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  • Why are second hand cars so expensive in the US?

    I checked within 10 miles of me and found 42 cars on one sales site for under $750 and one for as little as $150.

    UK cars have a strict annual test which covers Structure, brakes, steering, suspension, tyres, lights and electrics, exhaust and emissions and even the wiring for a trailer plug if fitted.

    Many were described as spares or repair to stop the dealer having to offer the 3 months warranty required on used cars in the UK.

    Most had some test still left on them if not a full year and some did have 3 months Warranty as well.

    My neighbour just bought a 2003 Mitsubishi double cab pickup with hard top in good condition and a years test for $1750 with only 40000 miles on it.

    I worked with someone who never paid more than $380 for cars and usually kept them 2 or 3 years then picked up another when it gave trouble.

    I have converted all prices to USD from UK pounds.

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