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  • XBOX 360 Pal 60 Problem?

    Have been trying to get my XBOX 360 to play Pal 60 games (Oblivion and Hitman). I couldn't believe it was my huge Phillips Flatscreen tv that wasn't Pal 60 compatible but nevertheless it wouldn't stay on the Pal 60 option as the screen went blank. So being the clever git I am I altered the format on the display option to Pal 60 and turned my xbox off in the hope it would save this format. Low and behold it did. But there's no picture now as my tv doesn't support pal 60.

    Can someone help me out by going on their machine and going through what needs to be done to get back to Pal 50 (i.e press A, push the left thumbstick left, then left again, press x, etc. etc.). I can then do the same and get it back on Pal 50 even though there's nothing on the tv screen.

    If you are dead accurate with the directions I should be able to get it back. I can hear the machine going "beep" etc. when I push the buttons but I can't see what I am doing.


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