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  • Can I get my Quotev account back?

    My Bff was being Cyberbullied, so when she asked me for help for getting vengeance, I agreed. So, she gave me the pass to the profile as the person was he ex bff and my bff had made the account for her. So, I logged in and followed randome people and then logged off and never got on there again. When that person started comming at me too and kept telling us both to DIE, I called my other friends in to help us get her banned. When she finally was, Quotev booted me too because they thought I oporated the account the whole time! So, I have been banned for about 2 or three months and My bff has gone Internet dead. I am super worried about her because the only way I can reach her is quotev and I cat visit her because we live far away from each other. So... Is there any way o get my account back? Does anyone know Quotev's email? Please help!

    Other - Internet10 months ago