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  • I am looking for a song my an American female artist from a few years ago.?

    I think that it had "War" in the title, and the video was set in a supermarket. She was crawling around the aisles, whilst the shoppers were all throwing food at each other.

    Does anyone remember this one please?

    Thank you.

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  • Long Joke for you, but worth it -?

    Thor the Norse god of Thunder is bored stupid in Valhalla. None of the Godesses will have anything to to with him.

    He decide to come to Earth for a bit of action, and soon finds a gorgeous woman who is willing.

    They spend 3 days and nights constantly sh4gging (Thor being a God, he has great staying power).

    In the end, he decides that it's only fair to tell the poor woman who he really is.

    "I AM THOR" he declares loudly.

    "You're Thor", she says with a lisp, "I'm tho' thore, I can't even pith"!.

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  • Poll questions - do they have a sinister side?

    I had a thought today, we all see lots of poll type questions, e.g. What is your favourite film/book/song/school subject etc.

    Have you noticed how a lot of organisations use this type of question as part of their loing in security.

    Could it be that some "Poll'ers" are actually hackers trying a back door method at identity fraud?

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  • how do i put a song onto my bebo profile so that the song comes on as soon as you go on the profile?

    im wanting 2 put a song on my profile so it comes on automatically

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  • Has anyone had problems with Virgo home improvement salesmen (UK)?

    One came round with a flyer today (door to door canvassing).

    My wife said she was not interested, then he started getting verbal, "You don't know what it is", "Why won't you take a F'ing leaflet" etc.

    Wife said "Get off my property now", and he said "Come and make me".

    In then end she get me out of bed (I work nights), and I went down to tell him to stop harrssing my wife.

    He slammed the flyers down and said "Some on then big man, have a go".

    To cut a long story short, he refused to stop swearing in front of my girls (3yrs old and 19 months old), and told me to "make sure those kids are out of the house tonight, because I am getting a gang of my Asian mates and we are coming back tonight, you wife has got you in a heap of sh1t, and you're gonna pay".

    We got the police involved, who said it's not enough to go on because he didn't actually say he was going to "hit" you.

    Wife is scared now, has anyone had similar threats, and did they actaully turn up?

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  • Any tree lovers out there?

    I am livid. We had a lovely flowering cherry outside our garden on a tree lined avenue. It was our favourite tree, gorgeous blooms, it was at least 50 years old.

    Yesterday the council chopped it down - the guy doing it was quite brusque with my wife and just told her it was unsafe and had to go.

    Our view is ruined now.

    GET THIS - found out today, THEY CHOOPED DOWN THE WRONG TREE. should have been a diseased silver birch 3 houses down.

    My poor 4 year old daughter was crying her eyes out when they were chopping it down as well.

    What on earth can we do to make sure the incompetane fools make amends, I mean how can you mix the 2 tree types up?

    23 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • Does anyone know when the Nokia N96 will be coming out in the UK?

    Need a new phone with a LARGE screen - 43 now, eyesight not what it was, holding out for this one because of all the new features, and massive standard memory for all my mp3's

    5 AnswersMobile Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • Easy riddle, but very clever - saw it in a childrens book last week?

    At the age of four, I answered to Ivy,

    At six, my name was Vi.

    At 40 I felt I could really excel

    At anything I'd try

    At 54 you could call me Liv,

    But I knew I was getting old,

    When at 99, I had a dreadful feeling

    Of being really cold.

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  • Illegal parking in supermarkets?

    Did you see that Asda are going to charge about £60.00 for illegal use of disabled spots, and parent/child spots.

    I was in Tesco today and saw some flash guy in a suit park his Range Rover sport in a disabled spot, get out still using his mobile that he was using when driving, and RUN into Tesco's.

    Obviously not disabled, and I thought, "perhaps we should go one better than Asda", if people are SO keen to use disabled spots, so that their very large cars don't get scratched, perhaps we should chop a foot off, and make them disabled.

    We could force people who use parent/children spots to adopt problem kids from orphanages as well - the more unruly the better.

    Before anyone get overwrought - this is intended as a bit of humour.

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  • Easy Riddle for you?

    What get's wetter, the more it dries?

    24 AnswersJokes & Riddles1 decade ago
  • A riddle for you - first correct answer gets 10 points?

    Indiana jones steals 3 gold bars from a Mayan temples, then he is chased by the priests and runs away.

