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    How to Start Import-Export Business in UAE?

    Dubai is one of the busiest cities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and business and economic center. Many investors choose to open a business in Dubai because of the best economic conditions and the fact that the city encourages foreign direct investments. IBSS company formation, it is advisable to seek the help of a specialized professional. IBSS should be carefully considered, especially when investing in important business sectors like imports and exports. Certain businesses will require special permits and licenses as well as approvals from the government ministries. Our IBSS firm in Dubai works with qualified professionals and we can help you set up your new business.

     Your import and export services needs:

    If your company start with trade or the export of products, you should need to register with Dubai Customs. Like many government departments, Dubai Customs now provides of e -Services to efficiently manage the import and export of goods.

    Registering with Dubai Customs is straight forward and can be done online, although you will need to present some documents to the customs office . All goods imported and exported from Dubai must pass through the customs office. Dubai Customs a working list of prohibited items for import and export. Dubai Customs has collaborated with DP World and JAFZA to create the online portal Dubai Trade. which provide a one-stop-shop for most import/export and trading procedures in Dubai. ​