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  • Is it done ? ?

    I’ve had a miscarriage and bled for a little over a month then on Sunday (Father’s Day) I had a big blood clot come out (size of a golf ball ) then my bleeding slowed down and now it stopped is the miscarriage completed? 

    1 AnswerPregnancy3 months ago
  • What’s wrong ?

    I had a positive test on may 10th I was about 5 weeks then on may 22nd I started to cramp and bleed I have been bleeding not a lot but like how it is the last day of a period since the 22nd of may it’s need bright red I’m wondering is this normal for a miscarriage? I haven’t seen any big clots pass just tiny ones from time to time when I went to the emergency room all they said was that my ultrasound came back Inconclusive because I was so early and to only go back if I was experiencing a lot of blood loss I can’t get into my gyno until July I just want to know if I can still be pregnant while bleeding everyday ?

    2 AnswersPregnancy3 months ago
  • 7 weeks pregnant or not ? ?

    I have been bleeding bright red blood since 5/22 some days it’s heavier with more painful cramps then others but every day I have bled I feel when it’s coming I get a sharp pain on my sides then blood comes out like a period is this how a miscarriage happens ?....( I’ve had 3 life births and have never had this happen ) so I know this isn’t normal but I can’t get into my obgyn and the er was no help because they couldn’t see anything since I’m only 7 weeks can anyone tell me if this sounds like a miscarriage? 

    1 AnswerPregnancy4 months ago
  • 6 weeks pregnant ?

    I am 6 weeks pregnant and I started spotting yesterday it started with light pink blood and then started getting bright red I’m also having cramps not strong but do feel like period cramps I went to the hospital but my ultrasound came back Inconclusive since I was so early they couldn’t figure out if the fetus had a heart beat I’ve been pregnant 3 times before and I have never Experienced this am I Having a miscarriage? 

    2 AnswersPregnancy4 months ago
  • Am I pregnant ? ?

    I have an sti I went in today to take the medication and shot after I remember I was 6 days late on my period which I thought was okay considering I took a plan b after the last time I had sex and it would mess my period up. Still I was curious I took 2 test and they came back positive. I’m wondering if there are any chances I could be pregnant or did I get a false positive? 

    2 AnswersPregnancy4 months ago
  • Do I still have to leave ?

    I was served with a no fault 30 day notice to leave my house my last day would be the 28th my new rental won’t be available until April 10th but since the corona virus closing down the restaurant I work for and my state declaring state of emergency can I still stay in my current home ? 

  • Do I still have to leave ?

    I was served with a no fault 30 day notice to leave my house my last day would be the 28th my new rental won’t be available until April 10th but since the corona virus closing down the restaurant I work for and my state declaring state of emergency can I still stay in my current home ? 

    13 AnswersRenting & Real Estate6 months ago
  • What's on my thumb it bleeds and it really hurts?

    I have this weird looking bump on my finger it bleeds and goes soft when it's warm I really need help I can send a pic but I don't know how to put it on here

    1 AnswerInjuries7 years ago
  • 40 weeks pregnant WHATS GOING ON ?

    i am 40 weeks pregnant. i woke up with pain on my lower stomach like if my bladder was full and slight cramps. i stayed in bed all day but it hurt when i moved side to side . every time i try to get up it's painful and also when i walk it hurts and it feels like i have a ball down there that it hurts when i put my leg up to put my pants on . baby moves allot and my stomach gets very tight . i have never felt like this whats going on please help.. first baby 40 weeks 2 days.

    3 AnswersPregnancy7 years ago
  • is it possible for me to get pregnant?

    i just stopped my period about 3 days ago i had a very heavy flow and more then usual blood clots come out but i feel very tired and every time i eat i get very nauseous could i be pregnant ?

    2 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • did i lose my baby due to my gallbladder stones?

    i was 10 weeks pregnant and had a miscarriage then 2 months later i found out i had 2 gallbladder stones i want to know was the reason i lost my baby because of the stones.

    1 AnswerNewborn & Baby8 years ago
  • warrents for not paying or going to court?

    ok so my bf got a ticket for 800 and didnt pay or go to court

    last week he got arrested for his warrents how long will he stay in if his bail was 1700

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • ok so idk whats happening my tummy hella hurts i fell kinda dizzy my lower tummy hurts every hour whats wrong?

    so whats going on with me am i prego or whats going i havent had sex in like 7 months then when i did my tummy hella hurts like if im on my period but im not whats wrong ..? i get dizzy have head aches get cramps am i prego or is this normal

    2 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • how can i make my vigina tighter?

    ok well i kinda lied to my nf tellin him iv only had sex 2 times when i had sex 10 times and i tolled him to wait but how can i make it a little tighter plz dont say im a hoe or anything its that i think this guy can be it and im gunna have sex with him on valintines day so plz help

    7 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • SOMETHING SEXY for halloween?

    i need sothing sexy to wear 2marow since its halloween but i have no idea its ether a princess or a sexy cat plz help me i need to win the contest

    1 AnswerHalloween1 decade ago
  • soon to be mom?

    im 16 so im a teen mom i just want to know will my baby come out healthy even thow im 16...?

    8 AnswersAdolescent1 decade ago
  • joker plz help me win?

    on holloween theres a party its for all clown juggalos norte south jokers since im lady joker i need some ideas to complet my look i dont wanna go buy all diffrent things help me look like her and if i win the contest i win 1 grand

    1 AnswerHalloween1 decade ago
  • tatto how can i make my own tat?

    my mom wont let me get a pro tat but she said i could do it myself but i have no idea how so help me how can i do it .....?

    12 AnswersTattoos1 decade ago
  • tell me is it cute or ugly?

    i just wanna know i have a beauty mark on the side of my lip most ppl say its sexy but others dont so witvh one is it ...?

    17 AnswersTattoos1 decade ago