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I am a Christian of non-denomination who loves the Lord!! Amen!!! I am a mother and a Grandmother. I believe that the Bible is the literal word of God without mistake, and he is the author of it. Inspiring different worthy men to put it on paper (or payrus). I love the Jewish people and Israel and pray for them all the time, God bless them! I pray for our government and President, even though I don't always agree with them. This is one of the reason they need prayer! :) I have made some good friends on this forum. I do not believe in bashing those that do not agree with me, but I will always tell my beliefs, but tactfully. I believe those that are Christians on here should model behavior pleasing to God and they should try a little more patience and love rather than rudeness and hate, that is my pet peeve regarding this site. Please feel free to email me as long as your being nice, that doesn't mean you have to agree, just be nice! Plant a seed, and watch God gr

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