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  • Is hair pomade good for slicked back hair?

    Not the undercut slicked back hair, I'm talking about the full slicked back hair from the top and both sides. If hair pomade is good for that kind of hair what kind of hair pomade should I use. The oily pomade or the watery pomade. Thank you all in advance.

    1 AnswerHair4 years ago
  • What's the best male hairstyle for a man with an oval face and curly wavy hair?

    I have slightly tan skin, as I got older my tann has started to fade, I'm slightly tan in the face but mostly white with a slight drop of tann. I have dark brown curly wavy hair with an oval face shape. What hairstyles will suit me most, I was thinking a slicked back hairstyle will make me look by the best possible balance of beauty. Slicked back from both the top and the sides, not like an 80's greaser forcibly pushing his hair backwards to the limit length, what I mean is having the sides and the top long enough to go straight to the back of my head or in the middle of my head if it's not long enough yet. Want does everyone else think.

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  • Why do people misinterprete the Quran by saying you can't have sex outside marriage?

    they forbid almost everything that feels good and they reduce you strictly, and there to lazy to see what's truly at stake and what the Quran is truly saying so they can act accordingly and discover the logic behind what it's telling you to do. There is know where that says in the Quran from what I know of that states that your not allowed to have a sex partner or a girlfriend excluding marriage completely. I'm new to the religion, life is not meant to be lived in fear, Allah didn't give us sexual pleasure and mix man and woman for the sake of living in fear and restraining what it has given us, all it asks is that we control everything that we do. Islam encourages fun and exploration of the beauty of life, and the man is not higher than the woman like some like to think in Islam from what I'm seeing. In fact the woman is counted as the dominant being, God really is a feminist. But people continue living there lives in isolation and misery in the fear of accidentally having fun, as they see it as a sin if you ask me. They might as well say that breathing is haram too. I'm a Muslim but I follow by what God has commanded and written in the Quran and not by what people make up in their heads. When the book says women have to cover their shoulders and hair I agree with that, but I don't create a new rule for myself covering my entire body and face, God has given us a face to communicate with one another, and to form a relationship, not to cover it up

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  • What does lucid dreaming sex feel like?

    First of all I'll appreciate it if this is answered by people that have or still do lucid dream frequently without any flaws or half remembered experiences. I had a dream a while back where I was sexually involved with a woman, it wasn't sex but it was very arousing, I'm not gonna explain what it was as its not to Important. But the arousment I felt with her was soo strong in that when I woke up she was in my head for a while, and I instantly fell in love with her, only with one naked conversation in the dream. I've had many dreams like this when I was a kid especially. And all of the dreams by itself feel incredibly better than the real thing if you ask me, incredible is also a very big understatment, and I wasn't even having sex in all the dreams. I was thinking imagine what it would feel like if you could actively with full consciousness and control partake in such breath taking performance in lucid dreaming. Has anyone experienced something like this, I think it's evan better than the real thing. Lol

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation4 years ago
  • Has anyone had any experience with a succubus?

    If so, what is it like? Is it like having sex with a physical human women, how do you summon them. Can anyone help me on this.

    6 AnswersJokes & Riddles5 years ago
  • What is the most important thing to do in the night of Qadre in Ramadan?

    Dhikr is the most important thing in that night, from what I heard and then it's namaz. What kind of dhikr do you recite people recite?

    4 AnswersRamadan5 years ago
  • Does your face look ugly after surgery?

    My mother had overie removal surgery a couple of weeks ago and every day that passes she can walk and is recovering physically but her face is getting worse and worse in my opinion. Her nose is swelling very badly, she has spots on her face and just looks abnormally old, right before the surgery she was great and then after the surgery her face just suddenly dropped. When her overie ruptured she was in great pain so they continuously gave her a lot of pain killers and a lot of other kinds of medicine I think, could it be because of that, her face is just abnormally bad and has gotten worse everyday since the surgery in my opinion. Is this a procedure that she needs to pass, because of the large dose of medicine or etc what's causing this.

    Medicine5 years ago
  • Please help me, do you play as the medic in Metal Gear Solid 5 or as the legendary naked snake?

    And if you do play as the medic how come you think that your the big boss, or maybe you don't know or your just protending. Why would they ulter the medic to look like big boss. Is it to protect big boss. Please I'm lost. Somebody just wrote to me that you play as the medic throughout the whole game. I don't care about miner spoilers.

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  • Are there acting agents everywhere in the world or are they only exclusive for western countries?

    Is it possible for a country to have a successful and active film industry without the existence of acting agents.

    1 AnswerTheatre & Acting5 years ago
  • What is Zekre according to Islam?

    I already know the answer to this question but people have different views so I purely just want to see out of my own curiosity in how many people know about this Zekre and what it's meant for. In my opinion this Zekre is the most underrated method of worship in Islam. Zekre is actually more important than Namaz, but these days some people that I asked think Zekre is a type of prayer or duah. I don't think people evan know what the reason for a woman to wear hijab is, I think that they think it's because of respect or for women not to show off or be presented as whores, the main reason from what I know of is purely because of the aura on the body, and they have to dress to a healthy and standerlized level, not like the invalid interpretation of the Saudi Arabs covering the entire face which is completely wrong. It evan says in the Quran that after the age of approximately 45 or 50 if I'm not mistaken women can ease on their hijab again if I'm not mistaken. It's crazy How people misinterpret the Quran and the true teachings of Islam.

