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  • Can an RV be re-plumbed with copper pipes?

    I am considering buying an rv and I know that most of them are plumbed with pex or other plastic-based pipes. I have serious chemical sensitivities and do not want plastic piping. I understand the reason it is used- it is cheaper and better for traveling because it is lighter and flexible- but it is not an option. I don't intend to travel very far or frequently- it will be picked up and parked in one place. Am I correct that older RV's used to have copper piping? Would I be able to hire someone to re-do the plumbing in the house to copper pipes?

    6 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)2 months ago
  • My water pressure is only low at night?

    Could my neighbors be causing my low water pressure? During the day my water pressure is fine, but at night around 6pm it gets very very bad and doesn't improve until around midnight. The pressure that I have during that time is barely enough to take a shower, but that shower takes forever. It's very frustrating. Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this?

    9 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • Why can't I send/receive picture messages on an unlocked phone?

    I have a phone plan with T-Mobile, but my phone broke. I bought an unlocked AT&T phone to replace it. I inserted my SIM card and everything works except I cannot send or receive pictures through txt. I read something about this being due to something with AT&T and needing a data plan with them. Is it possible for me to get picture messaging working on this phone while staying on my T-Mobile plan?

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans5 years ago
  • Where to find not rancid coconut oil?

    I've been buying a jar of coconut oil (either Nutiva or Dr.Bronners) every week for the past year. For months both brands have been a really high quality. However, since it's gotten warmer outside all of the jars of both brands I've been buying have tasted and smelled very different- like chemicals. At first I returned the jars that were like this. After buying more that were also this way I started wondering if it was all in my head and had a tablespoon. It gave me a sore throat and made me very sick, so I'm sure it was rancid. Since it's supposed to be such a stable oil I find it really odd that the warmer weather could affect it going bad.

    Has anyone else had this experience or found a reliable place to get coconut oil?

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  • Does jojoba oil moisturize and absorb as well into hair as well as Argan oil?

    I have very dry hair. I have tried argan oil, which works wonderfully, and coconut oil, which doesn't seem to absorb as well into my hair. The only problem with argan oil is that it can get expensive, so I was wondering if jojoba oil is similar.

    3 AnswersHair7 years ago