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  • Can someone reccomend a comparator for use in a certain application?

    I'm designing a DIY regulator/rectifier unit for a motorcycle and want to use a comparator to operate some small transistors to turn on the gates for power SCR's. According to the simulation software I'm running the output of the comparator is going to have to drive up to 10mA of current. Can a typical comparator handle this? I can't seem to extract this info looking at datasheets for various comparators.

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  • Can someone either show me a link or upload a simple DIY 14V motorcycle regulator circuit that you can vouch for being a workable solution?

    I'm trying to fix a motorcycle for someone and have bought two separate reg/rect units , one from Rick's and the other OEM. Both have been bad straight out of the box . Had to return both. I'm getting a bit fed up at this point. I have 3, 50W, 14v zener diodes that I am considering hooking up to each of the stator poles, but would like something a bit more compact. I've been using search engines for many hours and have come up with absolutely nothing useful.

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  • 1999 Triumph Sprint ST revs higher when in neutral.?

    I realize the probability is pretty low that someone will have a good answer, but...

    I have a '99 Triumph Sprint ST and lately it has been rising rpms when I put it in neutral. The increase is usually abut 400 rpms at idle but it varies with different starts of the motor. It will happen whether I'm standing still or rolling at any speed with the clutch pulled in and also the rpms will increase at any steady throttle position. I've got a full service manual , but it doesn't mention anything about this. Could it be a leaking airbox, a bad map sensor, or bad intake air temperature sensor...a faulty ground to the ecu? I just don't know.

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  • I'm just looking for opinions on an evolutionary, somewhat philosophical pondering.?

    Considering the basic similarities between a large, diverse and specialized colony, like a colony of ants, bees or termites for instance, and a single complex, higher organism like a human being, do you suppose it's possible given enough time and the right selective pressures for a colony as a whole to act intelligently including reasoning and deciding? The similarities I'm considering would be mainly a group of smaller, specialized entities acting as a whole. In a persons case those smaller entities would be cells.

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  • Does anyone with experience know what changes in the jetting are needed for an '81 gs750 with missing airbox?

    I'd like to know exact numbers for the jets, both the pilot and main jets, as well as the needle position. The airbox on the bike I have is gone and it's been difficult to find a replacement for a reasonable amount of money if at all.

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  • I need a recommendation for a full-face helmet (please read the full text)?

    I currently have a nolan x-lite helmet. What I really like about this helmet is the face shield. There are two reasons why I like it. One, it's tinted lightly to just the right amount such that night vision is not impaired but riding into a low sun, although uncomfortable, is bearable. Two it sheds water nicely whenever it's precipitating.

    However the rest of the helmet is somewhat mediocre in construction and it's currently starting to fall apart in a few places. What I'm looking for is a helmet with a similar shield, but better quality construction elsewhere. So does anyone have any solid recommendations that meet my criteria 100%?

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  • I'm looking for usable suggestions for content for a video to be posted on youtube of Shostakovich 10th sym.?

    I've been wanting to post a video on youtube that highlights a full recording of Shostakovich's 10th symphony that I made some time ago. It's only a hobby of mine so there's no real urgency. I thought about simply displaying the score as the music scrolls by, but I tried just a little bit and have found out that the quality of the video would be so bad that it wouldn't show much more detail than just a blank screen. So now I'm thinking about running some images in a slide show format for the duration. (It's a 45 minute long piece, so it'll have to be uploaded in at least 5 sections, but more likely 8). I've searched through several dozen on-line royalty-free photo resources already , but can't seem to find any appropriate content.

    I'd just like to get some GOOD suggestions from people who are at least familiar with the symphony.

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  • Is there any store that carries Bahco tools in San Antonio, Texas?

    I'm in particular trying to hunt down a good quality bow saw. Of the dozen plus places I've checked so far the only thing I've found is made-in-china shhhhtuff.

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  • Is it possible that the apparent size of the universe has been constant at all times from any point within it?

    If the current theory of the universe is that the big bang was a rapid expansion of space-time then would it be unreasonable to assume that the universe always appeared to be the same size from within. And, just as importantly, could it be that the universe always appeared to be the same age regardless of what specific point in time, as measured from our own instance, an observer would happen to be at? And perhaps light may have always taken the same amount of "time" to travel from one end of the universe to the other.

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  • Thoughts on the famous e=mc^2 equation.?

    I'd like to have some thoughts on the following idea. Suppose e=mc^2 is an open ended equation. What I mean by that is what if the "stuff" that produces what we experience as matter and energy is actually convertible into yet other forms that we cannot witness (at present, if at all). Perhaps in an infinite series in both directions. (am I also limiting myself by saying "both"?). In other words

    ...= something = something = e = mc^2 = something else = something else....

    Perhaps time could be the first "something" to the left of "e", so you'd have some constant k times time

    kt = e = mc^2 =....

    I don't know that this is such a good forum to ask such a quetion, but it's just a spur-of-the-moment thought. Maybe somebody who is quite well researched in the subject will stumble here...not very likely, I know.

    Again what do you think?

    3 AnswersPhysics1 decade ago
  • Does anyone know of any recordings of music by Dalibor Vackar apart from the jazz cto for trumpet & percussion

    I really like the music a lot. I have a recording of the jazz concerto for trumpet, piano and percussion by John Wallace et. al. on a Nimbus CD and just want to hear other works by him.

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  • How is time recorded by each observer?

    If you have two planets that are travelling away from each other at great speed. That is a significant percentage of the speed of light. And you have an observer on each planet. How is the passage of time observed by each observer. Consider a third observer who attempts to travel from one planet to the other as this third observer heads towards the other planet he comes to a speed which is at rest relative to the planet he is heading towards. How is time observed by all three observers?

    2 AnswersPhysics1 decade ago
  • A good quiality website to upload personally made classical mp3 for feedback and opinion purposes.?

    I've made a recording of Shostakovich's 10th symphony entirely on the computer using a very high quality sound library and many many hours of free time programming the instrument sounds and the midi file. I'd like to share it with other people, gratis, and I'd also like to get feedback and critiques as well. Does anyone know of any good websites or non-internet routes for that matter where I could do that?

    3 AnswersMusic1 decade ago
  • Question about a certain mid-eighties Chicago Bears game?

    I remember distinctly during a regular season game, I beileve it was the 85-86 season, where the quarter back McMahon caught a pass from , I think one of the running backs, probably Payton, for a touchdown. Does anybody remember what game this was? Also how many times has this happened in NFL history?

    3 AnswersFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • Does light (photons) have volume?

    If you had an evacuated space and then flooded it with an extremely intense photon source would there then be a measurable ambient pressure in that space?

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  • Do you suppose an insect like a mosquito can comprehend each flap of its own wings?

    Much like us with our legs when we walk.

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  • Should people be or do anything other than who they are or what they do.?

    What is the basis of right and wrong? Do you think that if more people realized what right and wrong is that there might be less rules, laws, and governance attempting to limit action and more deliberate effort to prevent undesirable action by motivating positively as a preventative measure. In other words shift focus from negative to positive. Does anyone even agree with any of this.

    Why am I asking this here on the internet? Am I just plain stupid?

    I don't have an answer yet for that.

    I don't know...

    Miscellaneus ponderings.

    Futile in nature....Most likely.

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