    2 AnswersReligion & Spirituality5 years ago
  • Should I use the no poo method?

    I tried it once but I think I felt like my hair was getting less on my front. So I stopped, but I don't know if that's just the transition period or not. Isn't just washing your hair with water still going to make your hair as dry and rhythm-less as shampoo. For what kind of hair is the no-poo method intended for, I have Curly dry hair. My hair usually gets really dry and ugly when I come out the shower, it kinda looks like metal wires are sticking out. It just look like a dehydrated plant, how long does it take for the no-poo method to take effect? Thank you all in advance.

    2 AnswersHair5 years ago
  • Is sudden unexpected extreme pain in the lower stomach area dangerous for women?

    My mother has extreme pain on her lower belly. Doctors say it may be a leek of some organ that's causing the pain. They say it's unlikely but it may be cancer, but there still not sure what it is, there exploring every possibility before they make estimations and theorys of what it may be, they say that they can't tell us exactly what's happening to my mum as these kinds of abdominal pains have many different kinds of possibilities. She suddenly got this pains and she never felt anything like it, they say my mum's liquid level in her stomach or something is above normal, they can't tell my mum weather it's dangerous or not without a scan and an exray, ultrascan etc, I'm not sure. The pain is none-stop and no matter what level of painkillers they gave her it never went away, but after a lot of pain killers she started turning from a ten to an 8 in pain intensity, that's still alot of pain, but she couldn't express it as the pain killers made her numb to speak. Please someone help me, I'm really worried.

    6 AnswersCancer5 years ago
  • How good would you say the TV Show Sopranos is?

    What would you rate it out of ten, and does it catche your attention instantly or does it have to build on you to get you hyped. Is it a series show or a comedy, does it have any nudity. Is it like the TV Show Empire in which the father is like the Godfather of the company and tries to test his boys to the limit to make them in his image.

    2 AnswersDrama5 years ago
  • What is the reason God began creation in Islam?

    please don't answer with God got bored, God cannot get bored, bored is a feeling created by God involving the measurement of time. Evan saying that God gets bored excluding the fact that bored and loneliness are both creatures created by God because anything disconnected from God is a creature, an atom is a creature in it's own right, so even if you exclude the fact that everything disconnected from God is a creature, evan stating that God is bored is like you comparing God with a measurement which is also a creature created by God, and God doesn't have a length to measure. God has always existed. I'm not talking about the creation of mankind, I'm talking about the creation of existence. What made God in its infinite essence of self begin creation. What does it state in the Quran about this matter. Thank you all in advance.

    10 AnswersRamadan5 years ago
  • What was Hitler's overall intention for all his actions? Why did he hate the Jews soo much?

    Would you say that he was right in any means, did he have the right idea? Would there be any reason for me to admire him and support his teachings if I explore different perceptions of right and wrong. Was one of Hitlers plan to make the world a single country? He hated the Jews soo much, I believe he says very nasty things about their sly personalitys in his opinion I think, is that true because from what I'm seeing with Israel and Zionism is that they are the number 1 terrorists of the world, how come what Hitler says turns out to be true from what were seeing, with all the conspiracy's and cruel facts by Zionists and Israel. I'm just confused with this big Jewish agenda spreaded all throughout history, and what kinda turns out to be true from what were seeing. Don't get me wrong I don't hate Jews, I'm just curious about them?

    8 AnswersHistory5 years ago
  • What's the name of this film?

    I can't tell you any of the scenes in the movie as I haven't evan seen it before, I've only seen the cover, but I was eager to watch it but I just forgot all about it until reminding myself now. I think it's about a man who purposely attempts all the 7 deadly sins accurately to see what happens to him out of his own curiosity. It's not the movie SEVEN with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt. It's something else, I remember the cover I think, it was a huge mans face looking from the sky, and lighting strickes stricking the ground from where he stares. I don't know if the movie is about the man attempting the ten commandments in opposing disrespect, or if it's about the 7 sins, I'm not sure. Thank you all in advance.

    1 AnswerMovies5 years ago
  • Iran is going to become one of the strongest country's in the world?

    The sanctions from America alone is not enough to throw Iran's economy and cause destruction. Evan the sanctions that the United nations, Europe, and US have put on Iran was not enough to bring Iran to the negotiating table. The reason they came is because the new elected president is a conservative

    And not a blood thirsty hardliner under Ahmadinejads government.

    So America's Zionist led government and economy can not destroy Iran with sanctions evan if all the country's joined the US in doing so, let alone just American sanctions by itself. Evan if America does strike Iran, Iran can retaliate immediately, both military strikes and economical strikes.

    Like cutting oil, as Iran has the worlds 4 largest oil reserve and worlds largest gas reserve. The earth needs Iranian oil and gas. No country is hated more than Iran, do you really think if they could destroy Iran that they wouldn't have done so already. Iran has the world black mailed with resources.

    Iran is an energy superpower and soon to be an economical superpower once the sanctions get lifted.

    No country is stupid enough to start a war with Iran. Unless they want to fall under a huge disadvantage in the aftermath of such battle, even if the war is just sanctions related.

    Iran is the only country in the world that has adapted to live under such tight and costraphobic sanctions. So evan with all the sanctions in the world, Iran is still avoided by war. Now imagine what they will accomplish without sanctions.

    21 AnswersCurrent Events5 years ago
  • How to learn Islamic prayer?

    I can't speak Arabic, I'm an English speaker. But how do I find an easy elementary level audio tape that recites the words one by one clearly to my understanding. I would prefer if it's a shia namaz guide rather than a Sunni one, and I'm not interested in azan or the movements at the moment, I just want to learn namaz, but it may be useful if you add it as an extra prop. Thank you all in advance

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality5 years ago