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  • i used to hangout/have a thing with this guy and now his friends just said they miss me. what does this mean?

    so i had a fling/thing with this guy for a few months. we never officially dated (we're in college and this is just how things go). i met his friends and we all got along and they loved me. things faded with the guy tho and we dont hangout anymore, etc u know the drill. but its a few months after things ended with him now and i recently ran into his friends. his friends came up to me and said they miss me and they never see me anymore. i thought this was weird of them to say because the guy i had a fling with kinda has a new girl now. theyre not official either but i just thought it was weird- that his friend came up to me and said they miss me when the guy i used to have a thing with has a new girl. it makes me think they dont really like this new girl? what do you think? i wouldnt want my friends to go say to my old fling that they miss him, especially if i have a new guy, u know?

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  • he kissed me but now stopped texting me?

    so i met this guy about a week ago. he definitely showed interest in me all night (we even kissed at the end of the night, initiated by him). he got my number and we texted for a few days. the texts are interesting and he keeps the convo going and seems like a great guy. then he stops texting. i run into him the next day and things are normal but i cant help but wonder why he would stop texting when he clearly was originally interested only a few days before. i hadnt done anything weird or anything. im wondering if i can reel his interest again and how could i do this? i will definitely bump into him again because its a small town. but is this a lost cause? im confused because he seemed so into it and even mentioned seeing me again

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  • why does he take a while to respond to my texts?

    ok so i met this guy 2 days ago. we hung out for a few hours and really hit it off. he eventually kissed me (he initiated) and got my number. to clarify, we are 20 year olds so getting your number is a big deal lol. so we've texted the past 2 days but sometimes he takes like an hour to respond and sometimes ill send my response at like 11 pm and he will wait till 4 pm the next day to respond. like thats a while for someone that u wanted to kiss. i know hes a bad texter in general because he had like 100 unopened texts. but it seems like he should respond more quickly if he likes a girl. however, his texts are interesting and he tries to keep the convo going. if he was sending dry texts, i would assume hes not interested. so let me know your thoughts- is he just a bad texter (as indicated by his many unopened texts), is he uninterested, or what?

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  • how to win over the guy you like?

    to preface, im a sophomore in college. i hung out with this guy once but i bump into him every now and then. we are always very flirty and we even cuddled on a couch at a party one night. nothing else happened, we never hooked up or anything. i know his friend and his friend said i should go talk to him, that he'd really like that. so how should i approach this? what would you suggest to kinda start talking? i don't wanna bother him if he isn't interested but i think he might be

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  • why do guys ghost girls?

    i met this guy and he seemed really into me. im a sophomore in college btw. we hung out for like 2 hours at this bar one night. he got my snapchat and said "im gonna snapchat u and u better snapchat back. ill visit next weekend and we can meet up" and then ended up snapchatting me and we chatted briefly but after a few days he left me on open and didnt respond. whats the deal? he seemed so interested at first but suddenly ghosts me like i dont get it. what are some reasons he might ghost? 

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  • met a guy and he said hed take me on a date but he never followed thru?

    i hooked up with this guy and he said he wanted to take me on a date. he told me the exact day and time and place. then he went on my phone and followed himself on instagram, but there was no service so he instead typed his username into my notes app on my phone. i followed him the next day but its been a week and a half and he hasnt accepted my follow request. i know hes been on instagram since then, confirmed. so what gives? hes the one who suggested the date, not me. i never expected it until he said it and now he doesnt even accept my follow request? what is this game? does anyone know why he would do this?

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  • hooked up once and we mightve both caught feelings? what should i do?

    ok im about to be a sophomore in college. i met this guy at a new years eve party and we hit it off and madeout but it didnt go too far. i didnt see him for a few months but we recently saw each other at 2 parties within a few weeks and chatted again but there was never a time to hookup so we didnt. his best friend drunkenly told me that he thinks this guy likes me and that the guy acts different when im around, like hes more confident. we only ever bump into each other randomly but i swear we both are interested. im into him too but idk how to transition from a random hookup to something more? i dont think ill see him till school starts in august ;/ what if he meets someone else over the summer? idk it stinks having to wait 2 months to see if we can continue things. lmk what u think? have u ever turned a hookup into a relationship?

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  • random nye hookup... did he catch feelings?

    ok so to preface, im a freshmen in college and hes a sophomore in college. so on new years eve, i went to my friends house party. my friend (whos a girl), this guy and i chatted for an hour all together. me and the guy were flirty the entire time. then the SECOND my friend had gone to go to bed, the guy started making out with me. it doesnt go too far of course and we end up just cuddling on this tiny couch and falling asleep there. is it normal to cuddle on a random hookup? it was very intimate and we like intertwined our legs at some points and other times we just laid with our heads super close. when we woke up, he kissed my neck a few times. anyway, is any of this normal for a hookup? im new to this obviously. also, he followed me on instagram. do u think he likes me? or is this just normal hookup activity?

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  • do you think this guy was trying to make me jealous?

    so this one guy has liked me since elementary school (im a senior in high school now). i know this because it was obvious and basically everyone knew. i never showed any interest. recently, our friend group had a falling out and now i dont hang out with him anymore. this new girl has been haning out with them and shes dating the guy now. at the football game last night, he had his arm around her waist the entire time and kept turning around and looking back in my direction. he barely knows this girl and has known me and liked me for so long. i think hes only dating her because things got messy with me (because of the friend group's falling out) and hes lonely. but do you think he 1. had his arm around her waist the whole time to prove that theyre together to me and 2. that he wanted to make me jealous of some sort? i mean it worked. our timing has just been off and idk what to do because i started liking him around the time our group fell apart :(

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  • is college better than high school?

    please say yes. also please tell me theres less drama in college

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  • friend group has some drama. should i still sit with them at lunch or find a new group to sit with?

    so i still love my friends but there was drama and things are a bit weird now. nothings like the way it was. i think i would have more fun at maybe another table with my other friends at lunch but that would mean i would have to leave my "squad" who i have been with all of high school. its senior year this year so im very conflicted. and im afraid leaving my squad for my other friends would hurt my friendships with my squad, especially because theres already some tension. what would you do? (also- if things are too complicated i dont even have to have lunch with anyone/- my schedule allows me to go home for lunch- but that would be less fun)

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  • about to be a senior in high school... never had a boyfriend. is that weird?

    listen im almost 18 and ive never had a boyfriend or kissed anyone. its just never worked out. im an average girl, pretty studious but not veryy involved in many extracurriculars. i just usually hang with my friends on weekends and unfortunately theyre all coupled up so i dont hang with many single guys. i feel like im less than them because they all have boyfriends. its annoying. im not desparate but i just feel like i should have had one by now. and i think they look down at me because of it. theres like a divide. thoughts?

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  • do you think he likes me?

    so this guy i like is a natural flirt so its kinda hard to tell his true feelings. we're in the same friend group. he flirts with the girls in our friend group, even girls with boyfriends sometimes just because thats who he is. its partly because hes so nice and kinda lonely. however when he talks to me he always says my name and we have a lot of similar interests. we both are low key nerds who love the same music and games and trivia. we tease each other and he knows a lot about me and tries to make me feel as comfortable as possible. its just hard to tell if he is just a good friend or if he likes me. what do you think? how can i tell if he likes me and do you think he does??

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