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witness of jehovah, 45 yrs. old guy. funny looking. left handed. cant dance. cant draw. get along with dogs. get along with kids under 8. get along with old geezers. 5 kids, 6 step-kids, about 30 grandkids . worked with abused kids as a counselor for 8 yrs; played cop for two yrs and was scared outta my skull. now happily playing accountant and internal auditor since 86. lived in 14 states in the usa, parts of canada, and mexico. never shot anyone, never been drunk, never used drugs, never parachuted, never got into crazy stunts or other life threatening activities. although driving the 91 in rush hour traffic is real close! and now you know the rest of the story. dull, huh! back to you, chet. :-)

  • my laptop was stolen.?

    i understand there is a way to track its use thru its IP address. please advise.

    i have a new one, with a tracker program installed, but need to know if there is a

    way to find it.

    i am a disabled grandfather, and besides the machine itself, i had a LOT of photos

    on the machine that i had not backed up yet. grandkids, one great grand daughter

    and my dad & grandfather, both since deceased.

    any info/ ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Do you Really believe in a Trinity of some sort?

    I learned from our Lutheran pastor that Ro Cath dogma was wrong. I knew they believed in a triadic god, so it had to be wrong. That was back in 1958.

    in any bible, any language, you see that:

    1- Jesus was with THE GOD in the beginning;

    2- Jesus was the mediator between GOD and man;

    3- Jesus was called the son of GOD;

    4- Jesus said his father was greater than he;

    5- Jesus said he was returning to HIS God, meaning Jehovah;

    6- Jesus is sitting on the right hand of GOD, the Father Almighty.

    7- As Christ is the head of the congregation, Jehovah is the head of the Christ.

    8- Jesus is presented as the apostle, a sent forth one;

    9- After his resurrection, Jesus was GIVEN authority; from whom?

    10- once all tasks have been accomplished, Jesus RETURNS power and authority to the ONE who gave it TO him, meaning Jehovah

    can you, in 25 words or less, prove/ demonstrate/ present any form of a triadic godhead?

    fwiw, the ALC was in a debate as to whether the triadic dogma was necessarily a christian doctrine, but rather a church 'choice' from the days when Luther was yet trying to 're-form' the mother church.

    interesting, huh.

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  • Do you feel you have been unfairly zapped by surf-nazis?

    I discuss religion with lots of folks. some are muslims. some are fairly decent; most are fanatics with a very violent bent. when i discuss/ answer/ ask questions having to do with that religion, it seems the muslims gang up on the question or answer to get it zapped. has this happened to you ? it has happened to me 6-7 times now. i am almost ready to just forget this 'boohoo answers ' format as small minded bigots who demand their POV only.

    hence, the new term 'surf-nazis'.

    what say you [all]?

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