    He reaches a rope bridge with a 1000ft drop that can only take 240 lbs without breaking.

    Mr Jones weighs 180lbs, each bar weighs 25 lbs - yet he manages to get to the other side with all 3 bars - how?

    He cannot throw any bars across - it is too far.

    He does not use any other items, e.g. helium baloons.

    He does not take anything off in order to make himself lighter.

    He has no string, or any means to pull the bars across after he makes the other side.

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  • Couple of puzzles for you?

    1. If it takes 10 men 10 days to dig a hole, how long will it take 5 men to dig half a hole?

    2. How far can a rabbit run into a wood?

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  • Worst songs to hit the top 10 in the UK?

    Can you remember any of the awful ones to hit the chart tops.

    My 3 worst ones are:

    1. Grandma we love you - St Winifrid's school choir

    2. Shaddup you face - Joe Dolce

    3. Hello John got a new motor - Alexis's Sayle.

    Trouble is, now I have prompted myself, I cannot get number 3 out of my head.

    "I keep tropical goldfish, in my underpants", and the imortal "Your goat's done a mess on the carpet"

    Good god, I will have to put the radio on now - and get it out of my head.

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  • Resistance fall of man on PS3?

    Hello all, has anyone paid for the extra maps for on-line gaming?

    I would like to know if they are worth buying, or should I stick with the free ones.

    Also, are they being used? No point buying them if no gamers are using them

    Thank you.

    4 AnswersPlayStation1 decade ago
  • friends reunited - have you had the same problem?

    Just had my wife ringing me up furious that I had been emailing one of her school friends.

    She had an email from friends reunited telling her that she had a draft mesage pending to a miss X.

    It is a hyperlink, and when you click it - it takes you to friendsreuinited.

    Trouble is - it takes you to the account page of the last person who was logged in - (I guess unless then logged out completely).

    So it took her to my account. It was only when I calmed her down, and proved that she still had a draft in her account, and demonstarted the problem with cookies that she appologised.

    Her account fortunately still had the draft message in,

    This is a crazy privacy breach. Can you image if you don't log out properly at a cyber cafe or library - and before you say anything - this would also include a system crash or power cut situation.

    The next person using that machine could end up in your account if they too have a draft message hyperlink.

    Just emailed their support team for comments

    4 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • Fiat landrover clone?

    Hi all, I just got back from Lake Garda, where I saw a fiat that looked just like a landrover clone, just a different grille.

    It was an official vehicle, coast guard or similar.

    Apart from the fiat badge at the front, there were no other markings - model etc.

    I want to find out more, but cannot find anything on the web - does anyone know what model fiat this is please?

    Thank you,

    3 AnswersFiat1 decade ago
  • A 2 seater light aircraft has crashed into a cemetery in Belfast?

    The Irish forensic team has so far recovered 130 bodies

    8 AnswersJokes & Riddles1 decade ago
  • Does anyone remeber Spanish Galleon sweets?

    This was my all time favourite - but hardly anyone else remembers it - sign of my age.

    IT was probably banned because it was like rolling tobacco.

    It came in a waxy paper packet, a bit like Golden Virginia tobacco.

    It has a picture of a Spanish Galleon on it, and was filled with strips of dry licorice coated in sugar and coconut, they looked like strands of rough shag tobacco.

    3 AnswersNon-Alcoholic Drinks1 decade ago
  • What is with all the racism on answers?

    I am getting very disillousioned with the level of racism on here the past few nights.

    It is either people abusing the English (me being English), or else the English abusung others.

    What is the point?

    Yahoo answers is a cracking idea for people to ask serious questions, and receive sensible answers from people with experience.

    Haven't you ever wanted advice, but have no one at home who can help. This is a fantastic solution, and I love trying to help ANYONE who needs it.

    Unfortunately, with the way that things are going, with racism, religious abuse, sexism, gender stereotyping, and homophobia, it won't be long before this site is either **** down, or totally populated by users hurling filth at each other.

    Please, PLEASE, please stop it, and act responsibly.

    I know this will fall mainly on deaf ears, but have to get it off my chest.

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  • What on earth is Demonoid?

    And what is the thing with the invite codes - very curious it seems to generate a lot of questions

    3 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago