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  • Poll: guinea pigs or fish?

    I asked because I want opinions on two of my favorite types of pet.

    For me, fish because:

    1. They vary. Freshwater, saltwater, brackish, coldwater etc.

    2. One can do many biotopes based on other parts of the world and community setups.

    3. They come in any color imagineable, depending on what species you get.

    4. Fish don't produce much noise, if any.

    5. Fish never shed their fur all over the couch.

    Guinea pigs because:

    1. They're so cute and interactable.

    2. The wheeking noise they make is cute 

    3. Fish need their tank to be cycled first for a few weeks until adding them. Guinea pigs, on the other hand, are terrestrial animals. Who in the devil's name tests a guinea pig habitat for nitrites?

    4 AnswersPolls & Surveys2 months ago
  • What fish can you mix with a gold gourami in a 20 gallon long?

    I have a twenty gallon long aquarium and there is a gold gourami in it and I'm looking for a small community setup for it.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

    2 AnswersFish2 months ago
  • 29 gallon: Any biotope stocking suggestions?

    Preferably freshwater. Any biotope is welcome.

    1 AnswerFish2 months ago
  • How would North America be different if the Gulf of Mexico was a landmass?

    Imagine North America the way it is now. In particular, I'm talking about the US and Mexico in particular.

    There is one major exception, the Gulf of Mexico is land, not seawater. Well, for starters, Texas would be a land locked state.

    How else would the climate, biomes, and fauna be different if the Gulf of Mexico were terrestrial?

    2 AnswersGeography4 months ago
  • What are your five least favorite animals?

    It can be any animal, not just the conventional snakes, spiders, or other creepy crawlies.

    Anyway, I pretty much love all animals, but I'd have to say American cockroach because of their scary eye-looking thorax and how big they are for a household insect.

    Other than that, I love them all, so I can't think of anymore.

    5 AnswersZoology5 months ago
  • What is the best way to make custom mobs for Minecraft on PC?

    I want to make a mob mod inspired by other mods of that kind.

    Ideally, I prefer a simple one.

  • What are your top 20 favorite dog breeds?

    IDon't get me wrong as I do like all dogs equally, but initially, it was supposed to be a top 10 list. It does not have to be in order.


    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    Boston Terrier

    Scottish Terrier


    American Bully

    Bichon Frise



    Shetland Sheepdog

    Old English Sheepdog

    American Bulldog

    Basset Hound

    Australian Shepherd

    French Bulldog




    Shih Tzu

    Toy Poodle

    7 AnswersDogs7 months ago
  • Imagine the Lion King as Pokemon?

    My cast would be

    Pyroar - Simba and Nala

    Solgaleo - Mufasa

    Luxray - Scar

    Mightyena - Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed

    Either Archen or Oricorio Sensu - Zazu

    Simisage - Rafiki

    Plioswine - Pumbaa

    Zangoose - Timon

    2 AnswersComics & Animation8 months ago
  • Good pets for 20 long?

    What are some good pets for a 20 long aquarium.

    Here is the criteria:

    -Does not have to eat live food (rodents, insects)

    -No fully aquatic animals because that tank did have water leaking underneath it .

    1 AnswerOther - Pets8 months ago
  • What is the reasoning behind dominant chords for the I and IV in blues music?

    Let's take an example in the key of C, where normally, the chords constitute C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, and B diminished.

    In, blues, something extra is added. They're normally not just C, F, and G. They're seven chords (or extensions).

    C = C E G

    F = F A C

    G = G B D

    In blues, they're extended into dominant chords. G7 if the natural dominant in C major, but in blues, the minor 7th note is also added to C and F chords, making them dominants.

    C7 (C, E, G, and B-flat) comes from C mixolydian scale/F major)

    F7 (F, A, C, E-flat) comes from the C dorian scale/F mixolydian/B-flat major).

    C major isn't meant to naturally accomodate sharp or flay keys, but somehow, in blues, the C and F chords (B-flat note and E-flat notes respectively) are added to make them dominants.

    What is the history behind the dominant chords in blues.

    BONUS (my opinion): Since the tonic major of blues is mainly a dominant 7th, I think "major" blues (C) should have the mixolydian time signature. This is also logical IMO because G7 is sometimes heard in C mixolydian's relative major, F, as a dominant of the dominant chord and that in F major, F7 is also used to resolve to a B-flat.

    4 AnswersBlues8 months ago
  • What if Disney bought HiT Entertainment.?

    Mattel is currently the owner of HiT Entertainment, but imagine history if Disney bought HiT instead.

    2 AnswersHistory8 months ago
  • Best dog for a first time-owner?

    I have determined that my top five favorite breeds are (possibly subject to change):

    1. Pomeranians

    2. Scottish Terriers

    3. Cavalier Kings

    4. Boston Terrier

    5. Pekingese

    When I move out, which would be best for a first-timer, specifically at least I want two.

    6 AnswersDogs9 months ago
  • Are Cuban tree frogs solitary or social?

    I am keeping a CTF as a pet, so are they solitary or not?

    3 AnswersOther - Pets10 months ago
  • Caring for pet squareback marsh crabs?

    I have one squareback marsh crab (Armases cinereum) in a five-gallon aquarium.

    It has brackish water, so the salinity is about 1.001 or 1.002.

    It has half land (on sand)/half water and it has oyster shells (not live oysters) inside as decor?

    Is there anyway I can improve his enclosure?

    1 AnswerFish10 months ago
  • Unpopular fishkeeping opinions, anyone?

    Do any of you fish hobbyists have any unpopular opinion on any critters or setups in this very hobby?

    Mine: I think common plecos and pacu should be banished from the hobby as they get to unsuitable sizes for the average home aquarium.

    2 AnswersFish11 months ago
  • Can anyone describe my accent?

    It's American obviously.

    Pin and pen are different


    Long I sound is "eye"

    Short O may be pronounced 'ah' (stahp for stop, naht for not)

    "Ou" sound may be pronounced "au" (hause for house).

    Short U is "uh" (ruhn for run), may also be pronounced "ronn".

    Long O sound is "ol" ("holm" for home).

    3 AnswersLanguages11 months ago
  • How would you feel if Gen 3 introduced Eeveelutions instead of your least favorite Gen 3 Pokémon?

    As a side note, what are your least favorite Gen 3 Pokémon and how would you like to see them replaced with Eeveelutions from that area?

    Well, Gen 2 and Johto brought us evolutionary relatives of some pokés from Kanto.

    Hoenn (Gen 3) on the other hand, introduced two babies with Johto relatives (Wynaut and Azurill).

    It would be cooler if Gen 3 introduced evolutions FROM Gen 2 Pokémon, and it is a BIG TIME travesty that gen 3 introduced no evolutionary relatives from Kanto (Gen 1).

    BTW, I think all Pokémon are cool and yes, it would have been cool to see Hoennian (and Unovan) eeveelutions as well.

  • Is this a good stocking option for a 44 rectagular gallon?

    6 congo tetras

    1 ctenopoma

    1 African butterflyfish

    2 kribs

    1 AnswerFish11 months ago