I have taken them out for like possibly outside to the yard like 3 times if i can remember correctly but what my cats always do is..they crouch down low?

    They just keep themselves low as they walk around and start acting different than when they are inside the house

    Today i had taken them out into the front of the house and its like they didn't recognize me anymore in a way..they just kept running away or hiding when i tried to get them so we could go back inside

    Just looked sort of curios sniffing at everything..walking low and yeah

    So i wanted to see if this was normal or not?

    even if it is normal..why are they acting this way?

    6 AnswersCats7 years ago
  • What do parents do if they find out their child is a psychopath?

    So just having a small question of like when I guess someone actually confesses it and seeks help in their teens or maybe a bit older, so I'm sure the parents find out when he or she does. What do they mostly do they get scared or worried or something seeing as how their child's mind has been all this time.

    It doesn't have to be a full psychopath as some can still be partial of a psychopath at times but just in general really.

    2 AnswersPsychology7 years ago
  • I got in school suspension for no reason?

    So today i happen to answer the messages and I get a call from my high school saying i got suspended because a teacher took my phone away, right?


    No ******* teacher took my phone away in the first place

    The only time would be is when i actually give my phone to my gym teacher which was a few times and they gladly just take it and give back..its cause sometimes i decide to bring it but i end up not wanting it in my pocket

    Other than that

    No teacher has taken away my phone, only one has said to put it away but none at all other than that

    Like what the hell?

    Should i just go monday to school and talk to my counselor? or just call the school?

    I'm not sure they will listen to me since im just a student if i call the office but ya.

    Cause like hell im being suspended, im pretty sure my teacher would of said something at least.

    5 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education7 years ago
  • What would happen if you asked your Doctor about urges?

    Hey, so I wanted to ask what would happen if you saw your doctor and asked of any help with your urges. Like urges to actually kill someone else, cause your urges feel strong and it makes you feel good, you wouldn't really feel any empathy for them. You haven't done anything but you feel the need to. And you tell your doctor these things.

    My friend has done this cause he actually has wanted to kill, suicide and has cut himself but what if all you have is just the urge of killing?

    2 AnswersMedicine7 years ago
  • What do I have to study in order for this career?

    So I was interested in forensic work. To be more specific, the type of job that dexter has in well the show "Dexter", of working in blood spatter. I tried to look into it but not a lot of information of what to study comes up on it, it is something that really interests me and a career I would like.

    So I wanted to know, If i want to go work as a Blood Spatter Analysis, then what should I study when I go into college? I know i should study Forensic science, Biology, Chemistry but for this type of career what else do I need to study and have (like degrees and years) in order to get that kind of job.

    Lots of details will be appreciated.

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment7 years ago
  • Is there an Attack on Titan in Spanish?

    So i showed my mother in spanish dub for DeathNote, we haven't finished it but she liked it. So for the amazing anime Attack on Titan, i wanted to know if there was a website or somewhere you know where i can find a Spanish Dub or at least Spanish subtitles to go along.

    If any exist right now, since sometimes it probably takes time for other languages.

    3 AnswersComics & Animation7 years ago
  • How to change my password for an HP Laptop?

    So I'm tired of my password cause now it seems pretty stupid what i put, but even when i put ctrl+alt+delete, the option for change password isnt there. So I want to know where can i find where i can change password, without any disk or having to restart my computer.


    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks7 years ago
  • What are some band suggestions?

    Ok so I don't listen to many band (cause I'm lazy as F*ck to look up any) so i need some suggestions.

    Bands that are like Alesana, Escape the Fate, From first to last, Sleeping with Sirens,Memphis May Fire, Falling in Reverse

    Bands with a good mixture of like singing and screaming really

    DON'T give me bands that are full of just screaming cause those types of bands are a headache and not understandable to me.

    and don't say suicide silence okay? i don't like them at all. Nothing like that.

    6 AnswersOther - Music7 years ago
  • What are some good How To video ideas?

    So for my speech class I have to come up with a video of "how to"

    it can be anything

    and has to be around 3:30 to 4 minutes

    no more than 4 though

    Probably do some cut outs but yeah

    I need to make a How To video

    And need some ideas

    I already have

    How to make a cake

    How to feed cats and clean litter box

    How do i do my hair

    Also, would a "how i do my hair" really count as a How To video?

    3 AnswersYouTube7 years ago
  • Why is it hard to breathe in crowds?

    like at school or when there is a place with a lot of people, I get like nervous then it gets hard to breathe after a little while. I start breathing sort of heavily and it stops when i finally get out of the crowd. I hate being surrounded by people cause this i avoid like parades, concerts, festivals, anything that has big crowds cause i will literally suffocate if I get surrounded and feel awkward.

    I also avoid crowds, cause I really don't like humans just hate them at least most of them, people are just really annoying.

    2 AnswersRespiratory Diseases7 years ago