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  • 6 month old feeding help?

    hi does this sound ok for my 6 month old baby (on monday)

    6am to 7am wake, has 8oz bottle

    8am 4tsp baby rice, water

    10am to 11am 8oz bottle

    12pm 4tsp fruit with water

    2 to 3 pm 8oz bottle

    4pm 4tsp carrot + potato

    6 to 7 pm 8oz bottle, bath, bed sleeps all night to 6, 7 am

    he brings up quite a bit of formula through out the day, I have changed his formula he is now on sma white,

    I don't know weather to increase his food intake as he finishes all the formula and wants more, I don't know how much I should be feeding him.

    can I give him things like weetabix, and ground rice.

    any advice would be help-full thanks.

    2 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago
  • new DVD won't pay on laptop?


    I have windows xp I have just bought a new dvd and it wont play,

    I have installed wmp 11 I also have powerdvd I just get no disc in drive.

    I can play other DVDs but not the new one it is E classification,

    can any one help please.

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  • Shivering in pregnancy?

    HI, I am 35 weeks pregnant

    and I woke up this morning shivering,

    but I was not cold, this was like deep in side me, and lasted on and off for about half an hour, I had to curl in to a ball to try and stop them but it didn't work, I have had this before and asked my midwife but she didn't know what it was,

    has anyone has this before.

    thanks. JB

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  • how do I keep any changes I have make in open office in-case I need to reload my computer?


    I have changed some colours in open office and I would like to reload my computer, but the last time I did this I lost all the colours I put in open ofice, is there a way of keeping them. thanks


    1 AnswerDesktops1 decade ago