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  • What's your favorite inspirational quotation and why?

    My favorite is this one by Galileo, "You can't teach anybody anything, only make them realize the answers are already inside them."

    I like it because it sums up what I believe about all of us, that we all know more than we realise, if we but trust in ourselves.

    PS If you want some ideas for fave quotes you can find them here

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  • Is metafiction an irritating waste of "knowing" nonsense?

    "Hello, dear reader. Gosh, we're still on page six and nothing much has happened yet..."

    Does reading such words fill with you dread when you read them in a novel? Or can you think of any examples of metafiction - London Fields, by Martin Amis say or Timequake by Kurt Vonnegut - that didn't want you to punch the author, literally? Is metafiction a waste of time?

    Please answer as fully as possible, because I know someone writing his first novel and it is hideously, and I mean hideously, metafictional...

    (Check out wikipedia for a definition of metafiction - )

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  • Do author names have to be original?

    What I mean to ask is, can I publish a book under the name of, say, Stephen King or JK Rowling? Or, once someone has snapped up the name, then it's gone?

    Many thanks in advance

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  • Can I link to Squidoo from Yahoo! Answers ?

    Recently, I have been putting links to various Squidoo lenses that have provided further information to the question being answered. My answer has not been allowed - some spurious error message pops up (Sorry, Unable to process request at this time -- error 999) and the error message only disappears (and the answer is accepted) when you remove the Squidoo link.

    What gives guys? :-)

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  • What questions would you not ask Yahoo! Answers to answer?

    Or, would you ask Yahoo! Answers for the answer to any problem whatsoever?

    Hey, please keep the language decent eh! ;-)

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  • How would I seduce you?

    (Sorry that this also isn't original. You can assume I'm a boy or a girl.)

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  • How would you seduce me?

    (Sorry that this isn't original. You can assume I'm a boy or a girl.)

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  • How do you seduce a man?

    Assuming he is a heterosexual man

    (I ask for educational purposes only!)

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  • How do you seduce a woman?

    Assuming she is a heterosexual woman

    (I ask for educational purposes only!)

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  • What are the best ways of solving problems or finding answers?

    Obviously, lots of people think that Yahoo! Answers is a great way to solve problems or find answers, but is it really the best way? How many answers make a good enough selection for example?

    Alternatives could include: asking your friends/family, seeking out a professional, using one of those random answer books (or websites! ;-) ), going with your gut feeling.... what else! What do you think is the best way to solve a problem? Give examples - thanks.

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  • What expression do you never use?

    For example, I never use the expressions "it's a big ask", or "pear-shaped" and I'm assuming some, if not all of you, never say things like "yes, I was wrong", "I am not good in bed" or "I'm a bad driver" ;-)

    So you don't have to use those expressions. Tell me what words or expressions you never use, and why.

    Why thank you...

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  • Why is there no such group as English American?

    This has puzzled me for some time. I'm aware of Irish-American, Italian-American, African-American, Polish-American (probably) but no English-American. Why not? Is it really because of the War of Independence - then why are some called Scottish-American. The war was against the British not the English. No?

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  • Why is your answer the best?

    Unfortunately, this is not an original question (dash!) but

    that is no excuse for an original answer. Go...

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  • Why are some problems harder to solve than others?

    We can all help people with *their* problems but find it hard to help ourselves with our own solutions. Also, sometimes a problem for you may not be a problem for me. I guess we all have problems 'blind spots' - why?

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