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  • What should I look for in a violin bow?

    I bought my daughter a really nice used violin for her birthday. Her orchestra teacher tells me the violin itself is very, very nice - apparently worth quite a lot more than I paid - but that the bow that came with it needs replaced. She gave me a sure to look at and there are about a hundred options if different woods, carbon fiber, and plastics. What should I be looking for?

    3 AnswersOther - Arts & Humanities10 months ago
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    What are these things that came with my blowgun?

    My new blowgun came with a bunch of different ammo. I had wire darts, spears, stunners, mega-spikes, and these things. They're solid plastic, no holes to insert anything anywhere. I know what the rest of the ammo it came with is for, but what are these things?

    2 AnswersHunting1 year ago
  • What's a good all around seasoning for wild game?

    I'm looking for a seasoning I can throw in my camping/bugout bag. Preferably it would be a seasoning that works well with a wide variety of game animals and fish. Does anyone know of a seasoning or seasoning mix versatile enough for this sort of thing?

    It doesn't have to be great. I just want something that can be used to make whatever meat I can get in a bushcraft or survival scenario palatable..

    12 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 year ago
  • When fishing for turtles, how do you let ones you don't want to keep go?

    Everything I've read says they swallow the hooks and get hooked in the stomach. On top of that getting your hand near a snapping turtle's mouth is a good way to lose fingers. So how do you get the hook out if you get one too small to bother eating?

    4 AnswersFishing1 year ago
  • What's the best 90 degree woodworking joint for limited tools?

    I have a woodworking project that requires 90 degree joints. The tools I have available are pretty basic: a circular saw, drill, reciprocating saw, and clamps including a 90 degree clamp. My circular saw can do angles up to 50 degrees.

    In the past I've just cut 45 degree angles and glued them together, but for this project I want a stronger joint than that can provide.

    What's the best joint to use given these limited tools?

    5 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)2 years ago
  • Should I worry about a minor sore throat that just won't go away?

    I've had a minor sore throat - minor as in I can forget it till I swallow and then ignore it most of the time - for the last two weeks. I have no other symptoms, no spots or swelling on my tonsils or anything like that. Just a minor, nagging, persistant pain that just won't go away.

    2 AnswersInfectious Diseases4 years ago
  • Is there something that does the job of NoScript without blocking ads?

    I don't like blocking ads because that's how folks on the web make the money that allows them to offer content to us for free, but I'm not willing to give up the protection from malicious scripts and privacy destroying tracking software that NoScript gives me. Unfortunately it is, by far and unintentionally, the best ad blocker I've ever seen. Is there anything I can get that'll do the same job it does for me - blocking malicious and tracking scripts - without blocking ads?

    2 AnswersSecurity4 years ago
  • My cat has gone insane. What should I do?

    Out of the blue today my cat, who is normally stand-offish at worst and usually a lap kitty, became intensely aggressive. As soon as my children walked in the front door she attacked my oldest (9 tomorrow) viciously. It took me all of 3 seconds, tops, to get there and in that time the cat had done enough damage that I used most of a box of bandages on first aid.

    I put her in her carrier to calm down, but hours later she was still hissing at everyone she could see and trying to scratch anyone who got close enough. I've moved her to my bathroom (there's a second one in the house) for the time being for fear that my children won't be safe with her roaming the house while we're all asleep. She's got her food, water, and litter box in there with her, but this is obviously not a long term solution. HELP!

    5 AnswersCats4 years ago
  • Is there a remedy for physical weakness and exhaustion brought on by grief?

    Without going into too many details, stuff has happened in my life recently that has left me grieving. As anyone who's gone through it knows, grief is exhausting. It's left me feeling physically weak and lethargic, but I still need to function. Is there a remedy, herbal or otherwise, for the physical effects of grief to get me through till the healing starts?

    3 AnswersAlternative Medicine5 years ago
  • Is this normal for sinus rinses or should I be talking to a doctor?

    I ve been trying to use a saline sinus rinse lately, but when I do it feels like it just fills my sinuses with saline and it never runs out the other nostril like I was expecting it to. Instead it s like all the gunk that has me stuffed up is keeping it in and my sinuses fill until the saline is coming out my tear ducts. For the next day or so I keep having to blow my nose and it s this thick, nasty, yellow mucus. Should I see my doctor about getting some antibiotics or something?

    1 AnswerRespiratory Diseases5 years ago
  • How soon will restitution be delivered to the victims?

    A few months ago someone stole a good bit of money from us. The whole thing was on camera and the thief was known to the police already so it was pretty much an open and shut case. They ve made a deal that they will pay restitution in full at the end of February (after income tax returns are in, apparently) in return for a misdemeanor charge and probation instead of a felony and prison time. The plea will be entered on Feb. 25 and it s my understanding that it s dependent upon restitution being paid in full on that day. Can I expect to get the money that same day? A week later? Months down the line? How long does it take for these things to work through the system and return the money to the victims?

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics5 years ago
  • What are the holes in the Standard Model?

    I recently watched a documentary on the LHC and one of the physicists mentioned that some of the solutions to the Standard Model are so absurd that they know they have to be missing something big. Given some of the absurdities that we know to be true from quantum physics I'm curious what these 'absurd' solutions in the standard model are, but I've not been able to find anything about them.

    2 AnswersPhysics6 years ago
  • Is transparency film safe to use in laser printers?

    I have some REALLY old transparency film that's labeled as being for "plain paper copiers using dry toner". I'm wondering if they're safe to use in a laser printer but just so old that laser printers weren't around when they were made.

    1 AnswerPrinters6 years ago
  • Is time off for the death of a grandparent covered under FMLA?

    My wife was written up for taking a day off when her grandmother died. It was the third day she'd taken off in a couple months (the other two were for an illness).

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics6 years ago
  • Is this a bug bite? What kind?

    I have a small....something on my finger. It's about a quarter inch diameter with two small, hard lumps and it itches like crazy. There's no discoloration or anything. It's purely tactile. Otherwise I'd post a picture.

    First Aid6 years ago
  • What is this book?

    I read a book when I was in high school, about 20 years ago, that I would like to read again. Unfortunately I can't remember anything about it except for a few plot points. At the beginning of the book an elf is banished to 'Hell', which turns out to be New York City. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors6 years ago