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  • Why Yahoo *correct answers are *not being added-up?

    For the past Month and a half, correct Yahoo answers are not being added to my account.

    4 AnswersNotices and Errors6 years ago
  • Where are new questions?

    There have been no new questions for a week concerning: Automotive Maintenance and Repair.

    What's going on?

    2 AnswersHomework Help8 years ago
  • Stock 305 Small Block Chevrolet Timing Gears?

    Did GM ever install a 100% plastic (not coated) timing chain (gear set) on a 305 small block? We have a running dialog with "Robert the bonehead Ford lover" who maintains GM did.

    He said it's true because ("he's) replaced them. The local Chevrolet parts counter and mechanics plus two racing engine builders, one on PA and another NY say to tell "ROBERT" he's full of you know what comes next. Robert lies a lot also!

    9 AnswersChevrolet8 years ago
  • Advantages of three way center channel speaker?

    When selecting a center channel speaker for a home theater system is there any advantage of shopping for a three way over a two way center channel speaker?

    If you choose a Beta center channel must the front right, left and both rear speakers be Beta? What are the advantages of a Beta speaker in general?

    4 AnswersHome Theater1 decade ago
  • CD-R - Recording problems?

    My CD-R records information and pictures normaly * IF there is some information on the disc. However, It will not record anything on a new Sony CD-R. When I try to record a sign pops up and it says the disc is full.

    Can anyone steer me in the correct direction. I have seperate CD recordable and DVD trays if that's of any help.

    Thanks to all of you.

    5 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • #1.How do you open Yahoo mail, My system does not allow me to do it?

    #2. How to move old mail to scrap can to deleate?

    Please answer simply and completely. I know absolutely zero how Yahoo mail works.


    2 AnswersOther - Yahoo Products1 decade ago
  • Would someone of Chinese decent answer the following questions.?

    #1. How many letters or figures are there in the Chinese alphabet? #2. When writing sentenses from right to left,do the individual figures mean individual words, phrases or parts of sentenses? Thank you!

    7 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago
  • Specifically what are the causes of the Toyota oil sludging problem?

    I have not experianced this problem since my 2004 Camry 4 cyl. motor has had Mobil 1 directly after the first oil change. The oil has always been changed at the 5,000 mile factory recommended intervals. Inside the valve cover looks like a hospital operating room. I did see a V6 motor apart at the Toyota dealer and the tops of the cylinder heads had gobs of grey / black build-up. A salesman tried to smooth my feathers by telling me that the owner was using 10-W30 instead of the recommended 5-W30. Personally it looked as if the oil had never been changed. Too many people are having this problem and I can't figure it out.

    5 AnswersToyota1 decade ago
  • How To: Regain original Yahoo ID. & Password Account and Points?

    I turned on my computer Jan. 10 in the AM opened answer questions and my account was gone. I resigned in using my origional ID. & Password - nither would work. My Idenity, ID and Points were gone! I got here by establishing a false name, new ID and password. I'd like my points back . How can I do that?

    1 AnswerPassword and Sign In1 decade ago