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  • was I wrong for saying how I feel and should I reach out ?

    so here’s the deal I am a pisces that met a leo over a month ago we hit it off right away from dates once a week and  talking and texting on the phone every day. he told me I make him so happy and my positive nature is beginning to rub off on him. he had a ex of 9 years that left him for another man so he is still broken up about it im sure. so anyways the main problem with him is that he works to much 16 hours a day and we only go dates on friday nights. when i confronted him about making more  time for me he got mad and said i was trying to change him and that it will always be business before feelings was hurt and i told him i feel he works too much. I also said thats why your ex probably left you because you work too much. he texted back and said if its not broke why fix it and i said what ever it is broke because u dont make enough time for me. He didn’t text back for a day. should i reach out or wait for him to reach out1st ? I dont think its about sex because we will still talk everyday afterwards. I really like him and he said i make him so happy so why the cold shoulder??

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  • what is the lead teacher’s problem ?

    So here’s the deal I work as a paraprofessional I also work side by side with a lead Teacher. she started at the beginning of the school year in August and i started at the end of october. with me starting late I wanted to start and try to build relationships with our students so after a while me and the students began to have a close relationship because of me taking the time to get to know them. while she sat sits her desk. so recently she has been in competition with me over the students liking her. for example everyday I sit at the same table with my highschool students helping them with homework. and yesterday out of no where  she just leaves her desk that she is always at and joins the table and takes my sit i normally sit at. it felt  so awkward so i went to go help another student at another table . today was the worse for example i notice every time when she sees a student talking to me and having a good fun time with me she will call them over to her and make them stop talking to me and make them sit by her how do I handle her jealous and competition behavior ??

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  • carvana and driver’s license ?

    does carvanna run your driver’s liscense ?

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  • What did my doctor see during my pap smear ?

    so I went to the doctors for a pap smear and during my pap smear my doctor said worriedly I want to give u a pregnancy test.So i took the test and it was negative. my last period was sep 23rd and i have unprotected sex 3 days before my period. can i still be pregnant by sex 3 days before my period. and what did the doctor see I al freaking out please help 😱😱😱

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  • why is my virgo bf acting like this ?

    so to make a long story short i am 27 and my bf is 36 he always had a easy life and had everything handed to him from free rent to lots of job offers while everything i have i busted my *** for. so last week i expressed how blessed he was to have everything given to him and he didnt have to work hard for anything that he has well that conversation made him very angry and it ended up in a huge fight and him blocking me on fb and ignoring me for a week .so last night i decided to call him to end the drama between us and he answered and he stated that he was still mad about what i said I told him to let go of the past and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.during the phone call he unblocked me on fb and added me back again so he was saying he didn’t wanna move on from the previous argument because he feels its not settled between us .i then said we already addressed it by saying lets agree to disagree. do u think he is blowing the argument from last week out of portion about my own personal opinion about him and 2nd if he was still mad at me why would he even answer the phone ? Btw i did write him on fb saying i was sorry for hurting his feelings and he ignored me im confused. im a pisces and he’s a virgo if it matters. we been together for 5 years.

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  • very nosy friend help !!!!?

    so to start things off I am very private person that i don’t share everything especially with judge mental people. so I have a friend that I have been friends for the past 15 years. I never share personal things with her because she judges me. so For years she has been blocking and un blocking me on facebook when she is mad and when she gets un mad. so when we are back friends on fb I hide my posts from her because of her jealousy and judgemental thoughts. so today I found out she unfriended me due to us having a argument so i knew she couldn’t see my posts so she sent me screenshots of posts I been making and said see i know u been hiding posts from me. I think she has been watching me from a fake page. but the issue is I added so many people I don’t know which page could be her. why is she going through all of these crazy measures to catch me writing things on fb that I choose not to share with her ? and she has nerve to try to confront about my posts that she has no permission to me seeing ???

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  • My boyfriend won't tell his family we are back together ):?

    so to make a long story short I am 27 and my bf is 36 years we been together for 5 years old. he was rasied by his grand mother and he did not grow up with his sisters but they are working on being close. and starting a relationship so lately we been going through problems and i found out that he been talking bad about to his family when we broke up and got back together he won't tell his family that we are back together it's like he is embarrased to tell them we are back together. even though how many issues or times we broke up I never have a issues telling my friends and family that we are back together. so last night I called him and i heard his sister in the back ground and I heard him tell his sister the crazy girl is calling me so i said ima call u back because I don't want to be rude and his sister said out loud that i'm always rude keep in mind i never even met his sister i really think he was talking **** about me

    to her. I hung up the phone because i was so hurt that he preferred to me to his sister as that crazy girl is calling he didn't he say it's my gf and he didnt even call me back because i know she probaly told him to stop talking to me. I love him so much and I don't know what to do. he's a virgo and I am pisces if it helps

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  • Can my employer appeal my unemployment benefits if I received benefits already and they didnt even show up to the 1st appeal ?

