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Hey, what's up? Not a whole lot to say about me I guess. I'm a 20 year old guy, I love working with computers (which is why you'll find me in the computer section 99% of the time), and I'm majoring in Computer Science in college. I decided to join this site awhile ago because I love helping people, and it gives me real life "help desk" experience at the same time. I'll always try to answer your question to the best of my knowledge, and I hope my answers will help you. I always give my answers with a smile [ :) ], because I feel that help should always be given in a friendly way, no matter how big or small the question is. Also, I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has selected my answers as best answer. I am truly honored by that. :) Thank you for looking at my profile. God Bless! :) - John ----------------------------------- And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. - John 1:5