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  • Nuvaring and pregnancy ?

    Please no hate! Please. My friend has been on nuvaring for about a year and has used it properly the entire time. She had a lot happening during the 3 week period of leaving it in. And she totally forgot for another 3 weeks and had unprotected sex. I’ve read on google all I could and it says the same thing chances of pregnancy increase after leaving it passed 4 weeks. Has anyone had this happen and did you get pregnant. And after leaving it so long is it almost certain she’ll become pregnant? Thanks for the help with this!

    2 AnswersPregnancy5 months ago
  • Was this right by the ER?

    If you go to ER for an emergency and they start to take action and never tell you what s happening and lying about what they re doing like cardioversion, when I was fully awake and felt it and the doctor was never present. They did labs but didnt tell me anything. They just said I could pick up my prescription at pharmacy. After being alone for 4 hours. And when I asked the nurse what was going on she said what the doctor said was SVT and I need to make an appointment immediately before my meds run out. And then I asked how serious it was and she made a face and said well it s not good and you really need to be seen because another episode like that you might not come back at all. And then that was that. Is that an okay thing for an ER visit. I don t think so but I was just glad to be alive.

    1 AnswerHeart Diseases1 year ago
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    Staph infection, spider bite?

    I've went to ER twice for this but I get treated awful. They said they dont know what it is. Gave me bactrim which I was really allergic too. So they've prescribed a new antibiotic. But I wanna know what it is. Here's a current picture.

    5 AnswersInfectious Diseases1 year ago
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    Wound infection?

    I've had a cut scratch wound on my foot that isnt healing. 3 weeks in now and its just not getting better at one point my foot was swollen and draining dark yellow pus. I soaked it in Epsom salt swelling went down. Still pain and dark yellow pus and it hurts and redness. My grandfather who has raised me is dying in the hospital so for the last three weeks I've been focusing and not sleeping and running non stop to the hospital my grandmother is concerned and wants me to go to the doctor. Here is the current condition. Please no rude comments. I'm going through a lot. And I understand If it is infected I shouldnt have waited so long. But I plan on going to er soon and having it looked at just wanting other opinions or anyone who knows if it is infected or not. So please no rude comments and thank you for your help

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  • Cat not accepting new kitten! Help!?

    I got a new kitten and my cat isn't accepting him. What can I do to help her accept the kitten. Please no mean comments!!!

    14 AnswersCats2 years ago
  • Speakers not working after screen replacement.?

    I have an lg aristo from metro pcs. I shattered the screen. So instead of paying 90 dollars for them to fix it. I ordered the screen and did it myself. I've done it before. Easy peasy. But now neither speaker is working. The one on the back of the phone. Or the ear piece. Where you hear on the phone. I don't know why that Is. Can someone please help me. Before I have to resort to paying someone to fix it. I'm having major back surgery soon and I'm stressed out and exhausted and don't want to put in my time to fiddle and break it more. I just need a straight simple how to fix it answer. Thanks.

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans3 years ago
  • Don't judge I'm desperate lol?

    I'm looking for a sugar daddy. No sites work. All seem fake. I need to get my sister a birthday present. And I can't afford it. Please anyone.

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating4 years ago
  • Don't judge I'm desperate lol?

    I'm looking for a sugar daddy. No sites work. All seem fake. I need to get my sister a birthday present. And I can't afford it. Please anyone.

    2 AnswersOther - Holidays4 years ago
  • Kinda dumb question don't judge?

    Okay, so for the longest time I've thought I was straight, and then this girl comes along and I fall in love with her. But I'm not attracted to other girls. Just here. Does it mean I'm bi or idk I'm so confused.

  • Severe piriformis syndrome. Help please. I'm suffering?

    I have piriformis syndrome. My sciatic nerve is being compressed by my piriformis muscle. I have physical therapy in a week. But I'm in so much pain. They wouldn't give me anything at the hospital for it. They told me just to wait. I can't wait. I have school and I'm gonna be suffering. It hurts to lay, sit, walk. It hurts to do anything. Please if someone knows how to relieve this help me.

    3 AnswersPain & Pain Management4 years ago
  • Birth control and cigarettes?

    They are putting me on birth control and they said smoking while I was on birth control cause blood clots. I believe them but my question is: is it the nicotine that causes that. Is it possible to smoke a vape without nicotine to prevent this? Please don't be rude.

    5 AnswersWomen's Health4 years ago
  • I have a bad sore throat?

    My throat hurts so bad. It might be drainage. But I don't know. But it hurts to swallow. Don't say go to the doctor because my parents won't take me. I need some home remedies for it. And possibly for a stuffy nose. I have no honey or something. Salt and water isn't working too well. Any suggestions please.

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management5 years ago
  • Don't judge just wondering?

    What type of weed would make someone feel calm and sleepy. Not all messed up?

    1 AnswerPolls & Surveys5 years ago
  • Bout to smoke weed for first time?

    I m gonna smoke Reggie for the first time. By myself. I m scared. What do I do. I know it s a blunt and called Reggie.

    2 AnswersMedicine5 years ago
  • Got hurt. Year long pain in butt/leg!?

    A year ago I did something to my right leg/butt. Whenever I try to lift it up or move it a certain way or even walk I get this sharp pain in my right butt. It doesn't hurt when I rub it. It's like it's deep inside. I don't know what is wrong. It's been a year and it's just gotten worse. Anyone know what's wrong? And how to fix it? Thanks.

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management5 years ago
  • Science help? I'm stuck on a some problems. Short answers please! 10 points for the best answers.?

    1. Wind has more kinetic energy than does still air. Why does air feel cold on a windy winters day and hot on a calm summer day?

    2. How much thermal energy does 420 g of liquid water gain when it is heated from its freezing point to its boiling point?

    3. 50 g of water and 50 g of sand each absorb 200 J of solar energy. What will be the temperature change.

    1 AnswerOther - Science5 years ago
  • I'm freaked out.?

    Okay. So I was going to get something out of my bathroom. I peeked in to see if anyone was in there. I knocked first no response. As I peeked in I caught my brother who is 13, masturbating. He didn't know I saw I just quietly shut the door and ran out. I really don't know what to think... Is it bad that I'm freaked.

    8 AnswersOther - Society & Culture5 years ago
  • In pain!!!!?

    My wisdom tooth isn't completely in and just a portion of my tooth is out. The gum covering it is so painful. What can I do

    5 AnswersDental5 years ago