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  • How can I continue to use the Internet and NOT be subjected to Facebook?

    I used Yahoo search to look up a musical group a couple of days ago (to check their concert schedule) and I clicked on the first site listed and did not notice that it was a Facebook page, and I later found out that I am now subject to Facebook tracking every site I will ever visit! I increased my security to "high" (which is an inconvenience due to Facebook's aggressive behavior) and put Facebook on my list of site's to not trade with, but what else can I do? Facebook has become a PREDATOR SITE and I want nothing to do with it; what else can I do to avoid the clutches of this insidious brand of "social media?"

    PS: If you "love" Facebook, that is your right, but I'm not in that camp and I only want concrete suggestions on how to avoid Facebook "tracking me" since I do not belong to their "social media group" and my visit was inadvertent. There does not seem to be an "entry page" since if you click on a Facebook link, you find yourself inside the site; there is not to a homepage that asks if you want to enter. One does not have a choice; and there is no way to avoid it. A story with an interesting title can be a Facebook story and one does not know until one clicks on the link, and then you find yourself right inside Facebook and being "cookied" to death! They are PREDATORY since they offer no choice!

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  • How to rectify a wrong question?

    Someone named Jo S based a question on a claim that the KKK was made up of Scots-Irish persons who were against Catholics. This is a false claim that cannot be proven. It is preposterous to claim that the KKK were Scots-Irish (which are nationalities) that all hated a particular religion.

    In fact, the KKK was composed of Southerners who were Democrats (and perhaps some who claimed no party) who were frustrated over losing the Civil War and refused to integrate! Since the KKK was made up of Democrats and others, their nationalities and religions would be as varied as any and all Democrats, and any and all Southerners who claimed no party. Therefore, we cannot assume that the KKK was only made up of Scots-Irish protestants who hated Catholics. It is a ludicrous claim based on zero facts.

    To further their agenda, the KKK made certain that segregation was codified and that only Democrats were elected (from dog-catcher, to sheriff, to the state house, to Congress, and to governorships) who would further their aim to remain segregated and would refuse actions that would integrate the races.

    How do we make certain that historical questions are based on facts, not opinion that does not stand up to factual scrutiny? When a statement assumes opinion, it should be made clear that “historical” answers be applied with caution! To claim that folks who are from Scotland, or Ireland, were KKK and hated Catholics is unfair, unkind, and untrue!

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