    I was recently approved unemployment benefits because i was forced to resign due to me not catching on the job duties as a customer service rep in a call center on my award letter it stated i did nothing wrong or broke any rules in the company. and stated how my employer didnt show up to the hearing can my ex employer appeal if they didnt show up to the 1st appeal hearing ???

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  • Controlling boyfriend 🤦🏽‍♀️?

    so to make a long story short my bf is 11 years older then me I didn’t think the age gap would matter but it does. he is very insecure when ever im getting ready to go side and we are on facetime he askes for me to show him what im wearing. the other issues is that he cheated in the past and i forgave him he really hurt me but now every argument we have and when he gets mad and tries to control me he will say things like he is going to cheat again if he doesn’t get his way. even he calls me names i told him it bothers me he would stop for a little while then calls me names again when he gets mad. i think he calls me names and tries to wave cheating over my head to control me. should i leave him ? and how can i stop him from thinking i care when he tries to control me with saying he’s going to cheat ?

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  • pisces ex boyfriend acting strange?

    I was with my ex for 7 years and I have not heard my ex in 2 years he moved on and got into another relationship we ended things because i moved away which really wasn’t a nasty break up btw so yesterday i receive a text that says the word “too” so i texted back 3 hours later asking who was pretending like i didnt know he texted back saying he was somebody else and also asked where do i live? whats going on why is he texting me 2 years later, pretending to be someone else and asking for my address? he’s a pisces if it helps and i know its him because his number popped up ?

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  • Why is my ex doing this ?

    so To make a long story short I was with my ex for 6 years but known him for 10 years . we lived to together till i decided to move out of state and he didn’t want to move so he stayed be hide and we tried the long distance relationship but it didn’t work out so he eventually he got a new gf that he posted on social media and everything i was crushed and he been with her for years and in those years i have not heard from him in 4 years since then . so 4 years later i get a text from his number and he is acting like he is another person but i know it’s him so I’m going along with it like he is a stranger why is he acting like he another person instead of telling me who he is why the games ?

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  • when will my last check be ?

    so my last day of work was yesterday june 24th they made me quit due to almost being fired we get paid semi monthly the last day of each month and the 15th would I still get my july 15th check or just my june 30th check ?

    1 AnswerPorto Velho1 year ago
  • do u think I was wrong for not offering gas ⛽️?

    so We work for the state and we have mandatory trainings to out of the city so we all have to car pull together as coworkers and the driver gets reimbursed for driving to and from. so on the way back the driver keeps making comments about gas and how we keep getting low on gas because we have to run the air conditioner so Everytime they would make those comments I would get quiet so we pulled up to the gas station and she gets mad and slams the door and say it would be nice for someone to pitch in on gas? like your being reimbursed for this I’m not was so was I wrong for not giving my coworker gas money. ?????

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  • is my bf in love with his ex ?

    to make a long story short when I met him he was still leaving with her but i didn’t know at the time during 3 months of being with him she moved away and he was hurt about it. recently i found he has been calling her and leaving her voicemail saying he thinks about her every day even going as for to stalk her on fb from fake pages. i heard him tell her she is the love of his life and he will love her forever. what does that mean she lives miles away why is still not over her ?

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  • How do i handle nosy coworkers asking about my money ?

    so me and my coworkers went on a work trip in another city so i decided to shop and alot of them where asking me where do i get my money, and do i live at home because that would only explain how i can shop and spend money like that keep in mind im a single 27 old female live alone and only have 1 income they are all married in their 30s and 40s with 2 incomes but they all have children but they still they can shop too. every chance they get they make comments about me spending alot of money and always having money why are they so concerned about my money for i just dont understand ????

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  • what is the best hotels in san deigo?

    so me and my friend is going to san deigo next month but we cant decide on a hotel we looking for a hotel that is close by shopping, the beach, and by public transportation have any suggestions ??

    2 AnswersSan Diego2 years ago
  • 1 of my braces rubber band came off ?

    so I wear braces for the past 2 and half years now I had a cross bite with a gap in the front and with braces my teeth got better and the gap closed. now one of braces band broke off in the front where the gap used to be now I looked in mirror and I see that my gap is slightly coming back i made a appointment do u think that the dentist is just going to fix the band or retighten everything because the last time I got my braces retighten was feb ??

    3 AnswersDental2 years ago