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  • My husband cheated and got another women pregnant?

    My husband and I have been married for 4 years we have two small children. While I was pregnant with my daughter 2 years ago I found out that my husband was cheating on me. At the time I was so scared to be alone and also being pregnant made it so much harder. He went to counseling started going to church and things got better for awhile. Last year we seperated for a few weeks because we where fighting a lot and didn't want to fight infront of them. He told me he did not want to seperated to sleep with other women which was hard for me to believe because my husband has been with over 300 women before we got married. But we got back together after 3 weeks and had been doing ok since then we even went to a weekend away for marriage counseling it helped a lot. But then about 2 months ago my husband got an email from a girl who says that she has his son the baby is only a few months old and she states that they slept together one time. My husband swears he doesnt remember sleeping with her. The only reason she told him is because she is on welfair and the state wants to find the husband to get child support. My husband asked for a paternity test and she said yes. But it has been 2 months and she hasnt done anything yet. I kicked him out and have been doing very good without him but I still love him and we have a family together but I dont know if he has changed or can or if he just doesnt want to loose me because he is comfortable and I do everything for him. I dont know if taking him back should even be an option the idea of having another child in our house that isnt mine and dealing with another mother that I dont know or even want to know and the thought of her sleeping with MY husband makes me sick. help

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